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You are my love (Riansh) part 34

Today’s Episode starts

The haldi day of ishani

Ishani was too excited for her haldi . She was siting in a sofa . Everyone was coming and applying haldi to ishani . It was vansh’s turn he went . He applied her haldi .

Ishani- bhai don’t apply all the haldi to me , what will be there for bhabhi
Vansh- no , I am will put all the haldi

They both were fighting. It was a light fight .

Ridhima was happy seeing them from far .
Then after a while the haldi ends


In Riansh room

Ridhima was siting and was reading a book .( The hidden pool by Ruskin bond)
( Its a very good book , I have read )

Vansh was working on his laptop and his work was almost finished .
Then ridhima’s phone rings . She told vansh to give it . Vansh saw veer written. He picked up the call .

Veer – hello
Vansh- hello
Veer – ridhu you are alright , your voice is sounding like a man
Vansh- man not I am a man , vansh
Veer – oh vansh , where is ridhima
Vansh-actually she is sleeping
Veer – ok

He cuts the call. Ridhima who was listening this was smiling . She didn’t stopped him .

Ridhima – why you did this ??
Vansh – nothing  , you leave that
Ridhima- okay
Vansh- I am hungry
Ridhima- what , vansh you just ate your dinner
Vansh- not that one , that one (pointing towards her lip)
Ridhima- oh , vanshhh
She started throwing pillows at him
Vansh – sweetheart , wh..what is this
Ridhima- hungry aan
She stopped .
Vansh and ridhima sat on their bed .
Vansh – sweetheart , this is not good
Ridhima- what , not good , vanshh you are impossible
Vansh- acha ok

Ridhima- waise , after ishani and angre marriage , we should send them somewhere to enjoy .
Vansh- hmm

Saying this Vansh went from there .
He returned after a while .

Vansh sat on the bed
Ridhima- vansh you ate your medicines?
Vansh- ah..ahh.no(guys medicines because vansh was feeling little. Bit of fever so , medicines)
Ridhima- see , this person , why are u not taking your medicines ?
Vansh- I forgot , thanks for reminding
Ridhima- vansh when I will not be here , them who will remind you for medicines

Vansh immediately hugged ridhima .
Vansh – why you will not be here ?? You will be with me ridhima every time  . I will not let you go anywhere . I will not talk to you .
Saying this he broke the hug .

Ridhima- sorry vansh , pls
Ridhima hugged vansh and he also

(I am loving  this photo❤️)
Ridhima- I am not going anywhere
Vansh-  , love you
Ridhima- love you too

To be continued…
Thank you

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