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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: mata kali tells story of mata kamla.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with mata kali telling the story of her next form, mata kamla and why she had to take this form. Ganesh says mata, I understood all the stories of your various forms till now but I haven’t understood why you firs took the mata matangi form when we came here?
Mata kali says ganesh, here only rishi markande can ever summon my form of mata matangi in just one prayer, he is that capable and has the power and will and bhakti to call my matangi form in one prayer. Mata says the matangi form of mine was meant to put the entire universe at order. Ganesh says what does that mean? Rishi markande comes ahead and he prays the matangi prayer, mata matangi appears and everybody get darsshan and do pranam. Mata kali comes back.
Mata kali says ganesh, after everything was going

in a normal way, I saw the universe and all planets where different species lived, humans on earth used to fight amongst themselves, demons used to fight amongst themselves and kill their own kin in squabbles, rishi’s used to fight so that they could get the blessings of gods first, all people had formed hatred through some way and they started fighting and killing each other due to some quarrels. Mata kali says so I thought of teaching the living beings a lesson through my way, I took my various vikraal forms like devi tara, devi shornashi who caused natural calamities over the worlds, droughts would occur, tsunami’s, famines, earthquakes and other natural disasters would occur, this brought people together united and they lived in peace again, but my greatest calamity was the solar eclipse, when the people of different worlds would divide or fight, I caused the solar eclipse to put everything back on order and the 12 aditya suns would appear and the eclipse would form, the people would come together, but after some time again they would fight and hate each other and divide, so my forms would cause disasters frequently to put the people back together.
Ganesh says then what was the purpose of mata kamla? Mata kali says I am mahadev, I am only brahma dev, Vishnu dev, saraswati and laxmi, my form of mata kamla was devi laxmi herself just inside my body. Mata kamla appears with laxmi and everyone do pranam. Then mata kali says devi kamla would put back the world together after my forms like tara devi, shornashi devi would cause disasters over the worlds, devi kamla would put back the worlds at peace again and would recover everything. Mata kali then says, my form of mata kamla would appear to heal everything after it had been cleaned of all the negative things.
Mata kali says but the most dangerous disaster that I would do was the apocalypse or the end of the universe, that would be the ultimate end of everything, which I would do with mahadev. My form of mahakali and mahadev’s form of mahakal together would destroy the entire universe, bringing it back to zero, and forming a new start which would cause the new big bang or the start of the new universe.

Precap: mata kali introduces her mahakali form and mahadev’s mahakal form destroying the universe.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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