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Siddhi Vinayak 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Juhi saves Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kabir and his men throwing smoke can inside the police station. Mane coughs and asks how is the smoke coming. Siddhi does aarti. Juhi plays with the ball. Manjiri and everyone pray in the temple. Juhi sees a white rat and gets scared. She moves back. Kabir and men attack at the police station and start firing. Vin asks what’s this sound. Raju says I think my enemies came to shoot me. Policemen get shot. Vin gets shocked. Raju says I won’t let anything happen to you. Juhi recalls Shivam’s words and thinks water and electricity are enemies, how to tell Mishti. She tries to shout out to Siddhi. Manjiri says we have to keep praying, we won’t leave from the temple. She thinks there shouldn’t be anyone there, only then her death will look like an accident. Mane beats up

Kabir. They fight. Vin and Raju try to run away from the police station. Mane gets shot. Kabir says look for Vin, we have to kill Vin. Kabir aims at Vin. Manjiri waits for the news. Juhi runs to Siddhi and shouts. Kabir shoots Vin. Raju gets shocked. Vin falls down. Juhi shouts Mishti. Siddhi stops and turns to her. Juhi says look there, there is current in water. Siddhi gets shocked. She moves away. She asks Juhi to stay there. She switches off the current fuse. She hugs Juhi. She says your voice came back.

She thanks Bappa. Juhi says dad told me that water and electricity are enemies. Siddhi hugs her and says you saved my life. Juhi says no, dad saved your life, as he taught this to me. Siddhi thinks Juhi can tell me who shot Shivam, she would have seen Shivam’s murderer. She asks can you tell me who kidnapped you and who killed your dad. Juhi recalls. Siddhi says don’t worry, just I m here, don’t be afraid. Juhi says Vin didn’t shoot my dad, Manjiri shot him, she is very bad, she scolded me and asked me not to tell anyone, else she will shoot you also. Siddhi gets shocked. She hugs Juhi. Juhi says don’t tell her that I told you everything. Pratima asks what, Manjiri shot Shivam.

Siddhi says yes, she kidnapped Juhi, how can you do this with Vin. Pratima says it means Vin lied and took the blames to save his mom, siddhi says Juhi should stay with you, she isn’t safe here. Pratima agrees. Siddhi says I have to go there and expose Manjiri by facing danger, I will get justice for you and Shivam, its my promise. She hugs Juhi. She thinks how can Manjiri do this, I will find her motive. She leaves. She comes home and shouts Maa…. She doesn’t find anyone and says was this a drama to put me in danger. She says did Manjiri plan this to kill me, so she left me alone at home, why. Someone comes home. Siddhi thinks of Juhi’s words. She thinks to expose Manjiri. Someone reaches Siddhi and shuts her mouth. She struggles.

Inspector gives bad news to Shankar. Manjiri gets glad. Siddhi pushes the person and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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