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You are my love ( Riansh) part 36

Today’s Episode starts…

Mehendi ceremony…

Riansh room

Vansh and  ridhima were dressing themselves .

The ceremony starts

The girls were applying mehendi . The girl who applying mehendi to ridhima asked her .

Girl – mam do you want to write something on your hand

Ridhima- yes , my husband’s name

Girl- mam name of your husband

Ridhima- vansh

Girl- ok

She writes vansh on ridhima’s hand . Ridhima was happy .

On the other hand

The girl applying mehendi to ishani asked her what to write . She said angre .and the girl wrote angre .

All the men’s were talking to each other , vansh and angre were talking . Someone called angre so he went from there . Vansh was there . Then vansh noticed ridhima . Her hairs were flying from both the side . She was looking beautiful. Vansh was mesmerized. He was staring her .

Ridhima applied mehendi and thought to show it to vansh.

Ridhima- vansh pls come to our room

Vansh went

Vansh-what happened sweetheart?

Ridhima showed her hands to vansh.

Vansh- beautiful

Vansh hugs her .

Ridhima- vansh I want  to say something

Vansh- what

Ridhima- I know you know but still I wanna say that … I love you …. vansh

Vansh -I love you too ridhima

Ridhima- vansh pls just bend down

Vansh bends . Ridhima kisses him in cheek . Vansh smiles . Then vansh was about to go but Ridhima stopped him.

Ridhima- oh hello , where is my kiss ?

Vansh smiled and kissed her .

Vansh- fine

Ridhima- hmm

They hug each other .

To be continued…

Guys you all are thinking about the separation but no now I am Not going to bring separation track . So be calm

Lots of love🤞✌️

Thank you






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