Wednesday , October 21 2020
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Are you excited for Vivaan’s re-entry in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan will be seeing another entry soon. Paras Arora will be joining the show again. His character Vivaan will be seen alive in the story. Vivaan was held captive by Imli, after Ranvijay attempted to kill him. Vivaan doesn’t lose his memory. He remembers his life incidents. Vivaan gets in a terrible state. He is kept in a dark cell, away from the world. The goons constantly monitor him and deprive him of all the human needs. Vivaan is just fed enough to survive.

Vivaan struggles to get free from the captivity. He vows to ruin down Imli once he reaches Aazaadgunj. He holds his regression. Vivaan gains courage to fight with the goons and escape from the cell. Vivaan would be gaining help from an unknown person, who manipulates him to kill Suraj and Chakor. There will be many twists with Vivaan’s entry in Aazaadgunj. Actor Keith Sequiera, who played the role of Karan Oberoi, has quit the show. Udaan looks much more promising with Paras’ return. Are you excited for Vivaan’s re-entry in Udaan? Feel free to state your opinion in the comments section below.

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