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Sai Aur Virat (SAIRAT) Ki Kahaani (Chapter 4)

Sai Aur Virat ki Kahani ( chapter 4)

hello readers, sorry for the delay in update. Actually i have my board exams ahead, so I’m not getting enough time to write an article.

Lets get into the story.

Karishma : uncle bachaiye na mujhe ( uncle please save me )

Kamal : Sai waada chod do na bacchi hai(sai my dear leave na she is a kid)

Sai ; Aaba aap toh bada hai na, fir aap ne kyu kiya aisa mera saath.( Aaba , you are an adult, then why did you do ?)

Kamal : mein ! mein kaha bada hoon, mein to tere se chota hoon,tu toh meri maa hai, mujhe dawai dete hai, dawai na khane se daanti hai, toh fir mein tujhse bada kaisa bangaya ( me , how am i adult , iam younger than you, as yo were my maa,who gives me meds, and who scolds me when i dont take those meds.)

Sai:  Aaba ! fir se.

Kamal : Ab masti khatam, karishma chalo maafi maangte hai sai se( no more fun now,  comeon karishma lets apologise to sai.

Karishma : ji uncle.( yes uncle )

( both karishma and kamal catched their ears and said sorry)

Kamal: ab chale party karle ( come on lets do the party)

karishma took her mobile started rcording a selfie video .

Karishma : yeh hum hai, ye kamal uncle hai, ye sai joshi hai, aur hum yaha pawri kar rahe hai.

Sai ; ab hogayi tumhari video, cake kaat  le.( did you complete  your video, now lets cut the cake.

they all were celebrating sai’s result .

Scene shifts to chavan house.

Virat and Sunny enters chavan nivas, and greets everyone present there Bhavani kaku, Ninad, aswini, omkar and followed by everyone.

Kaku: kya baat hai sunny, kaafi dhino baad dikh raha hai.( Whats the matter sunny, after a long time you were seen.

Sunny: arey aisi koi baat nahi hai kaku, bas man kara toh chale aaye.(nothing like that kaku, just wished to see you all.)

Aswini: Virat, Sunny fresh ho ke aao , nashta lagaongi.( go and freshen up , i’ll put your breakfast on table.)

Virat : ha Aayi,( yes Aayi)

Sunny: ha kaku, bahut buk lag rahe hai.( yes kaku, im very hungry.

Virat and sunny go to freshen up.

Precap: Virat asks samrat, arey mere jeeva itna sharma kyu rahe hain, suddenly a letter comes to the name of virat in chavan nivas ,and in Gadchiroli, sai reads a card in which it is said that you will meet a special person today. 

sorry for the short update guys, and i think i will not able to give you regular update, due to my exams. so hope you can undestand my situation.

enjoy your day…………..

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