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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Review: An emotional drama defining varied dynamics of relationships

Colors’ Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka brings an emotional justification on the subject like an extra-marital affair. The show premiered on 4th June at 10 p.m. The story revolves around two married couples, Mauli-Kunal and Nandini-Rajdeep. Their lives, worlds and times are different. Mauli and Kunal represent the really happy couple in love, while Nandini and Rajdeep portray their suffering in a loveless marriage. The show brings emotional aspects in highlight.

The relationships get more complicated when Nandini falls in love with Kunal. She doesn’t wish to break her best friend Mauli’s perfect family. Even then, Nandini’s emotions seem justified when she goes ahead to have a relationship with Kunal. Kunal acts as her savior when she faces tortures by Rajdeep. The trio’s modern day relationship and equations invite more complexities. Different circumstances bring various twists in their lives.

Main Characters:

Nandini is a sweet, simple and caring person. She is married to Rajdeep Thakur. She is ready to do anything for him. She is often submissive when it comes to follow his instructions. She faces a tough time just to save her relationship. She doesn’t want her marriage to break. Nandini bears all the tortures by Rajdeep to make her relationship work out. She obeys him unwillingly. Nandini isn’t in search of true love, but happens to understand true selfless love when she meets Kunal. She takes up the life’s challenges and fights for her love.


Rajdeep is a money-minded, dominating, harsh, disrespectful and selfish man. He treats his wife Nandini badly and shows his insensitivity towards her. He is a control freak. He doesn’t respect Nandini, their love and relation. Rajdeep just cares for money. He is from a small guy. He haven’t seen money before. He just wants more luxuries and richness in his life. Nandini is just a medium of success for him. He keeps dominating Nandini, leaving no personal life for her. Rajdeep defines a totally bad husband.

Kunal is a charming, good-hearted, sensitive, sincere and loving guy. He is an ideal man. He is Mauli’s husband. He is everything Mauli could wish her. He is a good friend for his wife. He is a doctor by profession. He believes in having equality and freedom of thinking in the relationship, along with love, trust and respect. He feels lonely when Mauli rushes for the medical emergencies, but understands her work schedules. He is a supportive husband. Kunal loves Mauli a lot. He is a gem at heart. He helps people around. He can’t see Mauli upset. He is very romantic at heart. He keeps on surprising his wife. Mauli means a lot to him.

Mauli is a loving, independent, strong, determined and practical girl. She feels lucky to have a husband like Kunal. She is also a doctor and works in the same hospital as Kunal. She worries that her work commitments can upset Kunal some times. She is very much dedicated. She believes in hard work and aiming at the goals she has set for life. She is a huge moral support for Kunal. Her presence gives him strength. She doesn’t accept any wrong happening with her or anyone else around her. Mauli knows to take a stand against injustice and tortures. Mauli supports Nandini on knowing about her sufferings. Mauli is clean-hearted and a caring friend.


Shakti Arora as Dr Kunal Malhotra
Drashti Dhami as Nandini Rajdeep Thakur
Aditi Sharma as Dr Mauli Malhotra
Abhinav Shukla as Rajdeep Thakur
Neena Cheema as Didda
Priya Shinde as Prerna
Raj Singh as Jai
Prachi Thakkar as Sweety
Avdeep Sidhu as Nilesh
Sarita Joshi as Subandra

Story So Far:

Mauli and Kunal’s happiness in their love-filled relationship is seen. They romance, laugh, cheer up each other as the perfect husband and wife. They express love for each other. Mauli gets an emergency call from the hospital and rushes. She returns home and finds his romantic surprise. She gets pleased with his gesture. She apologizes to Kunal for ruining his efforts. She promises to make up for it. Mauli gets wishes from family for Kunal and her marriage anniversary. Kunal and Mauli playfully tease each other. She asks him for the gift. He surprises her with a tattoo of her name. She gets moved by his amazing gift. Kunal asks her about her friend Nandini. She prefers not to talk about her, though she misses her deeply. She cries as she has lost Nandini forever. Kunal consoles her. They reach the venue to celebrate their marriage anniversary.

Kunal and Mauli celebrate their anniversary with everyone. Another party is going on at the same place. Everyone talks about a businessman Rajdeep Thakur celebrating his wife’s birthday. Nandini misses her childhood friend Mauli. Mauli talks about Nandini to Kunal. Rajdeep forces Nandini to dine with his investors and keep his dignity. He doesn’t want her to get disgrace for him. He hurts Nandini publicly. Kunal observes Rajdeep’s abusing side. He gets to see Nandini. The birthday cake gets distributed. Mauli thinks of wishing the person, but misses to see Nandini. Rajdeep’s investor tries to hug Nandini and wishes her.

Nandini resists and gets back. Rajdeep gets tempered and slaps her in front of everyone. She falls in front of Kunal’s car and rushes after Rajdeep. Kunal happens to witness her problem. He picks up Nandini’s bracelet. Mauli identifies the bracelet as she had gifted it to Nandini. Mauli attempts to meet Nandini, but fails because of Rajdeep’s intervention. Mauli and Kunal work at the same hospital and share the day happenings. Kunal finds Mauli a big strength for him and feels lucky.

Our Take:

The show has a strong concept which brings an intense love story of Kunal and Nandini. They fall in love irrespective of their marital status, relationships and love commitments. The show’s tagline justifies such emotions going out of boundaries, since one’s emotions can’t be judged by the other person. There have been many shows on extra-marital affairs. This show in particular brings a take on the emotional journey of two individuals, their dilemmas and their inner desires to break their bounds and have a bond of mutual admiration and love. The characters are well-defined, not too complex. Viewers will be able to relate to Kunal and Mauli by watching their cute love story.

But, Nandini and Rajdeep’s bad relationship is more relatable. The fiction brings natural take on modern-day relationships, where there are many underlying problems but none are spoken out. Destiny would sketch the true love between Kunal and Nandini. The story will connect with the viewers. Nandini’s character is shown as vulnerable initially. She is seen struggling in a loveless marriage. Her transformation into a cheerful and confident person will be seen. Relationships are too fragile and are based on mutual trust. The show takes the viewers through a journey that begins post marriage phase, how the couples face complexities by their conflicting desires. Emotions aren’t driven completely by one single desire, but just a single intense moment change a person’s life.

Many odd situations makes a person realize what’s missing out in life. Nandini faces such a time when she meets Kunal and finds an ideal mate in him. Her emotions get driven by the unavoidable circumstances. She doesn’t intend to break her friend’s marriage. Even Kunal’s dilemma over getting unfaithful towards his wife will be seen. He won’t be happy or easy to have a relationship with Nandini. His relationship with Nandini would be much different. He would stay faithful towards Mauli and still serve as strength to Nandini. From cast, costumes, sets to visuals, everything is wisely apt. The concept is the main highlight. The direction is wonderful. Its tough to redefine a relationship between a man and a woman out of their wed-locks in the best sincere way on the basis of their emotions. Its something really interesting to watch.


Silsila brings a modern love story, which would engage the viewers with its intriguing factor. It will put a light on the relationships that go through such complicated situations of infidelity. Its such a tangled love triangle presented in a sensible way, defining the rights and wrongs.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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