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If you hold my hand #Sidhaswi S1/C2/E3

Sorry for late updates.. Again!  But can’t I am so hell busy.. Nd I don’t wanna risk any of my subjects for ffs.. But I can’t leave them also…
So U have decided to post 2 chapters this weekend

Idioms were never so cute ever before! Chapter3

“Oh no!!.. ” Teja exclaimed in panic as the lift  stopped.. Rather hanged in the middle with  lights flickering for sometime.. .. Even after her continuos efforts the door didn’t open.

“eeeeehhh”..she tapped her foot on the floor.

“Don’t, worry… I’ll see if something could be done”..Sidhant assures.

“yeah!.. Please.. ..mmtcch.. ” she grabbed her mobile…. “I should call Anaya or Aryan… “..she blabbers….”Gosh!.. No network!.. Urgh! “..

“Ya ya.. Network!!!!… “..Sidhant’s phone caught some sprinkles of network…
“No.. No… “..he looks at Teja disappointed.

“Gaya na network… ” she says tightening her pulpy pink lips.

“Sorry… Vo”..

“Its okay you don’t need to be Sidhant “…she smiled a bit. “I know ye jaldi khul jayega”..

“How?? ”

“Vo main nhi bata sakti.. “..

Teja now sits on a corner.. “Sidhant…. Network!!!!…. “..

“Really “…he sits beside to see in her phone.

She glares at him with little anger.
“Don’t you have a phone?? “…

“oh!.. Sorry!.. ” he rubs his hair from back. And moves a little away checking his phone.

“I too got! “….he makes a call.

“Lagbahg 1 ghanta lagega.. Koi problem hai shayad.. ”

“fine.. ” Tejaswi pouts taking out a laptop from her sling bag.

“What are you doing? ”
“Office work.. Ek project par”
“Say What?? ” says Sidhant

“What??.. ”

“Tum office ka kaam mall main bhi saath layi ho! ”

” Excuse me.. chidiya chug gyi khet”..Teja says.
“Toh mai kya karu?? ”

“huh!! (rolls her eyes) hindi idioms ke matlab nhi jante!!.. Akhir Indians ne Hindi ki respect karna kyu chod rakha hai!! “..she kind of scolds..

Sidhant couldn’t stop laughing..
“What!???…I said that correct… Don’t laugh at me “..she says tightening her nose.
“Haha.. ”

“Sidhant stop it…”..she ordered.

“sor.. Hhe.. Hm.. Sorry”..he says trying to stop his laugh.

“How can someone be like this??.. What on earth are you laughing at”

“Tum Indian Nahi ho kya? ”

“Hun.. But  British-Indian…. ”

“Yaar tum log phir aa gye..?? “..

“Haha.. Very funny.. Haste haste stomachache ho gya.. Thode kam jokes crack kro please “… our Teja taunts

For some seconds Sidhant was just lost in her cute expressions and her moving lips. ..

He shows she continues with her work.

“By the way… I laughed because what you said was the second half of the idiom I mean… Wrong idiom..Not on any situation like this would it suit ever! ”

Tejaswi bites her lower lip shuting her eyes tightly..She laughed Closing her eyes at her foolishness.
“I am so stupid ”
“No… you are cute… ” he murmers looking at her laughing.

” did you say something?”

“nope….I think its gonna take you way longer to improve your idioms.. ”

“Why do I feel as if tum mujhe challenge kar rhe ho.. ”

“Tum toh meri expectations se zyada smart ho… ”

“Whatever.. I’ll show you.. I can.. “Says teja accepting the challenge

“..koshish karlo”..he lifts his shoulders

“Chidiya chug gyi khet”..he said under his breath laughing silently before digging his eyes into his mobile.

“aah!..teju.. “…oh!  Teja hit him with her bag.

“What?? “..his deep brown eyes glare her..

“stop imitating me and stop irritating me…and my name is Tejaswi.. Not teju. ”

“..itna bhari bharkam naam hai.. Bolte bolte saans atak jaaye… Teju is perfect.. Nice and sweet.. “..Sidhant says with those amazingly cute expressions..we are familiar with them no?

“hello.. ”

“hi teju”

“..tum.. ”

“bolo teju”

“tum naam mat lo mera”

“matlab tumne apna naam teju rakh liya…. Very good teju”

“..eeerrgh.. “..

“I really don’t know why am I talking to you “…tejaswi continues to work

After sometime…Sidhant probably wasn’t able to tolerate that silence… He wanted to talk to her.. Unknown to the reason but still…

He started peeping into her laptop…
“tum ye kya kar rahe ho? “..

“vo… Nahi.. Kuch nhi.. Dust hata rha tha…. He wipes the top of her laptop’s screen..”So dirty… “..

“oh!! “…smiles at him… The smile which clearly meant that she knows that he was deliberately creating nuisance.

He backs off… And sits aside..

The lights turn off all of a sudden…

“Are you okay?? “…

“yups” teja replies as she turns on the torch of her mobile.. “…Mai melodramatic heroine nHi hu.. I don’t have nyctophobia ”

She looks at Sidhant only to find that he was taking his jacket off..
She widens her eyes..

“What??.. Garmi lag rhi hai… ”

“oh…I thought.. “..she sighs with relief..

“You thought I was hitting on you… ??” he arched his eyebrow..

“ Why would I think so?? “..Teja lies not meeting her eyes with his.. Within a fraction of second… The lights come back and the lifts open….with staff manager and two heavily built boys in casuals standing with crossed arms wearing glares.

“Are you okay ma’am?.. “..The manager asks as both of them get up..
“yeah! “…”And you Mr. Maheshwari? ”
Sidhant nods as if what wrong could have happened.

Teja looks at both the boys and goes with an uff!!  Expression.
“Thanks” she says.

“where are you going?? ” Sidhant follows her holding his jacket .

She points towards the Cafe.. “I am very thirsty”

She moves ahead and he comes with her..
“why are you coming with me?”
“Earth ka saara H2O sirf tumhare liye hai kya?? ”

She looks at him apparently.. And they go into the cafe..


In the cloths section..

“What are you doing here now??.. ”

“C’mon.. I am here to help you… ”

She was searching for clothes and spotted a nice piece of lavender hue salwar suit.

“thats nice.. Your boyfriend will definitely love it” Sidhant says taking it from her..

“..that was the most absurd way to ask if I am single..
I don’t have any boyfriend.. And no one asked for your opinion and.. I would never dress just so that a guy likes it….”..she snatched the dress back.


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