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Krishna Chali London 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna does aarti of Globe Mata

Krishna Chali London 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Krishna thinking of her marriage. She sees the things around in Radhe’s room. She sees the Raavan heads and calls Radhe a Raavan. Pinky comes and gets food for her. She says you are hungry right, so I got the food. Krishna talks to her. Radhe comes and sends Pinky. He says I thought you must be hungry, even I m hungry. Krishna drinks the water. He says I have to say something, when you ran away and asked me not to run, I told your brothers which way you ran and then you got caught, I didn’t want to start my married life based on lie. She fumes. He says I learnt from Vivaah movie, husband and wife’s relation is based on trust. She hits him with the glass. He runs out.

Radhe gets a bike. Saajan gets the delivery. Radhe comes and says there is much tension. Saajan

says don’t tell me that Krishna has run away, you got married and got bike too. Radhe says she threw a glass at me and kicked me out of the room. Saajan asks what are you saying, did she beat you. Radhe says no, it wasn’t my fault, I went to say the truth. Saajan asks what truth. Radhe says there is something called personal life now that I m married. Saajan says you are wearing a blue underwear, your dad has brought it, shall I tell you more personal things. Radhe says I told her that I have led her brothers after her when she ran away. Saajan asks him to think about nuptial night. Radhe corrects Saajan’s words. Saajan says its time to do it, now or never, this was your dream right. Krishna sees them and thinks cheap man. Saajan says this is what you were waiting for, come on, rock it. Radhe says yes. Lali asks Krishna to come for the rituals. Radhe’s mum guides them the rituals. Radhe and Krishna fulfill the rituals.

Matuk says there is just one rule in the game, you have to find the ring, whoever finds it will be the ring. Radhe’s mum asks him to win. Radhe imagines Krishna smiling and gets the ring. He gives it to Krishna. She wins. Matuk says get ready to serve your wife. Shukla asks Krishna to be ready, the time has come. The guests come. Shukla asks Krishna to come, do the aarti of Globe Mata. He plays the shank. Krishna gets confused. Radhe’s mum makes her do the aarti forcibly. Radhe worries. Shukla says you made me wait a lot, just bless us. The man asks why did you get this football. They laugh. Shukla says any illiterate man will call this football, literate people all this Globe, it has the world map. The man says we thought it will be bahu’s mu dikhai, did you get Radhe married to globe. Shukla says I will do something special.

Shukla asks the man to read. Krishna names the country. She argues with the man. The man taunts her for having a sharp tongue.

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