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Siddhi Vinayak 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivam foils Juhi’s plan to meet Mishti

Siddhi Vinayak 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Siddhi tries to say something but is unable to utter even a word. Vin asks doc to check her. Doc tells Siddhi not to put too much pressure on her throat. Vin demands to know why Riddhi is unable to say anything. Doc checks Siddhi. She inhaled poisonous gas because of which her vocal chords are damaged for now. If she tries putting too much pressure on them then it will happen permanently. Manjari hopes it happens permanently. She acts before everyone. Do you mean that my Riddhi wont be able to say anything ever again? Doc says I cannot comment anything as of now. She might say something in 2 days or maybe never. They are all shocked. Vin assures Riddhi nothing will happen to her. Siddhi wonders how she will tell Vin her truth now.

Manjari swirls happily in her room. Bappa has been so supportive.

Siddhi has turned mute while Vin lost half of his vision. I must not relax though. Siddhi isn’t the one to sit quietly. She will find a way to tell Vin she isn’t Riddhi but Siddhi. She is too smart. I must find a permanent solution for her.

Shivam fails in getting connected to Vin. Why is he still not picking my phone? He can hear the voice mail if he cannot pick my phone. He leaves a voice message for Vin in which he tells him that his Personal Assistant is in fact his wife. I came to tell you this personally but you were not at home. Call me as soon as you get this message. He looks at the photo again. I will never forgive Riddhi for what she did with me and my daughter!

Vin is sitting right next to Siddhi and comforts her. Doc said you lost your while temporarily. It will be back soon. She thinks I don’t mind losing it forever but I only wanted to tell you that I am your childhood friend Siddhi, your wife. Vin says I was so scared for a moment. I thought I might lose you for forever! Siddhi and Vin look at each other for a long moment. Romantic song plays in the background. Siddhi thinks no one can separate Siddhi Vinayak. Vin again reassures her not to worry. I wont spare the one who is behind all this. he removes his glasses but he is still facing trouble seeing properly. You cannot speak while I cannot see well. You should become my eyes and I will become your voice. Please call Commissioner Sir. She notices Shivam’s voice message and thinks it must be about her only.

Manjari comes there. I had a word with Commissioner and he told that it was just a coincidence. A pipe leaked in the studio. He is doubtful about it. How did Siddhi get inside? Siddhi tries to tell him everything but ends up coughing. He requests her not to say anything. Manjari asks Vin to let her rest. You should also rest in your room. He says I got my bed in a corner. Hope Riddhi wont have any problem. Manjari understand Siddhi’s gestures and says she does not mind it at all. Bappa is leaving no stone unturned to trouble me. I will be so worried in my room now.

Juhi packs her stuff in a bag. She takes some money from Reema’s purse unwillingly so she can go to Mishti. I know it is wrong but I have no other option. She walks out of her room and finds her father sleeping on the couch. She walks till the door but Shivam holds her. Where are you going at this hour? She takes Mishti’s name but he again reminds her not to take her name ever again. She does not care about either of us. Juhi declines. She loves me very much. I am going to her. He again says the same thing but she points at the photo on his laptop. He realises she has high fever and takes her to her room against her wish.

Siddhi looks at Vin and thinks he fell asleep. This is the time when I can delete Shivam’s voice message from his phone. She thinks to hear it once but then thinks that it might wake up Vin as well. She coughs again but covers her mouth. I will send it to my phone first and then I will delete it. She starts coughing again when Vin asks for his phone. I have to hear a very important voice message. Siddhi fears what will happen if Vin hears Shivam’s voice message.

Servants come there with mattress and for Vin and flowers for Siddhi. There is a camera / microphone in the flowers. Manjari watches everything on the laptop. Siddhi has become mute but she can still manage to tell her truth to Vin. If that happens then I will be in big trouble. I will have to keep a tight vigil on them tonight.

Vin again asks for his phone. Seeing her cough so bad, he begins to pour kadha for her. He ends up hurting his finger in the process. Siddhi sucks it to relieve him of his pain. Manjari is irked to see them romancing anywhere anytime. Vin reminds riddhi how it happened in the past as well when the ring got stuck in her finger. This is how I got it out. She smiles at the memory. He says I feel you are taking revenge for that day only. She hits him playfully. Dadi asks them if they are fine. Manjari is shocked to see her there. Dadi asks Vin if he is fine. He nods. My eyes are paining a bit. Dadi shares that Riddhi messaged her everything. I came here to tell you something really important about Riddhi. It cannot wait till morning. Manjari thinks that Siddhi played her game already. Dr. Pratima will now tell Vin everything. My game is up!

Precap: Dadi begins to tell Vin something about Riddhi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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