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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 9

In Pragya’ s House
In Prachi’s and Shahana’ s Room
Shahana enters the room after finishing her talk with Aryan in phone.
Prachi – Shahana where were u?
Shahana – Prachi I was talking to my friend.
Prachi ( teasingly) – These days u are talking too much to ur friend.
Shahana – Prachi… U, u just wait.
They have a sweet and cute sister fight.
Prachi – Shahana I am feeling very sleepy can we sleep.
Shahana – Okay we can sleep. But first let’s silent our phones. U know sometimes wrong number disturb our sleep very much, especially u get many calls from wrong number so pls just silent ur phone.
Prachi- U are right Shahana, these wrong number disturb very much.
They both keep their phone in silent mode and then both of them sleep.

While in Kohli Mansion
Ranbir is constantly trying to call Prachi while she is not picking the call as her phone is in silent mode. After many trials he gets tired and loses all the hopes. He feels that everything will be over and Prachi will leave him forever. He gets sad.

The next Morning
In the Mehra mansion
In Rhea’s Room
Rhea is looking herself in the mirror and is admiring her beauty.

Rhea’s POV
Today I’ll play the last bet wager of my plan and the next day I’ll get everything that I want. Now Ranbir will be mine, mom and dad will be mine, everything will be mine. No body can stop me from making Ranbir, mom and dad mine, not even u Prachi. She laughs in her mind.
While Alia comes there and observes her and asks her the reason for her happiness. She doesn’t tell her the real reason as she feels that Alia can spoil her plan because she hates Pragya.
Rhea – Bujji, actually… I am happy because today is my engagement with Ranbir.
Alia – Yeah sweetheart I am also very happy for u. And I am more happy for bhai as finally he will be free from the clutches of Pragya.
Rhea – (fakes her smile) Yes buji I am also happy for dad and Meera aunty.
Alia smiles and Rhea also fakes her smile as she feels bad for Pragya.
Rhea – By the way buji which dress should I wear?
Alia – Rhea u wear anything because u look beautiful in every dress u wear.
Rhea – I know buji but still I am confused.
Alia – Okay then wear this one. (She points out to a dress)
Rhea – Okay so it’s final that I am wearing this dress for my engagement.

In Abhi’ s Room
Abhi is sitting sadly on the floor with tears in his eyes and is constantly thinking about Pragya. He thinks that she’ll definitely do something to stop this engagement. And after she’ll stop this engagement he will convince Rhea to accept Pragya and they all will live as a happy family. Suddenly he remembers Rhea’s word and all the things Prachi has done with her (according to Rhea) . He feels bad for Pragya and decides to hide the truth from her. He hears the sound of footsteps and rises up and wipes his tears. Suddenly Rhea enters his room.
Rhea – What dad, u are siting like this? In few minutes the engagement will start, just go and get ready. And when I’ll come u want that u should be ready.
Abhi – Okay I’ll be ready. But where are u going?
Rhea – To Meera aunty, I have to check wether she is ready or not. So dad I am leaving but u should be ready when I’ll come.
Rhea leaves for Meera’s room and gets surprised on seeing her.
Rhea- Wow Meera aunty u look so beautiful in this dress.
Meera – Thank you beta! U are also looking gorgeous.
Rhea hugs Meera and talks about her excitement for the engagement.

Meanwhile in Pragya’s House
Pragya is getting ready for the engagement. While Prachi enters her room.
Prachi – Maa are sure, do u want to go to engagement?
Pragya- Yes I want to go to the engagement and not only me, u and Shahana are also coming.
Prachi – Maa u take Shahana with u, I cannot see this.
Pragya – Prachi u hv to come for me. (Pragya convinces Prachi to come to the engagement and emotionally blackmails her)
Prachi – Okay maa, I am coming only for u.
Pragya – So be ready we need to reach on time and ask Shahana also to get ready soon.
Prachi – Okay maa…
Prachi and Shahana get ready for the engagement. And after sometime Pragya, Prachi and Shahana leave for Mehra mansion.

In Kohli Mansion
Ranbir is getting ready for the engagement and is constantly thinking about Prachi.
Ranbir POV
I need to talk to Prachi before the engagement so that she does not misunderstand me. I love only Prachi but because of mom I am getting engaged to Rhea but I’ll never-ever marry her.
Meanwhile Pallavi enters Ranbir’s room and complements his look.
Pallavi – Wow Ranbir u are looking so beautiful✨. Just like a Prince.
Ranbir (fakes his smile) – Thank you mom.
Pallavi – Beta come down in ten minutes, we have to leave for Mehra mansion.
Ranbir – Okay mom.
Pallavi leaves Ranbir’s room.

Ranbir’s POV
I hope that Prachi reaches a little early, I need to tell her everything otherwise I will loose her forever. No, no Ranbir think positively.
Suddenly Vikram enters and brings Ranbir back from his lost world.
Vikram – I understand Ranbir it’s difficult for u to marry Rhea but Prachi is not a good girl, u know na what she has done with Rhea. It will difficult for u in the beginning but u will slowly start loving Rhea and understand that she is the perfect match for u.
Hearing this Ranbir feels chilled down his spine , folds his fist and is about to burst but controls his anger and calms down himself and says tot Vikram that he knows what is right for him and saying leaves from there.

Vikram’s POV
I know Ranbir that u love Prachi a lot but she is not a girl who deserves so much love. And I hope u do not do something wrong in order to make Prachi happy and forget ur mom. I would hv convinced Pallavi to accept Prachi if she had not done something wrong.

Pallavi calls Vikram to leave for Mehra Mansion. The whole Kohli family leave for the Mehra mansion.
The Kohli’s reach Mehra mansion.
In the Mehra Mansion
Alia and dadi welcome The Kohli’s. After that Ranbir meets Aryan and asks him wether Prachi has arrived or not. He gets sad on knowing that Prachi had not arrived yet. He tries to call Prachi but suddenly Pallavi and Rhea comes so he cuts the call.
Rhea compliments Ranbir’s look while Pallavi leave them and ask them to have a conversation.
Rhea – Ranbir, I want to ask u something.
Ranbir – Ask

Rhea – Are you happy with this engagement? Do u love me?
Ranbir – Woh….. Rhea, Aryan was calling me.
Ranbir leaves from there without answering Rhea’s question which makes her very angry.
Rhea’ s POV
Ranbir u did very wrong by not answering my question. U see I’ll not do anything wrong with u because I love u but I don’t love Prachi, ur this act will affect her the most. First I thought that I will change my plan and will accept Prachi but now, now I’ll not do. She can snatch u from me and I will not let it happen. Now you see darling she will pay the price.

Pragya, Prachi and Shahana arrive. The engagement is about to start in a few minutes.



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