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Molkki 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Manas and Juhi retort to Nandini

Molkki 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Nandini tells Virender she hates him. The closer he will try to come close to them because of this Molkki, the more she will hate him! It’s better to maintain the distance. Do you understand? She looks at Purvi’s portrait. It is spoiled now! She decides to do something about it and throws it on the floor. She signals a servant who brings Sakshi’s photo. Veer hangs it on the wall. Nandini steps on Purvi’s portrait. Virender is about to retort but Purvi holds his hand. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Veer and Nandini look at their mother’s photo. They think of Prakashi’s words. Virender is leaving when Nandini stops him. A Molkki can never become Mukhiyani by putting her picture on the wall. It was and will always be our mother! This poor Molkki cannot replace her ever! Virender takes Purvi from there.

Juhi and Manas have blindfolded Priyu and ask her to catch them. Veer looks on. Priyu catches Veer. Kids laugh. Priyu removes the blindfold and looks at Veer. She asks him if he cannot talk. Why dint you stop me from catching you? He says I wanted you to catch me. She is taken aback. What do you mean? He says nothing and apologizes to her. She leaves with the kids. Veer face palms himself.

Kids are playing carom when Nandini asks them what they are doing. Manas says they are trying to catch a fish. Juhi asks her if she cannot see them playing carom. How can you ask such a stupid question? Manas laughs. Nandini asks them if she cannot ask them this being their elder sister. Let me play as well. Juhi tells her against it. We are having a world championship right now. Please leave. Nandini asks her if that Molkki and Mukhi ji hasn’t taught them how to speak to elders. Juhi says they have taught us everything but you have forgotten how to speak to their Baba. Manas adds that she sent them to live with servants. Juhi asks them to say who has misbehaved. Nandini loses her cool and decides to teach them a lesson. She raises her hand to slap them but Purvi holds her hand in time. Kids hug Purvi. Purvi tells her that they are kids. You can talk to them nicely and explain things to them. You don’t have a right to hit them. I wont be able to forgive you if you try to hit them again. You can misbehave with me but don’t hurt my kids. Nandini reminds her that they are her mother’s kids. I have a bigger right on them than you! Purvi says I am not trying to remind you of that. I am reminding you of your duty as their elder sister. You were just about to hit them. It is wrong. I will never tolerate it. No one has a right to hurt them, not even you! Have you understood it or should this Molkki explain it nicely to you? Nandini glares at her. She tells the kids not to worry. You are strong kids. No one, not even your elder sister can do anything to you till the time I am here. She takes them with her. Nandini decides to free her siblings from Molkki’s clutches. This is my challenge, Mrs. Molkki!

Virender, Veer and Purvi are in the jeep. Purvi thanks Virender for dropping her off to Sudha’s NGO. I haven’t met her since so many days. He says it is near Panchayat so it wont be an off-route thing. He tells Veer he is happy that he is coming with him. Veer tells him not to be very happy. I was getting bored at home so I thought to see what happens there. I had no interest in going with you. Virender looks at the jeep approaching from the otherwise. A young boy is in the other jeep with his father. They stop their jeeps and stare at each other pointedly. They start the jeep and approach each other at the same time. Purvi tells Virender to let the other car pass. This is a narrow road. Virender does not budge even though Purvi tells telling him otherwise. They avert getting hit somehow.

Purvi tells Sudha everything. I don’t know why Mukhi ji was fuming with rage after seeing that man. He has never reacted like this before. Sudha tells her that it was Chaudhary Charan Singh and his son Aarav. He fooled villagers and looted them. Mukhi ji exposed him because of which he had to leave town. Villagers requested become Mukhi ji. He has been Mukhi ji since then. Purvi wonders why Charan Singh is back now. Sudha says the election process for Mukhi will start in 2 weeks again. Chaudhary Charan Singh wants to become Mukhi again. She goes to look for a garland when she notices Veer in the market. He is the same guy who fed the poor man the other day. Purvi asks Sudha what she is looking at and why is she smiling. Sudha lies that the weather is very beautiful today. Let’s go out. Purvi agrees.

Villagers tell Virender they are glad to see Veer after so long. He looks so much like you. Virender says he is my pride. I am also waiting for the day when he will make me proud. They leave. Virender thinks even he does not know when Veer will make him a part of his life, his happiness again. Purvi and Sudha come there. Purvi asks him if they should head home. Virender nods. Let’s take Veer too. A villager informs them that Veer will come home a little later.

Maid is taking breakfast for Nandini but Purvi offers to take it instead. Nandini refuses to eat it. Take it or throw it! I am not hungry anymore. Purvi says you are angry with me, not food. Eat whatever you want. Nandini argues and drops her phone. She asks Purvi to give her phone to her. Purvi is shocked to see Aarav’s photo and recognizes him. Nandini takes her phone and goes inside. Purvi wonders if Nandini went to meet Aarav last night. I must find out the truth before telling Mukhi ji anything. What’s going on between Nandini and Aarav?

Virender has brought utensils in the servant’s room. What if we get hungry at any time of the day? She smiles. Let’s set it together. He reasons that he brought it. It is her turn to set it. She reminds him that this is their stuff. We should do it together. He says what if someone sees me. They will call me Joru ka Ghulam. She asks him about the women who support their husband. What’s wrong in you helping me a little? She is about to give her Tau’s example. He cuts her mid sentence. There are some rules in society. Please manage this. I wont be able to do it. He sits down but notices her glaring at him. She says cars run on 4 wheels, not 2. She uses his logic on him and refuses to make a separate kitchen. I have a lot to do already. Your Joru (wife) will go now. Enjoy. She leaves. Virender murmurs that she has started saying so many things these days. I wont spare her Tau the day I meet him. He has taught her all the wrong things.

Purvi notices Nandini’s room in a mess. This is just like the kid’s room. This is her house after all. Where else will she do it if not here? She tidies the room. She finds Nandini’s diary and finds a photo of Virender and little Nandini. It has I love you Baba written on the backside. She loves her Baba very much. That is also the reason why she hates him so much. When we love someone a lot then at times their words, actions hurt them. This is what she felt when Mukhi ji and Sakshi ji met with an accident. Nandini snatches the photo from Purvi and scolds her. don’t come in my room again! Purvi agrees to leave. Will you answer my question? I saw a guy’s photo in your phone when I picked it up earlier. Is it the same guy who you met last night? Let me tell you if you don’t know who he is. He is the son of your Baba’s biggest enemy. Nandini tells her to stay away from her matter. Stop spying on me. I don’t have to learn to live life from you or Mukhi ji. Don’t come to my room ever again! Purvi tries to talk to her but Nandini tells her to get out.

Purvi thinks Nandini is not able to understand how badly Mukhi ji will be impacted once he finds out about her and Aarav. I saw his reaction after seeing Chaudhary Charan Singh earlier. I guess I will have to tell him about Nandini and Aarav now.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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