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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan learns Vishesh’s truth

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Baldev slapping Vishesh. He scolds Vishesh. Vishesh says give us one chance to clarify. Sheetal cries. Baldev says you both stayed here, won my trust, what did you want to do, you wanted to ruin my respect, you wanted to make Sheetal elope. Jaggi says don’t slap him, you don’t know who is he. Baldev says I don’t want to know anything, you both played with my respect. He scolds Sheetal. Baldev says you wanted to take Sheetal from mandap, I felt I m doing wrong with them, you showed I m wrong, you won’t understand our community’s pride. Maasi says just listen to them once. Baldev asks her to be quiet. Baldev slaps Vishesh a lot.

He asks them to leave. Nandan stops Baldev. Vishesh says then kill all of us, listen to me once, I know you are angry, its justified,

trust us, we were not doing as you are thinking, trust Sheetal at least, they would have eloped if they wanted to, they respect you, no one knows the importance of respect and pride more than me here, they want to have a relation with your blessings. Baldev pushes her and says you think I will accept this. Vishesh says Jaggi loves Sheetal. Baldev says go from here, else I will kill you. Jaggi and Sheetal cry. Nandan asks them to leave. Vishesh and Jaggi leave. Nandan takes Baldev along. Rajmata says we want to have this alliance, but I have decided to ask Vishesh, I can’t go ahead without asking Vishesh. Saurabh and everyone get shocked.

Rajmata says its impossible to refuse you, its about my son, once Vishesh comes and meets Shivangi, I will agree. Ananya says Vishesh won’t refuse to you, then take decision on his behalf. Rajmata says I didn’t take decisions on your behalf till now, he trusts me and I should respect his wish. Ananya asks why did you call us here to insult. Rajmata says Saurabh is much sensible, he knows why I called him here. Saurabh says I wish everyone gets a mum like you, you know Vishesh won’t refuse to you, even then you want to know his wish, I respect you more, I won’t force you, I have a request, when Vishesh comes back, you talk to him soon, I kept your respect and hope you keep our respect. Rajmata asks him not to worry, they shall have a new relation if Lord wills. They smile.

Sheetal says dad isn’t ready to listen to anyone. Kanchan asks are you ready, tell Baldev that this is your decision, he is stating that Jaggi is wrong just because of community, its wrong, I m with you, Jaggi is a nice guy. Baldev comes and says it means you knew everything. He scolds her.

Kanchan says Sheetal isn’t happy, Amit’s family is asking for dowry, Amit and Sheetal’s marriage decision would be wrong, Chandar will know about my fake engagement in royal family, they can kick out Sheetal from home any time when they learn the truth. Baldev says I don’t want any issue here, don’t ruin my respect. He goes. Jaggi says my love story can’t end this way. Vishesh asks him not to lose hope. They will try. Sheetal’s mum, Kanchan and Maasi get Sheetal there. Sheetal’s mum asks will you keep Sheetal happy. Jaggi says she is my life. She asks him to take Sheetal and run away, Baldev doesn’t see her because of his ego. Vishesh says we know you want Sheetal’s happiness, we too want it but… Jaggi says but not this way, we won’t run away, Baldev’s respect and Sheetal’s happiness, I care for both. Vishesh says you all sleep with peace, Sheetal will marry Jaggi, Jaggi will get his bride with everyone’s consent. Sheetal’s mum blesses him. They go.

Kirti asks Kanchan why didn’t you tell me. Kanchan says because you are young. Kirti asks what will happen of Sheetal now. Devyaani checks the news footage and sees him with Kanchan. Kanchan says Sheetal can’t get a better guy than Jaggi, but matter has gone worse, I wish love does a miracle that two lovers unite. She gets Devyaani’s call. Devyaani asks since when do you know Vishesh. Kanchan says I don’t know. Devyaani says I have seen you on tv with Vishesh. Kanchan says no, Vishesh didn’t come here. Devyaani says don’t know why he grew a moustache, anyways I m sending you a pic of Vishesh and you, check it. Kanchan gets the pic and gets shocked. Kirti asks what happened, tell me. Kanchan says Pappi is Vishesh…. She drops her phone and runs out. She thinks of his words and cries.

Kanchan meets Vishesh. She asks why did you do this. He says for Jaggi’s sake. She calls him Vishesh. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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