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Everything is fair in love Part 33

Episode  33

Swara was shocked would be an understatement, she looked at Laksh as if he was an alien from other world with three heads and five pairs hands. She was like an animal caught in headlight. She almost tripped, but was caught by Laksh.

Laksh came out his hiding place and held Swara securely in his strong arms.

Laksh: Steady dear I hope you to fall in love with me not in my feet…..

Laksh caught her and locked her in place with his eyes. He was drinking her beauty, her long black silky hair aching to be touched, her s*xy brown dove eyes cast down, her sweet seductive pink lips which she was chewing due to nervousness, her blushing cheeks aching to be kissed, her beautiful curves clad in red top, tight ass fitting jeans and…….

When Swara was in Laksh’s arms she too noticed his mesmerizing eyes, slight stubble, perfect physique clad in all black, perfect business suit, he dark pirate looks which can make any girl between sixteen and sixty fall at his feet.

But finally she was able to speak after what seemed like an eternity

Swara: Your PA lied to me! How could she?( Nearly shouting)

Laksh: I made her do that and even promised a full paid holiday if she could get you here alone….. (Smirking)

Swara: Whatever…..

Saying that Swara tried to just run away from his cabin, and quickly went towards door. But Laksh had other plans and was much quicker than her. He stood before the door blocking her way…

Laksh: I have the answers…

Swara: Well you might have many questions too. What should I do?

Laksh: You were the one with questions and acquitions…..

Swara: Ahhh…..

Swara tried to speak but her voice and brain went in opposite directions. She just wished to get out of that place with minimum eye contact and tried to get out of the way but Laksh held her at the place by catching her by waist and pulling her towards himself….

Swara tried to get out his hold but all in vain. The more she tried the more she was bing rubbed to his hard chest and it was creating a strange friction in her body….

Laksh: Why the hell do you always try to run away from me Swara, why?

Swara: Why do you care…… (Casually)

Laksh: Well I do care a lot…..( looking deep into her eyes)

Swara: Why can’t you leave me alone Lucky? Why?

Laksh: Wasn’t that your question that night….

Swara: Well that was just heat of the movement talk…..

Laksh: That means heat is still on between us….

Swara: Shut up Lucky I don’t want anything between us, I just don’t want any half baked relationships.

Laksh: Hey who have you been you talking to…..

Swara: It’s none of your concern… (she was getting angry)

Laksh: But you are….(cooly)

Swara: Ohh… Than what about Kavya…(Sarcastically)

Laksh: I really don’t think she would marry a man who is madly in love with someone else…..

Swara: What….. You… Mean you…. (Stammering)

Laksh: Yes dammit I love you, aaj kal and hamesha……

Swara: But what about our past…. (still confused)

Laksh: Past is past, but I can’t see my future without you. I know we have some bad past memories, but I promise we can make ones which would be more beautiful that will make the bitter taste of past just a distant memory….. (on his knees holding her hands)

Swara started crying listening to his words. She tried to control her emotions very hard. Laksh just wiped her tears and traced her full lips and said

Laksh: Just speak up darling….. Just say anything….

Swara: Thanks

Laksh: You are welcome darling, but that’s not the reaction I was looking for…

Swara: I love you Laksh Maheshwari…. I love you so much….. I had always been in love with you…. I love you so much that I am even ready to take your hate if that’s the only thing that I get from you……

Saying that she just hugged Laksh tightly just like there is no tomorrow

Laksh: The hate was never there, though it took me some time to realize it. All my reactions were fueled by my anger of not getting back love from the girl whom I loved the most in this world. And you know at that time I was too venerable due to dad’s death….

Swara: I know…. I understand…..

Laksh: I love you so much that my love is enough for both of us, even if you don’t love I can’t forget you….

Swara: But you can’t love me more than I do. Promise me that you will never leave me……

Laksh: I promise……

Swara: Now are you going to kiss me or not…..

Laksh: I knew that you were in it for my body only…..

Saying this Laksh started kissing her senselessly he just placed her at his table and swiped the table clean they were so busy in there makeout section that they failed to hear the door opening.

But they were shocked they heard a loud “ OH.MY.GOD.” due to which they separated much to embracement of Swara and annoyance of Laksh..

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