“Good morning, Namaskar….. Today this is your host ATHARV SINGH OBEROI and I am hosting world’s most gorgeous woman today, my mumma Ms. Anika.”
Atharv says side hugging Anika who plants a kiss on his cheeks as he is recording their trip in his video cam. He has been more then excited for their sight seeing trip for two reasons one he loves travelling but the most important and prominent reason being he will get to spend some time with his mumma, which he dearly wants to for so long and that to happy time not any emotional moments. Above all it’s their very personal time as Shivaay planned to catch them by the afternoon. Anika’s trances break hearing Atharv’s words:

“So Ms. Anika will you share your experience of Dehradun with us.”

Anika: Of Course Mr. Atharv but why to share an experience let’s go around and enjoy.
Atharv: Good decision mumma. So what’s are first stop.
Anika: Peaceful, morning shall start from the most peaceful place of Dehradun. THE MIND ROLLING MONASTERY. Which is right behind you.
Atharv turns with his video cam and records the beautiful and huge monastery, indeed it’s thy name of tranquillity. Just the mere sight of it gives peace to human mind and heart. Atharv closes his camera as the moment is worth to be filled in heart and no camera can capture it’s ethereal beauty.
Atharv: It’s so amazing.
Anika slightly rubbing his back: Indeed. This is the famous Tibet temple. Come I will fill in the details later let’s go around first.
Atharv nods entering the place. They walk around capturing the sight in their heart. While Anika briefed Atharv about the history of place he smilingly herd her and they talked to few of the monks their knowing about the bewitching past of the place.
After spending nearly two hours in there both come out with few goods that they bought from the shops in the complex.
Anika: So what did you like the most here, Athu.
She asks correcting her shawl in her hand, which she had carried along as the weather had been changing drastically, it has been more cold now making all the hills cover in fog and the picturesque worth to be filled in eyes till hearts content.
Atharv: This place is beautiful mumma. Especially the music in the air it’s so calming, the prayers that monks were enchanting and the bells the rollers. I mean everything. It’s perfect. To full of life.
Anika smiles hearing him: So where is you video cam Mr. Travel freak.
Atharv smiles and taking out his video cam he starts playing it again and covers the entire place for one last time only to stop at a man by the end who was standing near a pillar with his hands in his pocket and looking at the mother-son duo from far. Atharv zooms, only to find his daddy dear to be standing there.
Atharv runs shouting: Papa….
Anika gets startled by his voice and looks towards the place where he ran only to find Shivaay engulfing Atharv in his arms, she smilingly walks to them.
Shivaay: So how is it going.
Atharv: Awesome papa. This place is just beyond beautiful. It’s amazing.
Shivaay smiles as he listens to Atharv’s anecdote and side hugs Anika admiringly.
Atharv: But papa I misses you and Suk.
Anika patting her head: Oh no.
Shivaay: Now what?
Anika: I have to ask Suk about her exam.
Shivaay: Chill, I have dropped her home and her maths exam was great even Manik did amazing. Both have asked you to relax and they would be sleeping so don’t call them. Rest leave it to Meher she will take care. And Suk has asked you both not to worry about her she is really glad that you guys are spending time together so don’t worry it’s just matter of her exams and none is upset so enjoy yourself.
Shivaay finally takes a breath after telling everything to the mother-son duo who by the end were giving him astonishing looks.
Shivaay after catching his breath: Suk had given serious instructions of telling this to you two and she has forbade you guys from taking tension and being bothered. My job is done.

Anika smiles hearing about her understanding daughter while Atharv gives a long and tight hug to Shivaay congratulating him over his achievement. Even after so many instructions Anika leaves a message for Suk, Mani and Aditi to contact her once they wake up to which Shivaay and Atharv sigh. Mothers can give up on anything but worries.
Atharv: I am hungry.
Anika: What about Chinese?
Shivaay: WOW, that’s a good choice.
Anika: Alright, then we have a very famous Chinese hotel in vicinity so let’s go.

After having their lunch they all head towards the bus stand.
Shivaay: I don’t get the point of taking bus when we have a car, Anika.
Anika makes faces at her husband: Bagad bille kahin ke tadi Marne ka koi mauka nahi chodte aap.
Shivaay: Excuse me….
Anika: Koi excuse me nahi, I am your travel guide for the day so you will have to listen to me only.
Shivaay: Fine….
Atharv: Great.
Shivaay looking at Atharv who was busy capturing there fight: What are you doing Atharv?
Atharv showing his tongue: Capturing the moments papa. Till now you both have fought twice in an hour first in the restaurant and now here. I want to see how much you can fight in a day.
Shivaay slapping him playfully tries taking the camera but Atharv runs away with it, making Anika chuckle.
Atharv coming in front of Anika: Mumma what’s the next stop?
Anika: Malsi Deer Park.
Atharv: WOW, but what’s that?
Anika: It’s residence of deer’s. It’s a beautiful place. Nature at it’s best. There are deer’s and birds all around. You will love the place. It’s at foothills of Shivalika and surrounded by Malsi Reserve forest.
Shivaay: And what about your bus ride I am sure I am going to regret it.

He says that seeing the huge crowd getting into the public bus. Well the last thing on earth he would have opted to travel in. A public bus. He really wished to strangle the transport minister at the very moment when he saw the number of passengers entering the bus but the intensity of thought increased many folds when he had to share the seat with a fat man who was slopping over his shoulder and making terrible snoring sounds. Shivaay was making face worth a watch and shifting here and there every now and then adding salt to his miseries is his dear wife and son. Son who is capturing every thing in the video cam and wife who is giggling at his situation and teasing him. All he wanted was to throw that man out and secondly break Atharv’s video cam but poor him can’t do either.



They get on nerves at times.

To his relief a little while latter Atharv shifted his entire focus outside the bus capturing the scenic beauty. Anika pulled herself a little and made space for Shivaay to sit and three of them adjusted in two seats which was million times better to have that snorting man on his shoulder.

Shivaay: You are a life saver.
Anika: I know….
Shivaay: But you have only put me in that life threatening situation.
Atharv while laughing: Seriously papa you looked amazing with him.
Shivaay playfully slaps him: Shut up!
Anika: Leave that look outside it’s beautiful.

Shivaay nods and giving a glance to the lush green forests outside he begins to stare Anika who is all smiling. One thing that never left her face for the entire day is her smile and that’s what he loved the most. Anika feels his gaze and turns towards him the intensity of his eyes and immense love that they hold for her makes her heart skip few beats while she gets lost in his deep oceanic orbs, both are brought to present by a sudden jerk of the bus, Shivaay places a hand in front of Anika and Atharv to protect them from hitting the rod railing as they were seated on first seat while his mouth left an anguish “What the wuck?” Anika held his hand and rubs it to calm him down as this wasn’t a place to get in any heated argument although Shivaay was all ready to pounce on the driver for his careless driving still he stops seeing Anika’s pleading look.

Shivaay: Look what’s happening. You only wanted to come in a bus.
Anika: Ary Shivaay it was just a jerk nothing else. Relax bagad bille.
Atharv chuckles hearing the mention while Shivaay glares them.
Shivaay: I swear I am not getting in this thing again.
Anika: Bas baat ka batangad banwa lo in se aur kuch toh ata hi nahi hai. Itne saare log suffer kar rahe hai na, inhe pata nahi kya michmichi Mach rahi hai.
Shivaay sarcastically: Right, suffer.

He meant the meaning of word “suffer” in English while she meant that in Hindi.

Anika: Hye bhagwan, ya admi hai ki complaint box.
Atharv giggles: Complaint box.
Shivaay: Hahaha…. Very funny Atharv. I am noticing that you have changed your team.
Atharv: Haw papa not fair I was never in your team.
Anika laughs seeing Shivaay’s expression.
Atharv: Btw the count is three.
Anika: For what.
Atharv: You had your third micro mini fight of the day.
Shivaay and Anika nod in disbelief.

For Shivaay like after eternity the bus came to a stand still while for Anika it was only forty five minutes. They finally stepped out to witness their destination “MALSI DEER PARK” read the semi-circular board in hindi.

Shivaay sighs: Finally….
Anika: Ab chalain andar.
(Shall we.)
Shivaay nods.

Atharv is fascinated by the mesmerising beauty of the place which felt like nature’s heaven.

Atharv scrutinizing a board of information: Mumma, which type of animals are here.
Anika: Two horn deer, Indian antelopes, tiger, peacocks and many birds. But be careful the deer will run away if you go near.
Atharv nods.
The walk in the beautiful park is filled with lots of chit-chatting and fun, add the picture clicking session and munching chips too.
Shivaay: How long are we planning to stay here?
He finally asked after they had spent two hours walking and taking their share of beauty of the surroundings.
Anika: I think so we should go to our next destination now.
Atharv shifting his web cam to her: And that is….
Anika: Umm… Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple.
Atharv: An inside to history…. Please.
Anika: Okay…. But once we reach there.
Atharv nods while Shivaay adds.
Shivaay: In our car.
Both chuckle seeing his irritated expressions.

@The Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple
Atharv gets his video cam out as soon as they reach the entrance to cover the authentic architecture and the graciously flowing river.
Atharv: WOW!!! This is so beautiful…. Which river is this mumma?
Anika looks at the river and smilingly replies: Tons river. And this is The Drona Cave.
Anika: Let’s go in and keep your cameras closed, they aren’t allowed here.
Atharv nods and places his camera back in backpack.
Atharv: What about history?
Anika: Vo mai nahi bataungi.
Atharv making a sad face: Toh kaun bataeyga.
(Then who will tell it.)
Anika: Pandit ji… Ab chalo andar.

Atharv nods and once they enter the temple all of them pray for a while when the priest comes there and Anika greats him. Being here in Dehradun for fifteen long years now she knows many people especially the local people. She has often been to all the temples owing to the belief of people and she being the event manager had to keep contacts but over time her faith also got established in God owing to her dear daughter.

Anika: Namaste pandit ji….
Priest: Jai Shiv Shankar bitya…. Aaj Sukanya nahi Ayi.
(Today Sukanya didn’t accompany you.)
Anika: Ji pandit ji, uske exams chal rahe hain.
(Her exams are going on.)
Priest nods and then looks at the people who are accompanying her and Anika introduces them smilingly.
Anika: Pandit ji yeh mera pati Shivaay aur beta Atharv hai.
(They are my husband Shivaay and my son Atharv.)
Priest smiles brightly looking at them when the duo greets him with a smile and he blesses both by placing his hand on their head.
Priest with a sly smile addresses them: Toh Sukanya ko Jo chahiye tha vo mil Gaya.
(So what Sukanya wanted she got that.)
All smile as a wave of jubilance runs through their veins.
Priest: Sukanya aksr yahan ati hai, jheel ke kinaare ghanton baith ti hai, apne maan ko tatolti hai. Bhagwaan se sawal jawab karti hai aur fir laut jati hai. Badi hi pyaari baachi hai.
(Sukanya often visits this temple, sitting by the side of the river she spends quite a number of hours in search of answers and weights her heart. She is really a sweet child.)
Three of them smile adoring the absent member.
Atharv: You know here really well, right.
He bites his tongue as he spoke in English and then changes his words and speaks same in Hindi.
Atharv: Mera matlab aap use kafi ache se jante hai na.
Priest smiles understandingly and replies: Yes, of course gentleman.
Atharv widens his eyes and spells a meek: Sorry.
Priest smiles and places the pleasantries offered in his hand.
Atharv: Btw, I wanted about this temple.
Priest nods and tells him about the history of the temple.

Priest: The river that you see put there is Tons and it’s banks, is this unusual and popular Shiva shrine inside a small, dripping cave known as Drona Cave. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is thronged by his ardent devotees throughout the year. One can see water trickling on the Shivlinga, owing to which the temple has been christened Tapkeshwar. (He says the above line showing them the dripping water and then continues.)
The Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple is an age-old temple and has a rustic charm to it. The river adds to the beauty of the temple. This pretty cave temple located in the cantonment area of Garhi in the heart of the city is a very sacred and revered temple, which attracts thousands of tourists and devotees. The unique structural design of the temple is very appealing to the eyes.
There is an interesting story that revolves around the existence of this temple.
It is believed that this temple dates back to the era of Mahabharata. Common faith follows that the guru Drona of Pandavas and Kauravas, meditated in this cave to gain the knowledge and expertise in military arts such as archery with the blessings of Lord Shiva. It was here that Guru Dronacharya and his wife, Kripi, were blessed with a son, Ashwathama, and milk started dripping from this cave owing to the powers of Lord Shiva for Ashwathama who needed this milk. This mythical stories revolving around it has endowed the temple with a hallowed aura.
The Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple houses two shivlingas. Both these shivlingas are not man-made and have come into existence naturally. A festival is held here every year. This festival is known as Tapkeshwar fair. It takes place at Shivratri and has great religious significance. The festival is celebrated with great fervour and revelry.
He finally ends giving them the tour of entire temple and as he tells everything Atharv records it after taking his permission.

Taking a leave from the priest they sit by the banks of river Tons and feel the serenity of the water and allow themselves to soak in the enchanting charm of the hills that are visible.

Anika: It’s quite late shall we leave now.
The other two nod and they leave for their house.

Three of them enter Abeer’s house being exhausted and tired but not for Atharv he was still in his jubilant mood.
Atharv shouts as he enters the house: Hye guys!!!!
Meher, Abeer and Nitya who were sitting in the living room smile seeing them back.
Nitya: So how was it.
Atharv: It’s amazing…. Dehradun is wonderful…. I am seriously in love with this place…. Where is everyone else.
Meher: They are in library studying.
Atharv nods and runs to the library while Shivaay and Anika settle down.

Shivaay whispers to Anika: Come with me.
Anika: Where?
Shivaay: Just come…
He says holding her hand.
Shivaay turning to Abeer: Abeer, we are going to rest once Atharv and Sukanya have there send them over.
Abeer with a teasing smile: Rest baby or rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeessssssssssssttttttttttttt….
Shivaay glares him but he chuckles looking at him who leaves giving a disbelieving look to him.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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