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Story 9 Months Ki 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Alia shocked to see Veer as the New CEO

Story 9 Months Ki 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar and Alia walk past each other with their respective kids, but don’t see the other. While Alia reaches home and makes Agastya sleep on the bed. Sarangdhar makes Sayuri remove her slipper in his house. Alia gets Rabia’s call and tells her that he will complete the project in night, as Azaad Roy comic is very important to her. Sarangdhar tells Kavya that he had written a book for his son, whom he could never meet. Kavya says wherever he is, he must be happy with you, you are so popular because of him.

Sanyuri tells the children in the basti that Mumbai is good, but not as good as Mathura. Ramesh asks why? Sanyuri says how you will know the taste of Mathura peda, Ramesh Babu. Sarangdhar and Kamleshwari laugh. Kamleshwari tells that Sanyuri is like her…Sarangdhar says mother. He says Alia left Sanyuri, as she has heart problem. He tells that he don’t want to meet or see her, after whatever she has done with me or Sanyuri. Kamleshwari thinks she is missing something. Sarangdhar and Sanyuri are in the car. He asks her not to trouble anyone in the school. She comes out of the car and sees Agastya. Agastya also sees her and says you. Sarangdhar comes there. Agastya recognizes him as the uncle whom he met in the park and hugs him. Sarangdhar hugs him too and calls him small writer. Sanyuri fights with Agastya and asks him to hug his father. Sarangdhar makes them do friendship and shake hands. He leaves. Sanyuri teases Agastya and asks him to stay away from her Papa. She tells that she was acting infront of her Papa. Agastya thinks she is very bad girl. Ramesh and Kamleshwari talk about Sanyuri and Alia. He asks if Alia never tried to meet Sarangdhar or Choti. Kamleshwari says don’t know why Alia did this and says she wants to talk to her once. She tells that Sarangdhar has stopped laughing and is like a stone now. Ramesh asks Kamleshwari to talk to Alia. Alia gets call from an unknown number. She thinks to call back as going for presentation. Ramesh says she must be busy. Kamleshwari tells that she has saved Alia’s number with different name. She thinks to go to the secret.

Sarangdhar talks to Kavya. Later Gautam talks to Nandini and asks her to return soon. He tells that he never thought that he will meet Agastya so much, than Alia. He says Alia don’t want to take my help. Nandini says if I talk to her about you, then she might not talk to me. He ends the call and talks to someone about Alia.

The new CEO comes to the office. Alia turns to shake hands and sees Veer. The teacher introduces Sanyuri Pandey to the kids. She asks them not to do any mischief until she returns. The Investor asks Alia to meet the New CEO before paging the Azaad Roy. Alia recalls all the bad moments. They shake hands with each other. Veer asks if she wants sometime before the meeting. She says no, I am fine. A boy comes to Sanyuri and says this is my seat. Sanyuri says the world starts where we stand. She asks him to go and says she will not give him his seat.

Alia gives the presentation for Azaad Roy. Veer likes the presentation and laughs. He tells that Alia is same as she was 6 years back and asks Investor to call Roy. Investor tells that Roy is busy for 3 days. Veer calls Gautam and tells that he has joined DDS. Gautam says Alia shall never know that I called you in DDS. Veer says yes Dad and then says sir. Gautam says who knows you might get to call me Dad again, if you win Alia’s trust again. Veer smiles. Alia looks at him.

Precap: Mala informs Alia that Veer is calling her. She asks can I come with you. Alia says she can talk to him. Sanyuri tells that it is good that she has no sibling, she can’t share Sarangdhar with anyone. Later she gets angry seeing her father with Agastya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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