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The Caged Bird – Chapter 11

Sayi was not allowed to enter her room till the night, Prachi and Karishma were there to give her company and help her get ready for the reception scheduled that night.

It was supposedly the last function of their wedding. Both carried their own baggage from the past, both were forced to leave what they cherished the most in their lives! Virat and Sayi, the twitteratis and media had given them nicknames ‘Savi and Sairat’!

Their wedding was the most talked about event in the whole country and now, people were looking forward for the reception party! The media was swarming around the venue, trying everything they could to capture a glimpse of the couple of the evening. The famous celebrities and businessmen walked down the red carpet, posing for the media at the enterance, a special live stream was arranged on the official social media handles of both the companies.

Pakhi was watching the live stream in her room, holding the invitation card. She always stayed away from media as she didn’t want her normal life to be affected. Her eyes were red and puffy, her face was pale and she looked weak. She was holding the box and the ring Virat gifted her when he propoesed her.

The Chavans and the Joshis finally made an entry. While everyone was confidently facing the media, Sayi seemed to be a little scared seeing the crowd around her, before she held on to her cloth, Virat grabbed her hand, she looked towards him, he was already looking at her.

Virat had made it clear that they won’t be attending any press conference and he had asked to keep the media away from him. Ninad found this demand a bit weird as Virat has always handled the media well, but still agreed without questioning.

Virat and Sayi were seated on a couch, while Sayi was busy talking to Pranjali, Virat was lost in his own world looking on the ground. The moment he raised his head, he saw Pakhi coming towards him, wearing the same lehenga and bangles he gifted her asking her to wear on their reception day. He lowered his eyes feeling guilty. The whole family saw Pakhi and stood there in shock. Pakhi went straight to the stage

“Congratulations to you both” she said handling a boquet to Sayi

“I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.” Sayi said trying to recall

“I’m Pakhi…..Patralekha, you don’t need to stress much, since, we haven’t met before!”

She knelt a little too reach Virat’s ear “I’m leaving! Just wanted to tell you that you don’t need to look for me and please fulfil this responsibility with sincerity. I would at least expect you to be a good husband to her.”

Virat didn’t utter a single word, she then knelt to reach Sayi’s ear to avoid a misunderstanding in media.

“I have nothing to say to you since we are meeting for the first time, so, congratulations on your wedding!”

She went down the stage and greeting the other family members left the venue. Tears formed in her eyes the momnet she got into her car.

“Airport” that’s only what she could manage to say while rubbing her eyes to wipe her tears, which won’t stop.

Virat too felt several needles piercing hin heart, but there was nothing that he could do except for watching the only girl he had ever loved go away.


Sayi was sitting in Virat’s room, she was scanning his room sitting at that one place. Mohit had kept her bag in their room and now she was left alone. She sat down on the couch and slept the moment she closed her eyes. The past few days were really hectic for her to sleep the moment her body touches something that looked like a bed.

Virat didn’t come back home last night, Ashwini was sitting in the living hall looking at the clock every 15 minutes. He finally showed up at 5 in the morning. Ashwini was still pacing around measuring the whole living room area, when the voice of opening of the door gained her attention

“Where were you yesterday?” She ran to his side the moment she saw him.

Virat realized how angry his mom was, he decided to deal with patience


“Do you even remember that you got married? Or did you forgot that?”

“Forgot what?”

“Forgot that she would be waiting for you to come back!”

“She wouldn’t have waited for me, she would also have been tired and would have slept”

“And what were you doing in the office?”


“Don’t you have a home to sleep that you decided to sleep in the office for the first time ever and that too on your wedding night?”

“I just realized how weird the word wedding night sounds! I went there for some work, then I just dozed off. Even I have no idea how I slept that early.”

“I have to time for your stupid jokes. Tell me what have you decided?”

“Decided about what?”

“Where do you plan to live? Will you take her to your house or shift here?”

“You know the answer! I won’t come here to stay, it is too tiring for me to see all that daily soap drama happening here everyday! Also, Sayi is from a nuclear family, I think she will find it tough to adjust in a joint family, so it is better if we just go away. You are free to visit her anytime”

He straight went upstairs towards his room. Sayi woke up from the sound of door.

“You woke up? I opened it the slowest I could. I’m sorry. You can sleep, they won’t wake up before 7.”

“It’s okay, I have a habit to wake up early, wake up by 6 am, that’s the rule no. 10!”

Virat didn’t say another word and took his clothes from his suitcase and went inside the wasroom to shower.

Sayi opened the cupboard and found it empty, she was about to hang her clothes when Virat came out wearing a black t shirt and gray trousers drying his hair “Don’t unpack, we will go to my place after the breakfast.”

Though she had a few questions to ask, she chose not to and picking up her clothes went inside the washroom.


Virat took Sayi to his penthouse. It wasn’t as big as the Chavan Nest, but it looked warm and comfortable. Everything was placed in it’s place, the main door opened to the living room, both the rooms were adjacent to each other and the kitchen was an open, you could see the whole house standing in the living room. Virat showed Sayi her room and went to his room asking her to sleep. Sayi walked around the wooded floor scannong the room, she opened the door to the Veranda, the evening sky, painted in orange and the foever busy roads of Mumbai, the milld wind blowing her hair and the lighted city that looked like stars from the 20th floor she was on, for a moment made her forget everything. She saw a plane flying on the sky and smiled looking at it, till it went out of sight.

Virat too came out of his room, Sayi immediately went back to hers, the moment she saw him. Virat looked towards her and then towards the sky.

There was noise all around, yet seemd silent!

I’m so sorry for delaying this one! I will try to be regular with this story from hereon. Also, sorry for the short update, I’ll try to write a longer one from next time!

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