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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Heera Tries To File Kidnapping Complaint Against Devika

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika locks herself and Varun in godown and lighting havan kund insists him to marry her. He says he will never. She throws key in havan. Varun angrily fumes and walks towards door. She says she will marry him today at any cost and takes out keys from her clothes and says he is so easy to be fooled, she had hidden keys and was acting. She continues when he will realize she is true, he himself will marry her. Varun angrily holds her and tries to snatch keys. She puts keys under her clothes again and asks if he can remove it.

Heera tells her aides Kesar and Basanti that if Kesar’s doubt is right, Devi is helping Devika. Kesar and Basanti’s fight start alleging each other. Heera shuts her ears and shouts to stop. Thier drama continues. They hear someone in locked

trunk and get tensed.

Varun lifts Devika and reverses her. Keys fall down. He leaves her and picks keys. She says she was joking, he is like a brainless bull who believes everything, she had thrown keys already in havan. He throws those keys.

Heera with her aides opens trunk and is shocked to see Dhani popping out gasping for air. They all 3 ask what happened to her, how did she get into trunk. Devika says she does not know, something fell on her forehead and she fell unconscious. They realize that Varun is missing now, and Devika played a big game.

Varun drapes cloth on his hand and puts it in havan and pulls out key. He then throws water on key. Devika sees her his burnt hand, tears her veil and ties it over his hand. He pushes her and tries to open door, but door does not open. Devika says she did not do anything, even god wants them to be together. Varun gives up and sits. Devika mixes mehandi or some herb and applies it on Varun’s hand. Kyun Aata hai seene me…song…plays in the background..

Heera with her aides calls inspector and files complaint that servant Devika kidnapped Varun. Inspector asks why. Heera says Varun is marrying her granddaughter Dhani, but Devika wants to marry Varun. Inspector says he has heard these 3 names and says maybe servant is more beautiful than Dhani, so Varun himself ran away with servant, it is clear case of family opposing marriage, they need not worry, Varun will return after marrying Devika. Heera insists to file complaint. Inspector warns he may arrest her for filing false complaint and leaves. Kesar yells at Basanti that she did not teach sanskar to her son. Basanti reverts back and says she did not give good sanskars to her daughter Dhani. Their argument continues. Maheshwari walks in. They get tensed. Maheshwari aasks if she should not have come here.

Precap: Devika says nobody can stop her from marrying Varun. Varun says she cannot marry him forcefully. He says even then marriage will happen, he can continue his adamancy and she wil continue her adamancy. Heera with her team reaches godown.

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