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Kaleerien – The Meervaan Saga (Part 5)

Part 5-
Vivaan safely placed Meera on bed and ordered her to take rest. She tried to get up to check Amaya but Vivaan knew she too badly needs rest. She had been through a lot since last few days and to addition he had also said a lot and blamed her for everything without knowing anything. He wanted to apologise to her but she had done a lot for him and his sister. So, this time the sorry must be something special. He forcefully made Meera eat the dinner and gave her medicines and threaten her not to dare to put a single step down.
Vivaan was extremely worried about everything that was going on. How will he solve everything? He just entered his room lost in his deep thoughts when his eyes landed on the peacefully resting Meera. This girl looks so different when she is awake. He couldn’t hold himself from admiring her. Something inside him was pulling him toward her. He slowly walked to her and sat beside her on the bed. Today only because of her his sister was safe and was with him. But suddenly he got extremely worried when he remembered what had police informed him few minutes back. The SP himself had called to tell Vivaan that not Amaya but Meera was the real target and everything the kidnapping, the attempt of rape and murder was planned for her. He had decided he won’t let anyone harm his family and now this girl was also his family. At least until they get divorce, she is his wife and Meera is his responsibility. How can he let anything happen to her? He will not let someone harm her just because she is his wife. This girl has always done something much more for him selflessly without even asking, how can he let anyone harm her?
He himself didn’t realised when he fell asleep beside Meera thinking about the present situation. The next morning Vivaan was the person to wake up first. He felt something heavy resting on his chest and something holding his collar as if it was hugging her. He too was hugging someone very cosily and it didn’t take much time for him to realise that it was no one other than Meera. For a second, his heart skipped a beat. He did not wanted to separate her from himself as if he will lose something precious. Surprisingly the girl who irritates the hell out of him made him feel complete. What was happening to him but what he saw made him feel better. Meera was sleeping very cosily and she had no tension on her face. It felt like she too was enjoying the close proximity of her with Vivaan. Unknowingly these two were falling for each other but both were extremely stubborn to admit this.
Vivaan very carefully placed Meera on bed and made her comfortable. He didn’t wanted to disturb her. She had gone through a lot in last few days. Apart from all this he needs to find out where is Mrs. Kapoor? He hadn’t seen her since last two days.
Roma was impatiently waiting for Vivaan. She had planned everything and this time she will not let anything go wrong. She will take Vivaan and Meera back to London. She cannot risk her all efforts to go in vain because of this girl Meera. Vivaan came downstairs looking for Mrs Kapoor. She had asked him to meet her as soon as possible.
“Yes, Mrs Kapoor. You wanted to meet me?”
“Yes, I have something really important to talk to you.” Vivaan gave her a go ahead look. “Look Vivaan, I know you came here with a mission but now everything is taking a very dangerous turn. I was extremely worried from last few days and I don’t think it is safe anymore for Amaya and You to be here.”
“Don’t worry Mrs. Kapoor, I am talking to police for everyone’s security.”
“No Vivaan, you are not getting my point. It is not about security. I cannot take risk anymore. We are going back to London. I have done all the arrangements.” Roma put all her efforts her acting faking her concern for this sibling.
“But, Mrs Kapoor…”
“No but no if. We are going back. Just pack your bags. What I said is final.”
“Mrs Kapoor, you are not understanding. Here a lot of things are very complicated. I just can’t go away without solving them. The Dhingra family is also under threat because of all this.”
“Don’t be mad Vivaan. I am not saying go back for ever but now see what the time is demanding. Nothing is more important than Amaya. And what Dhingra family? Don’t your and Meera’s marriage is just a drama.”
“Give me some time to think about it.” Vivaan just left the room. He didn’t knew why he was not able to leave. Meera and his marriage was a drama. Very soon they will separate their ways then why he feels that Meera and his family was his responsibility. May be he is over thinking, he was just being careful because he didn’t wanted to get in trouble because of him.
He decided to talk to Amaya about this. May be Mrs Kapoor was right. It will be better if he goes back to London for some time with Amaya and he will come back alone next time. He reached his room and find that Meera was missing. Why this girl can’t take rest?
As soon as Vivaan finished his idea about going back to London Amaya revolted and announced that she was not going back before knowing the whole truth. Vivaan tried to tell her that her health is foremost important but Amaya didn’t wanted to listen to any of his excuse. She very well knew where this idea was coming from? She can’t let Mrs. Roma Kapoor playing with her brother. But when will he realize the truth. She decided to talk about this to Meera. Now only she can help her.
Dolly was extremely panicked since she had heard that the Kapoor family was thinking of going back to London. Mrs. Kapoor had come to her to ask for Meera’s passport but she told them that she doesn’t have one. Roma pretended to be angry that how will they take Meera along? But she was extremely happy as now she don’t need to do anything to stop this girl to go with them. She told Dolly that it was very important for them to go back. She asked them to get the Meera’s passport ready and she can join them in London later. Meera was trying to make her mother understand that she did not need to panic. She always knew this will happen one day but she cannot tell them the truth now. She will have to wait till Vivaan goes back and then she will tell everyone everything.
“Mummy, you don’t need to worry. I will go later. What can they do? I cannot go without passport and visa.”
“But they can at least wait for your passport….” Dolly was feeling that this is not right.
“Mummy, Amaya health is the priority and also they are in danger here. I don’t have any problem. You don’t worry about anything.”
“You are very naïve Meera. You are too good. You are not understanding…”
“Mummy, everything is happening for good. Nothing will go wrong. It is just that everything which was wrong until now is changing. You don’t worry. Let me go now, I need to check Amaya.”
“I don’t understand this girl. What was she saying? Hey rabba… just be with my Meera.” Dolly was extremely worried for Meera. She decided to talk to Vivaan. She needs to understand what was going on.

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