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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun’s life in danger

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Devika looks around her wardroom, she finds Varun’s sacred thread which she had tied on Varun before, she says it means Varun came here, he is in this hospital? are they doing operation on Varun? Devika asks nurse about Varun, he says I dont know. Devika goes to search Varun. Daksh sees her going and follows her.

Varun’s treatment ins starting. Devika comes outside operations theater. She looks around from window and starts knocking on it. Doctor gets tensed and nods to his nurse. Nurse comes out and says you cant go inside. Daksh comes there. Devika says operation is going on here. Daksh asks nurse whose operation is going on? Doctor comes out, Daksh asks whose operation is going on? Doctor says its minor appendix operation and you approved it. Daksh looks

at papers and sees his sign. Doctor says its just small surgery, let me do it. Mansoor is hiding there and thinks once this operation is complete then we will get our money. Doctor goes for operation. Devika says to Daksh that I saw Varun’s thread, I cant go inside but please go inside and see who is the patient, please you have swear on my love. Daksh looks on.
Doctor says to nurses that we have to do this operation fast. They start cutting Varun’s stomach but Daksh comes there and is shocked to see its Varun. All are tensed to see him there. He shouts what is all this? Devika comes there and sees Varun bleeding, she screams. All run from there. Mansoor calls Kesar and says plan failed. Daksh calls security and asks to not let anyone go from hospital. Daksh and Devika takes Varun from there, Daksh says his blood lost a lot, we have to treat him, he takes him to OT. Doctor and Mansoor are trying to leave hospital but security says its Daksh’s order, nobody can leave the hospital. Inspector comes there and arrests doctor and Mansoor, Kesar comes there and is tensed. She sees Dhani sleeping in waiting area. Dhani wakes up, Kesar says Devika saved Varun. Dhani says I wont let you go off easily, I will get punishment for you, Kesar says I am sorry, she sits on her feet and says I did all that to protect your life, I thought you will destroy your life over a mental Varun or if he becomes fine then Devika will take him, you are my life, please forgive me.

Scene 2
Daksh comes to Devika and says Varun is critical, we need blood for him, Devika says take my blood, Daksh says your blood is not matching, I have called Varun’s mom. Varun’s mom comes there and says my blood group doesnt match with Varun, its different. Daksh says I have to arrange for it. He calls blood bank and tries to arrange for it. But some woman comes there and says take my blood, all look on. Varun’s mom thinks if they get to know who she is then my 30 years work will be destroyed. Daksh takes that woman to Varun. Devika says to Varun’s mom that Varun always does nice things for others thats why a stranger is ready to help him but this is all my fault. Dhani comes there and says no its not your fault, these kidnappers can kidnap anyone, its good Kesar saw Varun and tried to stop the operation but they locked her in a room and you saved Varun. Devika says to Kesar that I dont know how to thank you, you saved my Varun yesterday, she hugs her and says Varun will be fine.. if anything happens to Varun then I wont be able to live.

Devika looks at Varun from window. He is unconscious. Devika says one woman helped Varun, gave him blood and left, she asks Varun’s mom if she knows who she was? They take out Varun from ward-room, Daksh says we are taking him for operation, Devika says you will fulfill your promise? you will save my Varun right? she begs him to save Varun, she cries and says dont let anything happen to my Varun, he is my life, Daksh looks on and leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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