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Shakti 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh’s family feels disgusted with Mahi’s tie up with Angel

Shakti 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Virat asking Angel what is she doing here? Angel asks him to ask his father and tells that she is bailed out due to her clean chit, tells that she is not responsible for Heer’s kidnapping. Soumya asks Virat to call Sant Baksh and asks him if she is saying truth. Virat calls Sant Baksh. Parmeet asks Sant Baksh to pick the call and asks him why is he feeling guilty, whatever you have done is for your son’s betterment. She asks him to talk to him and picks the call. Virat asks how did Angel and veer ji get freed from jail, says they have done Heer’s kidnapping. Sant Baksh says he couldn’t get any proofs against them and that’s why have to leave them. He says they can’t go out of country. He says he works for the law and law doesn’t work for him. Angel asks Virat and others, why are they after her, when she has not done Heer’s kidnapping. Virat gets angry. Harman says Virat. Angel asks if you raise a hand on a kinnar then case will be filed against you. Virat says let the case be filed on me, I will get heer’s info from you and raises his hand to slap her, but Daljeet holds his hand and brushes off his hand. Virat says I never thought that my own blood have become my enemy, and will be against my love. Daljeet asks what do you think that we will appreciate you for loving a kinnar. Soumya asks Virat not to take law in his hands. Harman tells Soumya that they are the same people who has kidnapped Heer.

Soumya says law will give justice, either today or tomorrow. She asks Angel to thank god that her family respects law, else Daljeet and you wouldn’t have been standing here. She tells that these kinnars don’t know how the Guru maa should be, if they know then they will not stand with you. Angel challenges Soumya to come in her real avatar again and then see. Soumya asks her to pray that she don’t come in her real avatar, and if she comes then land will get less to run. She asks her to leave. Angel says I came to stay here, as the owner of the house called me for her help. Preeto is shocked and tells that she didn’t call her. Angel asks if you are the only owner of the house, and not anybody else. She asks Kinnars to play the dhol. Mahi comes there while the kinnars are clapping and dancing. Daljeet and Angel smiles. Mahi stands with them shocking the family members. She asks did you all get shock? She asks if they thought that she will not return, and says she will not go anywhere as she is the legally wedded wife of Harman ji. She says she has brought Angel and Daljeet here, for her help to get the rights. Harman says you have stoop so much low and taking help from people, who has kidnapped Heer. Harak Singh asks Mahi if she has gone mad and says Angel has kidnapped your blood, our grand daughter and you are supporting her. He says even Dayan leaves 7 houses.

Preeto asks everyone to see Mahi’s real avatar, whom they regarded as daughter and calls her betrayal woman. Veeran calls her shameless to have done such a thing. Simran says we didn’t hope this from you and thought you got better. Mahi says I acted to be good, but you people didn’t care for me. She says she is not mad to share her husband with others and tells that when she is legal wife of Harman ji then why she shall share him with kinnar. Preeto says my son doesn’t regard you as his wife, what will you do? Mahi says she is the owner of the house and tells that Angel and Daljeet will stay here. She says Angel has promised me that when her cases are settled then she will return our Heer to us. Angel asks when did I say this? I didn’t know where is Heer? She says I told that I will help you in searching Heer, which your useless family members couldn’t do and laughs. Harman gets angry. Soumya stops him and says she had heard that a mother can’t be enemy of her own child, but you made this saying opposite. She says to get Harman ji for your stubbornness, you have done deal of Heer. Mahi asks who are you to say all this to me and asks what is your relation with everyone here. She talks to her in bad language and asks Soumya, what is your relation with Heer? She says I am Heer’s mother and gave her birth. She asks why you are showing right on Heer. Soumya says you have given birth to Heer, but we both are connected by heart and by our identity. She says this family and house are like a temple for you. Shakti song plays…

Soumya says they trust me and that’s why I am questioning you. Mahi laughs and says I have relation with this house and blood relation with Heer. Preeto says Soumya has such a relation with Heer, the same relation which you couldn’t have with Heer ever. She tells about Krishna, Yashoda and Devika’s example. She says Krishna has a relation with yashoda always and this is this relation with Heer has with Soumya and this is the relation which Soumya has for this house. She says you are calling yourself as bahu of this house, but Soumya has fulfilled all her duties of a bahu and with Heer, which you could never made. Angel asks them to stop their drama and acting, and asks Mahi if guests are treated this way in your house. She asks Mahi to take them inside the house. Mahi asks Angel to come inside and says she will welcome them, says you don’t need to worry about anyone. Angel says whatever I say, I do and asks her to ask Daljeet. She says lets go inside. Mahi asks them to come. Preeto stops Mahi and slaps her hard. Mahi looks angrily. Soumya gets thinking.

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