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Mere Sai 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Leaves For London

Mere Sai 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Old man tells Sai about his problem that he has nothing to give him. Vishwanath hears him. Sai talks to him and leaves. Vishwanath asks Sai how can the old man have so much strength even after losing the son. Sai says if we accept the truth then it becomes our strength. He says may be old man thought his son’s life purpose is met. He says all humans are born with a purpose. Vishwanath asks what is my life’s purpose. Sai says you will know when the time is right and nothing will be important to you that time other than your mission. Vishwanath thinks what can be my life’s purpose. Kulkarni and Chivu are happy. He thinks nobody cares about me, not even my friends.

Keshav cries and hopes to meet Rukmini before going to London. He thinks Sai is an imposter and he don’t want his stone. He throws the stone, but it comes back to the box. Kulkarni asks Keshav to take care in London. Anta and Banta ask him to take care. Keshav leaves. Jhipri and her friend come there, but he is already left. They think to reach him from other way. Kulkarni gets happy. Keshav sees Sai treating a boy and thinks again that nobody cares for him. Jhipri and her friends are waiting somewhere to meet him.

Chivu tells Kulkarni that she is sad, but she has to eat food. She tells that she will keep vrat savitri puja tomorrow. Vishwanath gets happy. Kulkarni coughs. Chivu asks him to bring gift for her. Vishwanath says surely and asks her not to eat much today and tells Sai’s teachings. Kulkarni gets angry and gets up. A couple comes to Sai. Man tells him that his wife is unwell and can’t stand on her feet. Sai gives vibuti water to her. Her illness evaporates in air. She gets fine and smiles.

Sai comes to Sandhya’s house. Sandhya tells him that she kept bhog for God, but he don’t eat it. Sai smiles.

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