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Kasam 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika come to party

Kasam 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kritika seeing the stain on the dining table mat and tries to clean it, but it is still there. She thinks stain is sticky like Ranbir Kapoor and pours water on the dining table. She sees Jiana going and teases her for wearing nice dress. Jiana says there is nothing and says it is regular clothes. Kritika asks her to go and says have a good day. She thinks Madam thinks I am ullu/owl and says she is in love. Anirudh calls Akki and tells him that he needs to have meeting with Ranbir. She hears pummy getting and asks what happened? Pummy tells that she has lost LCD TV and says what to do now. Kritika says I will get LCD TV for you. Pummy asks her to give full salary to her. Kritika says I will give, but will get LCD TV on EMI and will pay it with my pocket money. Pummy gets happy and asks

her to eat 1 extra paratha. Kritika thinks Chachi is not that bad?

Mahima and Balraj are having food. Jiana comes and says good morning. Mahima asks her to have paratha. Jiana says she already had aloo parathas at home. Balraj gets liking for paratha. Jiana turns and looks at Akki. Akki comes to dining table and sits to have food. Ranbir comes playing football. Jiana says RBK you are back? Ranbir says yes. He asks about Kritika indirectly? Jiana says she is very much fine. She calls Kritika and tells that Ranbir Kapoor came back. Kritika says we were worried uselessly. Jiana says you will be happy now naa. Kritika says yes, and then says I won’t be happy. Jiana asks her not to show super fake anger and says love is seen in anger. Kritika gets upset and cuts the call. She thinks what is happening to me. Anirudh comes and tells Ranbir about Advertisement with Ishani Kohli. Ranbir says I will come. Anirudh invites him for party. Malishka hears them. Ishani asks Pummy what to wear. Pummy says you will look beautiful even if you don’t wear anything and then says simple clothing. She says you shall have two body guards and asks her to take Jiana and Kritika. Ishani says you are great. Malishka asks Shilpa to see the dress. Shilpa asks if she will wear short dress. Malishka says yes and tells that she has to act smart with Ranbir. Batra comes and asks if she is ready. Malishka tells Shilpa that her father knows about her planning and says tonight everyone’s lives will changed.

Kritika and Jiana come to the party with Ishani. Ishani says I loved this party. Everyone look at Kritika. Kritika thinks she have not come if Chachi hadn’t told her. Ishani tells them that she has to make good terms with Organizer. Ishani goes and talk to Anirudh. Ranbir comes there. Anirudh greets him and introduces him to Ishani. Ranbir greets her. Akki comes and greets her, calls him Junior RBK. Anirudh sees some men and introduces Ranbir to financer’s son. Financer’s son Yash holds Ishani’s hand. Ishani gets uncomfortable and goes. Yash asks Ranbir to play football with him and his friends. Akki asks him to refuse, but Ranbir agrees.

Kritika tells Ranbir that he thinks her as his girlfriend and came behind her to cheer her up and asks who are you to me? Ranbir asks who are you to me? Kritika is speechless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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