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Mr Roy OS – Riansh

Mr Roy Os – Riansh

Hi guys I’m back with another OS and I hope you enjoy reading it. Please keep supporting and do comment on how you found this OS in the comments section.

@RiansHLoveR/ Radhika thank you very much with the help in the Bengali words!! ❤🤗

1 Year to IMM2!!  🥳🎉 🥳🎉 So I thought why not give double update! 

This OS starts when Riddhima decides to enter as Mr Roy to stay close with Vansh. In this OS the entire family is good.

A petite, small guy is seen descending the car at the entrance. He had worn a black with white stripes suit with a hat, a tie around his neck and black pairs of shoes. He ran his fingers through his moustache and straightened it with pride. His eyes were covered in goggles. As he stepped down, he found a girl near him on a bicycle. It was Siya.

Siya: Are you Mr Roy? (curious)

Mr Roy: Yes this is Mr Roy and you must be Mr Bansh’s sister

Siya: It’s Mr Vansh and not Bansh

Mr Roy: Udi baba he’s Mr Bansh!

Siya: (thinking) What a weird guy!

Mr Roy: Ms Siya (lowered his goggles and winked) You’re very pretty I must say!

Siya: Haaw!! Are you flirting? (pissed)

Mr Roy: Am i?

Siya: You wait let me go tell Vansh bhai!

Before she could leave Mr Roy held her wrist pulling her back. He lowered his goggles once more and whispered “Bhabhi” on which Siya moved back and eyed him from head to toe. She raised her eyebrows and he did the same as a reply. She got what he meant and let out a shriek startling him, and he straightened his coat.

Siya: Riddhima Bhabhi! (shouting) Mr Roy and you?

Riddhima: Siya calm down…..it’s just me. Vansh wanted to spend two days with Roy now he’ll spend it with Roy meaning me! (smirking)

Siya: You’ll get in trouble! Bhai will catch you in a jiffy.

Riddhima: Siya! Who’s side are you on? (Siya pointed towards her) Then! Stop drifting towards your brother’s side! (she nodded obediently) I’m going inside, follow me!

Riddhima got back to Roy and headed towards the lounge where the entire family was. Siya introduced him, just then Vansh and Angre came. Vansh stared at him and raised his eyebrows. He introduced himself and Angre and asked for a handshake. Roy shook hands with him when Vansh felt a soft and familiar touch.

Vansh: (shaking his hand) Your hands have a familiar touch! (teasing)

Roy: (hesitating) Excuse Mr Bansh what familiar touch huh? Ami jani na! (I don’t know)

Vansh: It’s fine Mr Roy, don’t stress! (smiling) Anyway I’ll lead you to your room.

He side hugged him and he flinched due to the sudden touch and they went to his room. Riddhima had become nervous due to the closeness that Vansh had kept with her, she feared that he would soon get to know her actual identity. As she entered the room she closed the door as soon as Vansh left and removed her costume and sighed out of a relief.

Riddhima: Where have I put myself in! I need to keep distance between Vansh and Mr Roy otherwise he’ll get to know who I am moreover if it was the real Roy and they got close and no no!! that can’t happen!

: What can’t happen? And isn’t this Mr Roy’s room, who are you?

Riddhima: Who?

: Who are you?

Riddhima: (turning around) You!!!

: You!!

Riddhima: Ar…Aryan what are you doing here?

Aryan: Bhabhi I came to offer lunch to Mr Roy but what are you doing here? (curious) Where’s Mr Roy?

Riddhima: Umm actually he…he’s (stammering)

Aryan: Bhabhi are you fine? Why are you stammering?

Riddhima: Aryan actually I’m Mr Roy!

Aryan: (laughing) What you’re Mr Roy! That small, petite cute guy! Aww!

Riddhima glared at him angrily while he instantly stopped laughing at the fear of his Bhabhi. He gulped his saliva in fear waiting to hear a number of scolding from her, increased now due to her pregnancy mood swings. He put the lunch on the side table and went towards her.

Aryan: Bhabhi but why? (trying not to laugh)

Riddhima: Because your brother loves his work and business more than me! (pouting) He ignored me twice….i repeat TWICE yesterday. Now you tell me (crying like a baby) does anyone do that to his pregnant wife?

Aryan: (chuckling) Bhabhi calm down stop crying! So you became Roy?

Riddhima: Hmm, Mr Roy was coming to have a deal with him and he was going to spend two days so I thought I could

Aryan: Good plan Bhabhi, but bhai might have sniffed it’s you!

Riddhima: Is he a dog that he’ll sniff! (Fiercely) Bhai ke chamche!! You and Siya both “Bhai would have known by now”(mimicking) You better be on my side Aryan otherwise I will… I will (thinking) right I will tell all your girlfriends that you’re married!

Aryan: (shocked) Bhabhi!! I’m not married and why do you want to keep me a bachelor throughout! Please I’m not saying anything okay, not to bhai not to anyone else. So Siya knows?

Riddhima: Hmm

Aryan: So what next?

Riddhima: Mr Roy, spending time with Mr Bansh! (smiling)

In the afternoon Mr Roy left to stroll outside near the bar where he saw Vansh sitting. Taking a chance to spend time with him, he left towards him and sat beside him gaining Vansh’s attention.

Roy: Subho Aparahna (good afternoon) apnake dekhe mone hoche apni khub birokto (you seemed to be bored)

Vansh: Aha Good Afternoon! Huh?

Roy: You are bored?

Vansh: seemingly yes

Roy: Why where’s your wife? (raising his eyebrow)

Vansh: As usual, the same routine…in the room. Boring right?

Roy: (thinking) He called me boring!! (anger) Boring? No no, it’s the best thing. Even my wife does the same

Vansh: Really, she’s here with you?

Roy: (in the flow) Yes she is!

Vansh: I would like to meet her, tonight! Is that fine?

Roy: (thinking) Shit wife! Where will I get the wife now? (to him) But Mr Bansh

Vansh: (interrupting) Nothing more to hear, if not then no deal!

Roy: Haa! No no Mr Bansh I will bring her.

Vansh: Good now want to go for a massage? I’ve got lots of great and beautiful (winking) masseuses in my hotel!

Roy: (murmuring) masseuses! No! You won’t go to them! (stamping his foot on Vansh’s)

Vansh: Ahh!

Roy: Sorry sorry!

Vansh: But why not!

Roy: (thinking) how can he go to a masseuse! He finds me boring and now this! How dare he?

Vansh: Roy! Roy!

Roy: Yes! Sorry won’t your wife mind?

Vansh: Nahh she won’t, I know how to cover it up (teasingly) I’ll just say I had work with Angre!

Roy: (thinking) Haaww!! He’s been lying to me! (to him) Udi baba you lie to her? (angry)

Vansh: Sometimes it’s fine (winking)

Roy gets up awkwardly and leaves for the room making Vansh laugh on his antics. Riddhima as soon as she enters her room she starts walking hither and thither in anger, murmuring everything that Vansh said about her. She called Siya and Aryan and ordered them to come.

Aryan: What happened?

Riddhima: he called me boring….he goes to masseuses and lies to me! Am I that bad? (making a crying face)

Siya: Bhai said that?

Riddhima: No his ghost said it! (glaring at her) Of course he said.

Aryan: Bhabhi now what?

Riddhima: I’m not going to leave him! But before that (remembering) Wife!! (shouting)

Siya: Whose wife?

Riddhima: Roy’s wife!

Aryan: Where is she?

Riddhima: I have to make one!

Siya: Where will you find one?

Riddhima: Think!

After some time

Riddhima: Idea!

Aryan: Who?

Riddhima: (smiling at him) You!

Siya: Perfect!

Siya and Riddhima giggled while Aryan stood in shock. Aryan tried protesting but Riddhima’s mood swings made him a prey and having no other choice he agreed to be the wife. Riddhima and Siya dressed him into an elegant lady, with make-up, a wig and a dress.

Riddhima: Khub bhalo (very nice), my wife! (pointing finger at him) Dare you flirt with my Vansh!

Aryan: Bhabhi I’m Aryan not a real lady that I will!

Siya: Mr Roy you also get ready, then you both can go! (chuckled at Aryan) Bhai you’ll impress a lot of boys out there!

Aryan: Siya! You wait and see what I do after all this!

Mr Roy went outside where everyone was and introduced Aryan as his wife; Arianika. Vansh giggled stealthily while he wondered about the wife. The wife was way taller than the husband! Roy and Arianika talked carefully, trying not spill any beans in front of them in the flow. They were all sitting in the lounge while they heard someone’s voice from the reception.

They all got up and stood up to see a clad in a blue suit, with a hat and a moustache similar to Riddhima’s. He came up to them and introduced himself as Mr Roy. Everyone was stunned hearing that and looked behind to see the other Mr Roy disappeared with only Arianika standing there; confused.

Ishani: If he’s Mr Roy then who was the other?

Angre: Where did he go? And Ms Arianika where is he?

Arianika: (thinking) Where did Bhabhi go leaving me here! (to them) He was just here

Vansh: Mr Roy! Mr Roy! (shouting)

Roy: I’m here why are you shouting?

Vansh: Umm not you Mr Roy, there’s another mischievous Mr Roy who’s roaming around as you. Mr Roy come out or I’ll (smirking) go to the gynaecologist who treats my wife….and you know how much she adores me!

Riddhima: Kokhonoi na!! (no way)

Everyone turned around to the direction where they heard the scream. They all walked there and saw Mr Roy hiding behind the sofa. He slowly got up and Vansh smiled

Vansh: Mrs Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania will you do the honors of uncovering yourself? (teasing)

Riddhima: (removed her costume) Sorry

Angre: Bhabhi you?

Riddhima: Actually Angre (pouting) he ignored me so I thought of (low voice)

Vansh: Khub bhalo (very nice) Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania…not bad huh, trying to trick your husband. But alas failed

Riddhima: you knew?

Vansh: Hmm! From the time you entered here (went closer to her ear and whispered) I told you I can recognize you by your scent, so touch is way ahead! (smiling)

Riddhima: touch? (remembering the handshake) All this you played with me! (anger) You called me boring! Vansh don’t talk to me!!! (crying) Dadi he doesn’t love me anymore!

Saying that Riddhima stormed away to their room while Vansh slapped his forehead, cursing himself and her mood swings. He found it cute after all he loved her and followed her to pacify her. While the entire family was laughing at Riddhima’s antics. They turned to see Arianika and asked who it was.

Ishani: Who are you? Mr Roy’s real wife?

Mr Roy: No way! My wife isn’t even close to her!

Arianika: Excuse me, are you trying to say I’m not pretty?

Mr Roy: Yes indirectly

Arianika: Haww!!

Ishani: Who are you?

Siya: Aryan bhai! (laughing)

Aryan: Me Aryan!

Dadi: you were In this too?

Aryan: what could I have done….bhabhi’s mood swings were too dangerous to handle.

Riddhima: (from behind) Aryan!! Dangerous!

Aryan: Bhabhi (fear)

Riddhima: Shut up!

Riddhima picked up her phone from the table and headed back when Vansh was following her all around asking for an apology and trying to pacify her. He followed her obediently back to the room.

Angre: Arianika not bad Aryan! You’ll get boys instead of girls! (laughing)

Aryan: You!

They heard a scream from one of the rooms. They understood it was Riddhima’s who was shouting in anger and they laughed thinking about Vansh’s condition.

All: (laughing) Bechara cheleta.(poor him)

The end

So this was the end of this OS, I thought of bringing something funny with Mr Roy. I hope you all enjoyed it and sorry if it got boring.

If you have any suggestions for an OS do let me know in the comments section.❤

Please do comment on how you found it in the comments section, please keep supporting.❤


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