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Mahek 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram comes to city

Mahek 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahek plays with kids. Sajita and Sweati get ready. Mahek wears desi clothes. Swati laughs. Swati says you look good in it. Sajita says you have to dress like a girl. She says I am enough girl.
Shaurya gets ready. Dadi says you look so good. Mahek wears the dress Swati gave to Mahek. Sajita says that’s magic.

Dadi starts pooja. Shaurya comes. He feels weird. Yuvraj says something to dadi and goes out. Karan says to Yuvraj principal is angry. The task is done.
Mahek comes out with Sajita and Swati. She says I am hungry. Chachi makes sweets. She says something is missing. Mahek says add almonds in it.
Mahek says I think Shaurya wont come. Shaurya comes. He dances with the kids. Mahek dances too. All people wish Shaurya eid. Mahek gives sweets to everyone. Sajita says where is swati? Mahek says let me look for her. Shaurya looks at Mahek. He walks after her. Mahek sees him.
A thug sees Mahek. He says its the same girl. Shaurya stands with Mahek. He takes their picture. He says don’t go near her at the moment.

Yuvraj says where is shaurya? Dadi says he went out for some work. Yuvrja says why did you let him go?
Those thugs are yuvraj’s men. He sends picture to yuvraj. Mahek says why are you following me? He says wondering how you become babe from boxer. She says shut up. He says a couplet. Mahek says do you wanna be a writer. He says no I wanted to be a chef. He teases Mahek. Mahek slips. shaurya holds her. The thugs see them. Mahek runs. Yuvrja calls Shaurya. Yuvraj says I know where you are. Come home in 10 minutes. Shaurya says I am coming. he rushes home. Shaurya sees Mahek.. Mahek says where is he going.

Sharma says to principal my trainee is a student here. Please keep an eye on those boys. She says don’t try to malign my college and focus on your trainees.
Mahek says where did he go? She sees Vikram. Mahek says what is he doing here.
She looks for sajita and swati.
Shaurya comes back home and does havan. Dadi says where did you go? He sees flashbacks.

Precap-Vikram comes with his thugs. He says I will ruin your lives. Mahek hits them. She says you did so wrong Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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