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Riansh (A pure love story) Part 5

Hello everyone, I am back and thankyou for showing this much love to my fanfiction

So let’s start

Everyone was busy in engagement prepartion

Dadi called vansh and riddhima loudly and they came panickly and said

Riddhima – what happened dadi??

Dadi – See who have came here to stay in vr mansion until marriage

Riddhima – who

Riddhima saw them and hugged them

Riddhima – Mom, dad, kabir and sejal you all here.. wow what a surprise

Anupriya – what are u talking riddhima my daughter is getting married and your family will not come

Riddhima smiled

Kabir – Riddhima you are getting married and you didn’t inform us

Riddhima – I was about to call u but forgot.. Sorry bhai

She hugged kabir and all went to their room

Dadi – Vansh and riddhima get ready fast function is about to begin

Vansh got ready and sneak peak in dadi room where riddhima was getting ready

Riddhima was wearing a very beautiful lengha choli and big jhumka, mantikka and open hair

She was trying to tie her choli but it was not tying

Vansh came from back and hugged riddhima

Vansh – wow riddhima you are looking like a princess

Vansh saw her choli was not tied so he tied her choli touching her back passionately

Riddhima – van_s_h what are u doing

Vansh – tying your choli

Riddhima – thanks, ok so now help me to wear this neckless

Vansh – of course

He helped her wearing neckless and she turn around and vansh hold her by her waist

Vansh – Riddhima I promise you I will never leave you.. For me you are my lifeline.. I love you riddhima

Riddhima – love u too vansh

And she kisses him on his cheeks and they hugged each other

Dadi came and started coughing to make them apart

Riddhima blushed and vansh also blushed

Dadi – you twooo function is started and you two are romancing here now come function has started

They went by holding each other’s hand

They sat together and uma bought ring from vansh site and Anupriya bought ring from riddhima

They both exchange the rings and promised each other to never leave each other

Some rang the bell and dadi opened it

There was a women in saree and her face was hide from pallu

Dadi – ohh aap

Riddhima – who is she dadi?

Dadi – she is the new cook of our house

Women – Dadi I will go on kitchen

Dadi – no no, function is going on so stay here only

After that siya and angre exchange rings and both were happy

After that sangeet function starts

First performance was of siya and angre

They danced on the song kaise hua tu itna jauri kaisa hua.. There dance was so romantic and perfect… Everyone clapped for their performance

Next performance was of dadi, Aryan, sejal, Anupriya, piyush, uma,vansh dad, (sorry I forgot the name of vansh dad) chanchal and Rudra

They dance ek dusre se karte pyaar hum.. Their danced show unity and love of family

All clapped for their performance

Next kabir and ishani performance they danced on the song aaya mausam dosti ka

All clapped for their performance

And last but not the least

It was the time for riansh performance

They danced on janam janam.. Their dance was pure of love and romance and everyone stand and clapped for their performance

They were smiling and looking each other

Sudden the old women went near chumar chain and open the hook of chain

The chumar was about to fall on vansh and riddhima but riddhima saw the chumar falling and she pushed vansh and chumar was about to fall on riddhima vansh was shocked he quickly ran and hold the chain of chumar and it stopped from falling he took the chain and hooked it

Everyone was panicked and all went near riddhima including vansh

Everyone ask – are u fine riddhima

Vansh – Riddhima are u fine, what was need to push me? Why u risked your life? Are u mad what have happened if chumar has called on you?? Don’t you ever do this again?? Do you get it

Riddhima – sorry vansh But I can’t risk your life

Vansh – but your life is it pointless

Riddhima – Vansh sorry na.. I will never leave u.. I promised na and I can’t risk your life

Vansh – it’s okay riddhima but never do this again ever in life..

Vansh hugged riddhima warmly and asked

Vansh – who did this who did this??

Dadi – Vansh maybe the hook is loose so this happened

The women went to kitchen in panicking way

Everyone ate food and the function got over

Vansh – now you are my fiancee now go and sleep peacefully and take care

They hugged each other and slept in their own room vansh was missing riddhima but he thought she will come after two day vansh wait


Women – my plan no 1 got spolied but not for very long vansh u and ur love will die and I will kill u both


Precap – mehendi 💓💓


End of this episode, till then guess who is the women and wait for next episode

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