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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 77

Luthra house

At night Preeta gets restless about Tanya’s pregnancy but does not tell anybody.

Rishab goes out of room without disturbing Tanya’s sleep. He meets Preeta in the garden who is trolling around

Rishab : you didn’t sleep yet?

“No the journey made me so tired that i could not sleep properly” sees him tensed and ask

“I just have request please don’t tell anybody about Tanya’s pregnancy right now” Rishab pleads to her

Preeta : I am a doctor I respect privacy but tell me something very honestly do you also support Tanya in her wrong decision

“I really don’t know what to do, you know situation is not in our hands this time” Rishab gets in dilemma

“I cannot say much but just think about that small life growing inside, should he get punished for somebody else’s mistake” Preeta leave with her impacting words

She goes back to the room to find Karan sleeping peacefully after big storm.

Preeta : I am sorry Karan but I have to hide this truth from you (kisses his forehead)

Next day

Karan and Preeta fights for their bedroom space while arranging her belongings.

“Hello, Ms Kareli what are you doing comes out from washroom and watches Preeta stuffing her clothes in his closet

“Can’t you see, I am putting my clothes in cupboard, and look at this room you don’t know how to keep things tidy Preeta taunts him for making things messy

Karan ; Ms mental, don’t forget I am the Karan Luthra, don’t question my choice, and why did you remove my clothes

Preeta : really? look at this torn jeans, as if you are going for boxing championship not a cricketer, by the way this is my room now, let me do it my way okay Mr loser luthra

“My way, I will get another wardrobe for you, keep my clothes inside “orders her funnily

“I will not, what will you do” torns his ripped jeans

Karan : you ripped my jeans?

 “You should check your eyes, that was already torned and I need some space to put my clothes argues with him

Karan ; so you will throw my clothes out, now you wait what I do

Karan mess up the clothes from Preeta’s bag and spreads on whole bed. She makes irritated face and both starts throwing clothes and pillows on each other funnily. Preeta reprimands him for tearing her duppatta previously and repays for ripping his jeans.

“Kareli, I will not spare you for this, actually nobody will blame me for my messy room, now you clean I will leave bye my dear wifey” gives flying kiss before leaving but Rakhi bumps on him

Karan ; hi mom

“Oh my god, look at this room, Karan” holds his ears and takes inside room

Preeta : hi aunty sorry mom, look what your dear son has done

Karan ; no mom, I was trying to help her and she threw me out of room

Preeta : what? he is lying

“My dear naughty son, don’t even try to lie me, I have seen her room, she is not like you now like good husband help her in setting room twists his ears tightly and leaves

Preeta does not talk with him for making her bad in front of Rakhi.

Karan : I said sorry, let me help you

Preeta : I don’t need your help alright I will put my clothes back

Karan makes an attempt to tease her but things go out of hand. Preeta comes out from shower thinking Karan would pacify her but he is busy watching cricket. She takes out frustration on things in room but he does not pay heed. Karan turns the room temperature high purposely. Preeta feels cold inside and confronts him.

“What are you talking about Karan asks casually

Preeta : you know I am talking about this (takes the remote from his hand)

Karan ; actually this is AC is its own rules when somebody hot tempered comes it starts to cool the room.

Preeta : very funny, now give me remote, I want to lower temperature

Karan ; Its actually hot in this room, and by the way this is Mumbai okay

Preeta : exactly, if you don’t give me that remote I will throw all your clothes and also your cricket bat should I

Karan ; hey watt (stands up quickly) take this and leave my bat

Preeta : do I look like fool this bat is jackpot for me, now do as I say

Karan : you are ordering me, you will have to pay for this

Preeta makes him clean the whole room making him annoyed. Outside he collides with Tanya again falling on floor

Karan : oh god can’t you see

Tanya does not react too much on his banter like always

Karan : what happened? you don’t have answer

Tanya leaves without giving him answer

“When did this miracle happened, her face is gloomy, I think the ghost has still not got over from her” Karan talks to himself but hears another argument from Sameer’s room

“No way I will put this clothes here, I need some space” Shrishti spreads the clothes on bed

Karan : oh my god, whose room is this? did another storm come here or what

Sameer : bhai see this girl has started dominating this room also

Shrishti : what do you mean? this is my room also watch your mouth

“And what is this, for just two feet so many footwear’s” Sameer looks at her sandals

Shrishti : don’t touch it, I can’t afford to lose any of those

Karan : tall pole thats not fair, if somebody barges in our room suddenly of course we will have problem sharing

“Sorry Karan sir but we girls have our own privacy and this shorty is not letting me use the space” Shrishti complains him

Karan : I am sorry I can’t do anything about it, you guys can solve this problem bye

Ruchika sits in front of mirror recalling her all encounters with Sahil from beginning.

“You are so grumpy but so loving, caring how will nobody can fall for you, why are you so cute, for how long you will make me wait to tell your feelings” Roo talks to hie picture

Kritika hits her with stick for always bringing trouble due to her antics

“What kind of sister are you, instead of helping me you make mess” Roo throws teddy on her

Kritika ; shut up spoiled brat and yesterday I am sure you might have great experience in monsoon weather

Ruchika gets silent recalling the disaster they faced yesterday

Kritika : what happened

“Didi you know, Sahil was so much concerned about my safety, but I am scared of one thing if again destiny will take him away” Roo’s tone changes to fear

Kritika : why are you thinking that?

“You asked me why I sneaked into his car, imagine how he might be feeling seeing parents love in our life and he got nothing” she gets emotional

Kritika : listen I think his feelings for you is still new, you will understand real meaning of love the day you win his heart, its not easy to heal such deep and old wounds

“Sometimes I wonder if Kaya was alive would I  got Sahil’s friendship, that guilt is still killing me inside di, she wanted me to accept him only because of her health” Roo sits on bed

Kritika : my darling sister I told you this before nobody is at fault it was fate’s decision, take my own example I fell for Dhruv when I didn’t even knew about Akshay’s past, there is time for everything (hugs her)

The sisters share their bonding together

Kritika : but mind it if you dare to trap me in any situation I will

“You what” asks her sarcastically

“Then I will go tell everything to mom and Rakhi aunty” Kritika starts running around the whole house

“Didi thats not fair, I am youngest one you cannot do this to me” Roo tries to catch her

Kritika : aunty help me please

Rakhi : what is going on? why are you both fighting now

Kritika : I came here for pagphere and she is saying now my house is that one not this

Roo : me?

Kritika : see she is saying that and I told her she will also understand when she will get married for such small thing did you see how she is teasing me

Roo ; mom she is lying

Kritika : okay you say why were you running behind me (winks at her)

Rakhi : yes say what was going on

“I am getting late for college bye mom” Roo grabs her bag

Rakhi : wait let me get your lunch

“Didi “ Roo stares at her with red eyes

Kritika : don’t give me that look, when you trap me do you realize how much I have to suffer

“Being my sister can’t you do this much for me how mean of that” Ruchika pouts

Kritika : aha, can’t you do that for me? my job is to guide you not to clean your mess okay

“Okay didi I got to know how much you love your kiddo sister” Roo starts her drama and is about to slip when a familiar hands catch her

Sahil drops her on floor this time

“what the hell” Roo shouts in pain

Sahil : sorry but I can’t make this routine of you to save your back every time and break mine

Ruchika : my back, idiot is this way to behave with a girl

Sahil : I can’t see girl, Kritika do you see any

“No I don’t “ she joins him

Roo : mom I am leaving environment have become harmful for me, bye (leaves angrily)

Sahil and Kritika shares their laugh

“Really every time I see you both like this only one couple comes to my mind my Karan bhai and Preeta they were exact same” Kritika says

Sahil : after long time I got to laugh like this, even I think they both are really cute couple

Kritika : okay listen I have to call Dhruv or else he will again become angry at me

Sahil : sure go ahead

Rakhi : hey dear you, come inside

“No aunty I am getting late, I just came to give you this sweet, mom sent it for you” Sahil hands her box

Dadi : whats this sweet for? are you getting married or something

Sahil : no dadi, actually I got chance to perform on big concert so I thought we should let you all also know

Rakhi : thank you so much dear, congratulations god bless you, but we won’t let you go empty handed

Sahil : sorry? I didn’t get

Rakhi : that means tomorrow is Lodi, and in this family we celebrate it on big occasion, so you and your mom have to come for sure

Sahil : definitely aunty, we will be there, I should get going for rehearsal bye

Rakhi : bye dear

Kritika : what are you thinking aunty?

“Nothing he is so decent guy, first he saved our Preeta now taking care of Ruchika” Rakhi praises Sahil’s goodness

Sahil leaves but feels guilty for not informing Ruchika about his concert which she had been waiting from long time.

Rakhi tells the girls to go at Arora house for pagphere ritual.

Preeta : okay aunty, we will leave soon, Shrishti call Tanya we all will go together

Shrishti : but she is not in room, I came from that side only

Preeta : where is she?

“I don’t know di I saw her going but could not ask her she went away in car” Shrishti informs her

Kritika ; don’t worry she might have gone to office with Rishab bhai

“Oh god please don’t let this girl take wrong step” Preeta prays worriedly

Everybody goes for their respective workplace. Rishab sees the football playing team. He sees a team player struggling to do a goal on ground.


During the college days Rishab’s team was selected in the tournament to play for international. He found peace with the crowd’s cheering which only had trust and faith on them.

Karan ; bhai come on (shouts from stadium)

His team needed one last goal in 30 seconds to win the match. All he could feel was the soil of the ground and people’s faith on them. He makes goal by kicking ball hard.

“Yay you made it bhai” Karan becomes the most happiest person

The whole stadium get echoed with happiness of their team winning and finally heading for international. A day before match Mahesh gets heart attack and is hospitalized immediately.

“Bhai nothing will happen to dad” Karan panics in fear like child

Rishab : you are strong boy na, dad is also strong he will be fine

Karan : bhai your match is tomorrow

“if I lose my match of being good son whats the use of that trophy I cannot leave you alone” Rishab refuses to go ahead

Sameer ; no bhai you worked very hard for this day and your team also how can you leave

Rishab :  even if I go we will lose dad is everything to us how should I even think of going

Karan takes the guilt on himself for letting his brother leave his dream. The team however ends up winning the internationals.

Flashback ends

Rishab goes to help the guy named Arjun after the team leaves from ground.

Arjun : yes can I help you

“Right now I feel you should help yourself out” Rishab gets the football on hand

Arjun : sorry I didn’t get what you are saying

“I will tell you, first lets play small game” Rishab plays football with him and end up defeating Arjun again

“Are you also football player” Arjun asks him

Rishab : I was but not anymore but lets talk about your play right now, you know what I realized you give up very easily, a player should have that passion in him to win for themselves for their team more than defeating opponent

Arjun : I tried a lot but this won’t happen by me

“You can’t or you don’t want to, do you know whats the main rule of any sports, a spirit to achieve something, your goal should be that trophy not your opponent” Rishab encourage him

Arjun : you are right, maybe I get distracted too easily every time

Rishab : because you are afraid if you lose then what will happen to your team, your image just focus on yourself for those 30 minutes and then say victory is yours or not good luck champ (gives him ball and leaves)

Arjun gets motivated with his words and continues with the practice.

Kritika goes back to her home when she smells aroma in whole house.

Kritika ; wow what an aroma (goes to kitchen)

She gets overwhelmed to see everything prepared by Dhruv already with her favorite food.

Dhruv : dinner is ready, come sit (makes her sit)

“Wow, palak panner, rice, my favorite food” she gets excited

Dhruv : will you just praise like that or taste it than tell me

Kritika (tastes the food) : this is so delicious you know this is world’s best food I ever had

“You know what everybody say if you add so much love in food then it will taste good” feed her

Kritika : you know I feel so lucky in whole universe but please don’t do this everyday, I cannot handle this much happiness (gets in tears)

Dhruv : you got so much emotional, let me try

Kritika covers her mouth

“Oh my god this is so spicy” Dhruv starts burning

Kritika ; here take this water (gives him glass)

Dhruv : why didn’t you tell me before if it was so spicy and started eating

Kritika : you made it with so much love how would I say that but please be careful with this spicy next time

Dhruv : Kareena mom called, were you not staying at home

Kritika : oh yea, I came to grab few things and then go back why don’t you come with me

Dhruv : okay get your things I will drop you

Luthra house

Karan comes home tired and throws towel but it accidentally comes on Preeta’s face. She throws it back on his face

Karan ; what? why did you throw it on me

“Do I look like laundry basket you would throw that dirty towel on me karela” Preeta gets angry

Karan : you could have said that politely like sweet girl

Preeta ; polite and with you? never ever

Karan ; but why are you packing your clothes, are we going for honeymoon

Preeta : shut up, I am not even expecting that from you, was that haunted place not less than honeymoon for you

Karan : did that ghost again came inside you

“You are seriously gone case, you know what I am going to my house with Shrishti, we have to stay there at night, if you are in mooed you can come or stay here” Preeta stamps bag on his feet and leaves

Karan : somebody said it right marriage is another name of gum when you start chewing it gets bitter taste

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