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Savitri Devi 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer determines to make Sanchi realize their love and challenges Dr. Kabir

Savitri Devi 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanchi asking Goddess why is he doing this with her, and says she has dreamt to be with Veer for seven births and have to end her relation with him. She says how to sacrifice Veer and end my life to save my brother. She says I can’t do this and asks for help. Ria gets angry and tells that she tried so hard to get Dr. Kabir. She tells Gayatri that she is more hot than Sanchi, but then also he chose her. Gayatri says I will get you a good guy than Kabir. Ria says just nobody cares for me. Gayatri thinks she has to secure her marriage and future. She thinks atleast I have 2 crores Rs shares. She checks for her shares and thinks where is it gone?

Veer comes to the club where Dr. Kabir is sitting there. He says I didn’t know that you have learnt to play with lives. He says

your plan was to snatch Sanchi from me and says you have manipulated Sanchi and changed her, that she forgot our marriage and love and want to go to you. Dr. Kabir smiles and says it was decided from first day, you never deserved her. He says now she has understood that I am perfect for him. Veer says really and says I don’t think so. He says you don’t know about truth love or marriage strength. He says Sanchi is impressed and attracted by you, but soon it will go. He says Sanchi has proved today that she values our marriage and haven’t broken her mangalsutra. He challenges him that a husband will win.

Dr. Kabir challenges him that Sanchi will return to him. Gayatri comes to Dr. Malhotra and asks him to give her shares. Dr. Malhotra says it was bought by me, and asks her to search the shares which are in the house. He gives her 24 hours to search it and says he will sell it off. Sanchi thinks of Veer’s words and looks at her mangalsutra. Veer comes and holds her Pallu. Sanchi gets shy. Veer says I am still your husband and sets her Pallu. He holds her and is about to kiss her, but she moves him away. In the hospital, Veer sends bouquets for Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes and asks Sanchi to come. He asks her to remove her mangalsutra and end the matter for once and all. Sanchi says it is not easy for me and needs time. He says we don’t have much time and asks her to hurry up. Veer comes to the conference call while the meeting is going on.

Dr. Kabir says this is the conference hall. Veer says Sanchi is hungry since morning and says where it is written that food can’t be eaten. He makes her eat with his hand and tells about making dal etc. Jaya tells Veer that she understands his emotions and asks him why is he doing this here? Dr. Malhotra comes and asks Jaya to ask her characterless daughter who is having an affair with Dr. Kabir because of which she is divorcing Veer. Jaya and Pragya are shocked. Dr. Malhotra says she has broken my son’s heart for money. Jaya shouts and threatens to kill him. She asks Sanchi to tell Dr. Malhotra that she has no relation with Dr. Kabir and is not divorcing Veer. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to tell truth to everyone. Sanchi stands up and tells that Dr. Malhotra is right, I am divorcing Veer. Jaya is shocked.

Sanchi slips and falls down. Veer and Dr. Kabir run to her. Veer lifts her and says your husband is always with you. Dr. Kabir gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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