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Walking Together through the Memory Lane – Episode 31 (Samaina FF)

[Past Scenes – Normal Font]

31. Will Naina manage to escape?

Naina enters the house while Beena, Bela, Anand, Rakesh and Naresh are sitting surprised on seeing Vishaka and Vivek. Shefali, Arjun and Prakash are standing there. Preeti is still standing outside. Vishaka see her and smiles at Preeti. Preeti also enters the house and smiles at Vishaka. Naina joins her hands and welcomed Vishaka and Vivek. Vishaka and Vivek smiled.

Vishaka – “Naina beta, how are you?”

Naina – “I am fine… aunty… How are you aunty and uncle?”

She is about to say maa… But seeing the environment, she adjusted it into aunty.

Vishaka – “We both are fine, beta. We have come to see you.”

Naina doesn’t know what to say. She couldn’t even get words to curse her fate… How will her father react when he came to know who is Vishaka to Naina? Mother-in-law… The day she would see her father in the worst avatar as possible. She is reminded of the incident how he slapped Arjun continuously when he brings out Shefali to the light him… She gulped her throat within fear… She looks at others who are giving no reactions from their faces including Rakesh…

Rakesh – “Who are they, Naina?”

Naina – “Papa…”

Rakesh – Tell us… We want to know from your mouth..”

Naina – “They are Sameer’s parents…”

Rakesh – “Who is Sameer?”

Naina managed to bring courage and decides to break everything, “I’m sorry papa. I know you’ll become upset on hearing the truth. The truth is, Sameer and I are loving each other and we want to live our life together. I am in thought of revealing it you soon, but I couldn’t.”

Rakesh stands up and comes near Naina. Naina bows her head down. Rakesh lifts her face up. Naina is now not worried about the consequences of the statement. She has a satisfaction that she revealed everything to her dad… Beatings and all now won’t affect Naina much… She is prepared for the consequences when her Chachi and Taiji gave her punishment when they knew about Sameer.

Rakesh – “So, you’re thinking that you would love a boy and your father never know that.”

Naina – “Not like that, papa…”

Rakesh – “You’re forgetting that our generation is wiser than yours.”

Naina – “Papa…”

Naresh – “Yeah, Naina. Your dad already knew that Sameer and you were in love with each other.”

Anand – “We came even to know that it was all happening for 3 years.”

Naina bows her head down and looks at him narrowly.

Rakesh – “I came to know this a four weeks back when Sameer visited here.”

Naina thinks, “Oh my god! It means Dad has seen him that day…”


Four weeks before,

Naina couldn’t wake up from her bed morning and keep rolling on the bed. Preeti who was surprised by Naina’s sudden behavior and wakes up Naina. Naina managed to sit erect but she was tired. Preeti touched Naina’s temples and it is hot.

Preeti – “Naina, you’re having severe fever.”

Preeti again makes Naina lie on the bed and calls Bela. Bela is also worried for Naina.

Bela – “Wait for some time, Naina. We’ll go to the doctor soon.”

Bela asks her to take rest. Preeti moves to the college. Naina messaged Sameer that she is suffering from fever and couldn’t talk to you for some days. After seeing the message, Sameer ringed Naina many times, but Bela switched her mobile off and didn’t allow to use mobile.

Sameer comes to Naina’s house and knocks the doorbell. Naina opens the door as she is reading newspaper near the doorway. Naina is shell-shocked to see Sameer there.

Sameer barged inside who has bought a bread packet for her.

Naina – “Sameer! What are you doing here?”

Sameer keeps his fingers on her mouth.

Sameer – “Okay, why are you shouting like this? I came here to know about your health. You know, mom is also worried about your health.”

Naina – “I am quite okay, Sameer. You go now.”

Sameer – “Is there no one at house?”

Naina – “Sonakshi is at the terrace while Taiji went to Shefali’s house. Chachi just gone out to buy mirchi powder. She’ll come soon.”

Sameer – “Achha!”

Naina – “You go now. Dad would be here this time. Please! If he sees you..”

Sameer – “No, I won’t go. I don’t care about other things… See, you’re so tired.. Did you take medicines?”

Naina – “Not yet… I’ll take it, you go now.”

Sameer touched her forehead. He gets a cloth from cloth on his insistence. He wet the cloth in cold water and asked her to sit on the sofa. He placed the cloth on her forehead.

Naina – “Sameer…”

Sameer – “Sshh! Nothing would happen bad. Be relax.”

Naina smiles at him on seeing his care.

Sonakshi enters inside and shocked to see Sameer.

Sonakshi – “Sameer… How are you here? Its been years since we met… In the carnival, right?”

Sameer – “Namaste di… I came to look at Naina since she is unwell.”

Naina – “Duffer Sonakshi, first send him from here. Don’t you know about us?”

Sonakshi – “Sorry Naina… Sameer… What are you doing here?”

Beena enters the house and on seeing Sameer, she also opens her mouth in O shape. Naina also stands up.

Beena – “Sameer beta, what are you doing here? Within five minutes, Naina’s dad would arrive.”

Bela suddenly enters fastly with few packets of mirchi powder and hits on Beena…

Bela – “Sorry didi… (then looks at Sameer) Oh my mataji….”

Everyone asked Bela to speak in a low voice. Sonakshi looks outside and closed the door.


Rakesh – “Then, I entered inside and you all hide Sameer in the cupboard. Suddenly, Sameer sneezed and I heard it. Then later, you all (Beena, Bela, Naina, Sonakshi) sneezed four times to make me believe that the sneeze is not from the cupboard. Then when I relax, you sent him safely… But I saw Sameer when you all parting him.”

Rakesh stopped. Naina looks at Bela and Beena. Rakesh continued…

Rakesh – “Then, I came to know everything from Bela and Beena bhabhi. I asked them let not Naina know this and I called Sameer’s parents here.”

Not only Naina, in fact, everyone is shocked to hear this.

Naina – “Papa…”

Vivek – “Yeah, Naina. Rakesh has called us to visit here.”

Vishaka – “Call my son and your friends who are waiting outside the door.”

Sameer, Munna, Pandit and Swati are hiding at the door hearing all this. Slowly they are also entered in. Naina and Preeti were surprised.

Vishaka stands up and comes to Naina and hugs Naina. Naina too hugged Naina. Rakesh hugged Sameer.

Rakesh – “Yeah, we are approving your relationship.”

Naina and Sameer – “Thank you so much dad.”

Rakesh – “Like any father, even I was also angry. But when I came to know why Sameer visited you, I felt everyone has the reason to support you. And no one supported you blindly. We are supporting as you have proved that your love is strong.”

Naina and Sameer hugged Rakesh and thanked him. Swati and Shefali hugged Naina.

Anand – “Preeti and Pandit…”

Preeti – “Papa…”

Anand – “Even we came to know about you.”

Pandit – “Oops…”

Bela – “Don’t worry, Pandit. Your parents have told us everything. It becomes mutual that we agreed to your relationship.”

Pandit and Preeti smiles happily. Preeti hugged Anand. Munna hugged Pandit.

Everyone smiled happily.

To be ended in the next chapter.

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