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Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 15

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Episode 15


A year later


Adi’s POV


Life is unexpected, we are aware of it. But why we are not prepared for facing such drastic realities, it maybe we donno when it happens, how happens. We are not wishing to come forth to grief. But we have to. My case is also not different. Once someone left me.. I knew that she will be back. Because she was alive in some corner. If she don’t have such intention to return back to me then I was okay with it. Because she left after sowing the seeds of hatred in me. My romance was just an ordinary type… I wished for just being close to her. Moreover I wanted Dad to surrender in front of me. I wanna prove myself right. Then you know she left me and humiliated.


Love…. Ohh mine was pure. I always believed…. Believed till awaring of her suicide news. Till I got to know that she is taking medicines for depression. Till awaring of I am her endless obsession. She wanted me more than I wants her. She did everything for being with me. I began to understand her. Her every movements, emotions and feelings. Leaving me surprised, I got to know it all were bonded with me. Today no doubt I can say that I loves her unintentionally, unconditionally.


It was a night of arguments and allegations among Paapa and Bua. As usual I stood with Paapa. He is wrong or right; I don’t care. He means my world for me. I wanted to unite both of them. My eyes fell on her accidently. She was lost in her deep thoughts. Clenching her fist in each intervals..Her nails were making red marks in the palms. I touched her and asked “what” with face.


“Adiiiiiii.”, she shrieked and hugged me in a sudden. She became the center of attraction. Her begging tone hollowed in our ears… “I don’t wanna die.” she begged in front of Bua, Paapa and Karthik…  Again she hugged me.

“Adii now Maama will go with us. He will give you the options for choosing between Me or Mr Oberoi. And yours will be Mr Oberoi. They will take me with them. I am equally loving you all. I can’t tolerate our separation for just a minute. I will commit suicide.”,

We all never thought this. But usually this would be the upcoming incidents. Sometimes I am getting envious why Dad is loving her more than me 😥😥. He promised nothing gonna happen like that. I can choose my way. Everybody would accept it. Stupid cutie she always had solutions for my problems before it begins… Our family issues was going on consists of their stupid or intense fights. But those issues couldn’t just touch our joys. She lived with me in Oberoi mansion and Trivedi villa. The closeness enlarged her bond with Oberois except with Paapa.Amid of all these I changed my name to Adithya Vardhan Trivedi due to Paapa’s pressure. Only for his daughter, he wanted me to give her my real surname. Then two or three months; the inflorescences for our whole lifetime blossomed unite. Her and Vaani’s efforts played a pivotal role for mine and Vivi’s bonding with Bhaiyya and Karthik. The ices started melting between the families but the crack between Paapa and Bua were started enlarging. They found out existing and non existing matters to battle with each other. Bua liked to put allegations over Paapa and he recruited himself responsible for everything…….


Then my single fault. My one mistake and it ruined our lives but I did it for their safety…


It was our last night together. We were sleeping naked under the white blanket. I easily dozed off post  two or three attempts. A cosy feeling and water droplets began to irk me in the sleep.  I slowly opened eyes with curiosity. There she was lying over me and kissing on my forehead. She is gone mad, otherwise who will bath in this midnight.  I clutched her weeping hair and suppressed more to me. It resulted in our intense passionate warm kiss. I had an official trip to Switzerland early at the morning. She was also accompanying me.  We were not bothered about anything at the moment. Almighty also wanted to make our last moments special. She was my perfect companion, physically and mentally. I couldn’t get over till now from her addiction. I don’t think I can do it.


I leaned towards the wall. She rested her head on my chest….


“This new one?? Why you changed your dress.”


She pulled my cheeks..

“Wear your dress … Hone wale Paapa.”


She threw dresses on my face. I obeyed her.


I started thinking about her weird words. Hone wale Paapa 😱 OMG. I am gonna…

Those words blasted numerous Ladoos in my mind. I wrapped through her waist tightly.  Gifted numerous kisses on her tummy… We talked for hours about that lil life… She wished for quadruplets and I only wanted my Advika. A cute naughty baby girl like her who always likes to battle with her Mumma and I will come to Princess’s rescue.  Then my massive fault took place. She compelled me to take her with me. Tum kyun nahi lekar gaya usse Adi kyun.


I knew that she is restricted to travel long distance in the first trimester. There is a huge chance for miscarriage… I was getting furious. That was not a pleasure trip. The deal was important for our firm. Bussiness was getting dull after Paapa’s missing. Yes he had gone missing… As I said before according to him he was responsible for everything and he expelled himself from the family… We are still searching for him.


Responsibilities of Oberoi Bussiness and Dad’s Bussiness were playing drums on my both shoulders. They will accuse me for the disaster. I already lost two deals due to the lack of punctuality and her irritations. My voice modulation turned a harsh one.


“Sanjh please try to understand. This is an official tour not a pleasure one. Your presence might have ruin my attention towards the presentation. Please don’t irritate me.”





It hurted her. How much; I don’t know. Pearls started rolling out of that adorable eyes.

She uttered her last words to me.


“So I am your irritation. Ab kabhi ni aaungi tere paas dekhna.”


I began to giggle and praised my wisdom. I also wanted to be with her but in this condition! It will affect both of them.

Now I’m cursing me for that. At least I could have regain her or maybe both, if I had took her also with me. She came back to Dad’s house early at the morning. I went to home for meeting Mom Dad Bhaiyya and others unfortunately she already left to college and my wish for meeting her remained incomplete. I awaited for her at the airport as much as possible but she doesn’t came to see off. Shivaani told me that she’s knotted in a seminar presentation. It’s k but at least a phone call. If you’re egocentric then I am also. I reached my destination. I expected a phone call or a Whatsapp message. My ego doesn’t allowed me also. I started missing her badly. At those lonely moments I started understanding that I am madly in love with her. I started experiencing her presence everywhere. Presentation was awesome and we gained the deal. But I has to remain there for a week more to check their credibility. Almost three nights and four days left me. Till no message or else a phone call. There is something fishy. No no, She can’t do this. I dialed her numerals and the lady said. “The number you are trying to reach is currently not reachable.”

I dialed after an hour, then post 2, 3 hours. Finally a day later but same reply provoked my fear. Finally I called Om Chachu. He was stammering… It increased the intensity of my scare.


“Dadi tere Pati deewana…….”


I sighed, ohh

Her song for teasing Pinky Dadi and Dadu. Ohh means she is fine. Egocentric haan.


“Adi, come back she needs you.”


Ohh recommendation She Chachu’s pet na. Everybody wants her not me  😏😏. Paapa, Dad Chachus, Dadi, Dadu. Nowadays that you too Brutus Vivi also. She is initiating him to love Vaani na.


“Chachu woh zid kar rahi hai…”, I excused and planned to arrive a day later.


“Ab woh kabhi nahi zid karegi.”


The call hung up. I went for small shopping. First of all bought her favourite Swiss chocolates… Then a small platinum pendant and a beautiful photo frame.



I desired for wings… I was flying. Rash driving causes accident. But who cares. I won’t confess that I missed you Saanjh.


Oberoi mansion seemed like a cloth soaked in grief. The atmosphere dipped in mourning. Vaani passed me a wet smile. Her and Shivaani’s eyes were swollen and puffy. Shravan strived to hold me.


“Who who.”, I reached my limit of courage. I started numbering everybody’s head… All were there except Paapa, double Ro and..


Karthik was giving the instructions to everyone. The external courage he is showing na, it was fake.. Bhaiyya is trying his best to console Bua.


Anu approached me with Saanjh’s photo.


“Bhaiyya Kittu Di’s pic is broken..”


I smiled and gave her my new photo frame. Anu stuffed her pic inside it. Her swollen eyes stared at the chocolate box…


“This is for your Kittu Di. Don’t be sad okay. A container is awaiting for you. You are the youngest of our family na. Woh actually yeh usse manaane ke liye hain.”, I concluded.


“She will be surprised”


She nodded yes and attempted to speak. An official declaration was not necessary. I got a clear picture before somebody could say something. I was enjoying the beauty of the pendant inside my hand. A Pandit ji snatched Saanjh’s pic from Anu. He garnished it with a garland…


The glass box including chocolates fell down and broken into pieces.

I unknowingly gazed at the ground… She can’t leave me. Our memories began to kick me from here and there. Unbelievable!!! I won’t believe anybody. My challenged mind motivated me to search her everywhere. But all in vain.


“It was an accident, her car fell off from cliff to the sea. Double Ro are missing.”, somebody admitted. Dadi was playing her video when I called Chachu and I assumed that it was sung by Saanjh.

They rescued her lifeless body after 3 days. It was in a pretty bad shape and immediate cremation was necessary. Then too they awaited me for a whole night and the egocentric me…hmm. Lo achcha hua I don’t want to see her lifeless, I desired to see her lifelong.


“Ab kabhi ni aaungi tere paas dekhna.”, please come back yaar. It is really difficult to live without you. I can understand she can’t return but I can reach the place where she is. It was days of realisation that she is becoming my obsession. I also chose the same cliff to slay myself. You would have prayed for my heavenly soul if Karthik, Saahil Chachu and Shravan doesn’t had a plan to forbid me. Slowly slowly I ceased unnecessary talks. Forgotten to smile. Destiny made me a rude stubborn Business tycoon. Maa was my single reason for being alive. My race is still on. I wanted to become India’s best Bussiness tycoon. I am in the top 7 and 1 is less distanced. But society defined me in four words.


“Nice guy. But alcoholic.”


I am achieving my goals Saanjh but not my happiness.


I remarried her Sautan. My laptop. You don’t have any lil bit of idea that my laptop is no. 1 in her enemy list. Now no irritations, nobody is using close my laptop during my work. No movie, no outing and no more night drives. Calm and quiet life…


Today I am visiting our little home after a long gap. I gulped the final sip in the can and threw it away. It was fully embezzled by cobwebs. I opened the bedroom where we united by all means for the first time. There I noticed something striking in a corner. Her saree. That previous s*xy dark orange one. She wore at that night when the goons tried to molest her. I kneeled and acquired it with my whole body. I remembered, I have discarded it in the hurry at that day. My hand led somebody out of the pockets. Two little pink shoes. My Advika’s shoes. I pertained this expensive shoes for my little Princess from an auction in Switzerland. My lips gifted it a lovely touch. I placed her saree and the lovely shoes on the bed and laid beside. Just smiled at my happy family. Miss you yaar. Please come back or otherwise take me with you.

You assured me every happiness Saanjh. But you failed to know that you are my rejoice.


A year later


Shivaay’s POV


I wiped the salty fluids originated from the follicles. Geriatrics  dieseases affected me also. I’m just living, donno how many upcoming days are saved in my account.


You can divide my life span into two major chapters. An year before and an year later. In a recent day my shadow began to speak with me. You know man there was an individual, An arrogant business tycoon. Ek kanchi aankhon wala, jo baat baat pe phone thodtha tha, that too iPhone.


I took a gaze at my 7 months old Redmi note 4. It is also good, very very good. Useful for a normal person.

My lips curved cz of that numerous scratches present on it’s screen. Whatever it is my daughter’s creativity which I couldn’t enjoy before and I determined this is the phone for life long.


“Ahhh”, a sigh forced me to look beside…


“Good Morning Mr Oberoi. So you are early today…”


Colonel Nair asked. I just passed a smile… He opened the newspaper and started reading. I also want to read but that was a Malayalam daily.


“Sankaran’s shop is early opened today, buy Hindu or Times of India on the way back to home.”, he said due to noticing my pretty bad mood. Today other jogging mates are missing… Donno what happened. I started rolling my vision around me. Hmm now only morning walkers are present. This compound will be crowded post 10 or 10:30. Usually the urban masses are choosing this place for their evening and morning walks. It is the hidden heaven for lovers. Actually this is tourist spot situated in Thiruvananthapuram conjoined with zoo and a palace museam of great Travancore empire.

“Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous.”


Nair’s sudden shout led me to present again. I asked “what happened.”


“I’m talking about the worst decisions of BCCI. I don’t know why they are electing such players with low potential. Player means our Sachin. Nowadays these guyz only know to act in commercials. If they like modelling then why cricket??”


I again asked the matter. He disdainfully showed me the daily…


I had seen myself in the daily.  An ashamed individual walking downcast. Who is responsible?? I am. Today the whole nation is cursing him for the failure. A young guy who always did magics with his single bat. Today he left the stadium with rubbing his teary eyes… I wants to go back. But not now my life shortened as a father of my three children… Unknowingly I started walking with Colonel.

Passed the shop also.


“Don’t you want the daily??”



“No no mood.”, I nodded…… He left me at a narrow way near my luxury apartment. I entered inside with taking the newspaper and the packets of milk. My thoughts doesn’t stopped my legs or else the activities. I prepared coffee like a robot. Then walked to her room. My lazy girl is sleeping under the blanket.


“Shivika, you lazy girl. Get up, get up. It’s getting late for your job.”


She moaned softly under the blanket and groaned.


“5 minutes more Paapa.”, did you hear?? “Paapa”… It has been a year I was undergoing through this lovely word. It is only coz she lost her memory. Everything she has to know… Anika, Vaanika, Shivaani, Karthik, VVT, Saahil, OmRu everybody… And finally my Adi. I am unable to see his broken heart after awaring of this bitter truth. She gave me a death glare.


“You have spoiled my dream Paapa. 😡😡.

I left my Prince alone in my dream. Ab mai vaapas kaise jaun 😣😣.”


I donno who is her Prince. If it is him or not but you have to go back to Adi.



At that night of revelation, She started talking…


“Anika it is so shocking.”, I said surprised…


“Off course I can’t get a shock more than this. It’s all done by you… You are the reason of my sorrows which I was undergoing through. It’s only because of you I was suffering, my children were suffering. You don’t know how it feels when your children are near you and you can’t even touch them, you can’t console them when they cries, maybe you have the prefect solution for their problems but you can’t say it. You can’t even taunt or advice them after watching their misdeeds. I wished to fulfill all my duties and responsibilities but you spoiled, you spoiled everything……..”


I was unable to recognize what I did?? I shook her shoulders and compelled. She ignored me… She was about to leave me..





I followed her, she was running away like I am a blo*dy brute demon. I had two intentions, initial is getting her back and the final is to know the reason. She ran; she ran till colliding with a man. An handicapped individual… My brain scanned the previous incidents… Oh he is that South African ambassador Mr Chaturvedi, Karthik’s uncle. Yeah… I isolated it from a lots of incidents. One minute, if he is Karthik’s……. Mr Chaturvedi……. Oops my goodness…


Saahil… He is grown up. Now moustache a little beard a perfect gentleman. Might be he has wife and children.


VVT also came forth to us. I gazed at him gratefully. I likes him now more than my previous hatred. From taking care of my Anika to assuring my offsprings and Saahil a better living which I couldn’t give them.  In some instances Adi is his shadow… I think he’s four or five years elder than me…


VVT held Anika after seeing Saahil’s disabilities. She rested on his chest such a puppy. Others also presented themselves here and there.


“Bhaiyya, please take me from here. I don’t want to stay close to Shivaay.”


What is she saying?? What happened?? What I did??

What what what… Here in Trivandrum watt means madness. I was getting mad. Sahil and VVT got surprised. Finally their dear sister started talking na.

Shivaani, Shivika and Vaanika hugged Anika.


VVT: Saahil look she called me Bhaiyya… From how many years, I was wishing for this word from you Anika.”


Shivika: Mumma Kittu bolo Kittu.


Shivaani: Mumma Chiku Chiku…


Vaani: Idiots, she is not a parrot. Look she is startled.


I kneeled beside her and started asking curious questions due to anxiety. OmRu tried to convey me that my resilience is better but I was adamant to know the big mistake of my life.


To be continued…….



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