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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 9


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Episode starts with… 

Riddhima stops the car in front of a house. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, this is shwetha’s house. Why have you come here? 

RIDDHIMA: To answer him.. But, before that I have an important work.

SEJAL: What is it?

RIDDHIMA: First, get down..

Saying so, she gets down and goes in.. 

Just then, an old man comes and hugs her and cries badly.. 

OLD MAN: Riddhima, where is shwetha?

RIDDHIMA: Uncle, do you trust me?

OLD MAN: Not only shwetha, even you are my daughter. I trust you. But, it has been more than an hour. Did you even get any information regarding her location?

Vansh who comes there sees all this. The old man sees him.. 

ANGRE: Uncle, he is vansh. Riddhima’s fiance..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, is this very important now? Uncle, I’ll tell you everything. But, before that I have to see shwetha’s room. I have to check her belongings. Only than, I’ll get any clue. Can I check her room?

OLD MAN: Riddhima, you have all rights. You are helping us. You are doing all this for us. I wish, my daughter returns home soon.

RIDDHIMA: Uncle, where is aunty?

ANGRE: Riddhu, she is not well. She is taking rest.

RIDDHIMA: Let her take rest. Don’t disturb her. Come with me. Sejal, you be with uncle. We’ll go and check.

Saying so, riddhima and Angre goes to shwetha’s room and vansh follows them.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happened? What did ayisha told? 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, shwetha’s phone is switched off. We couldn’t trace her. Ayisha told that it would be easy for her to trace them, if she gets her boyfriend’s number.

ANGRE: But, how will we get his number?.

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, definitely there must be some cards or any other details related to her boyfriend. Shwetha has habit to writing diary daily. She also used to note everyone’s number in a particular diary. If we get that, it would be easy for us. Now, well search here. I’m sure that we’ll get something..

Saying so, she was about to go. But just then, angre notices her bleeding hand.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, what happend to your hand?

Riddhima looks at vansh.. 

ANGRE: Riddhu, your hands are bleeding.

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, this is not important. We have get them before they leave this city. Nothing will happen to me.

ANGRE: Riddhu, I understand. But, you can’t…

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, you know me well. If you want to support me, then..

ANGRE: Ok, come.. Let’s search.. But, before that..

He takes his kerchief and wets it and ties in her hand.. 

ANGRE: Now, come..

They both search the entire room.. 

Vansh sees a small diary on a table near him. 

VANSH: Is this?

Riddhima gets the diary.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, this is that diary.. I’m sure that she must have noted his number..

Saying so, she checks and finds his number.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, we got it.. I’ll immediately send this number to ayisha.

She sends the number to ayisha and calls her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ayisha, fast.. I’ve sent his number.

AYISHA: Don’t worry.. Nothing will happen to her..

Saying so, she cuts the call. 

ANGRE: Riddhima, atleast now come with me..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, you go to the police station and help ayisha.. I’ll go to the hospital..

ANGRE: Ok. But take care. Promise me that you’ll go to the hospital.

RIDDHIMA: Promise..

Angre smiles at riddhima and goes.. 

VANSH: Come to the hospital..

RIDDHIMA: I don’t need your help.

Just then, a old lady comes in wheel chair.. 

Seeing riddhima she cries badly.. 

OLD LADY: Riddhima, where is my daughter? Is she fine? Take me to her, I’ll console her. I know, she must be angry with me. But, take me to her. I won’t make her angry. I won’t scold her. She is a baby. I’ll make her understand. Where is she? Why are you silent? Is she not here? Didn’t she come home with you?

RIDDHIMA: Aunty, please.. Please, control yourself. Trust me, I’ll get shwetha home..

OLD LADY: When will you bring her? I want to see her. Is she angry on me? Did she say that she won’t come? No.. No.. She won’t say like that. She knows that I’ll wait for her. She didn’t eat dinner. She can’t tolerate her hunger. Get her home fast.. I’ll wait for her..

Saying so, she cries. The old man comes and takes her in. He consoles her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, did you tell anything to her? 

SEJAL: No, we didn’t..

RIDDHIMA: You be with her. Don’t tell anything about shwetha..

Saying so, she goes out wiping her tears. Vansh follows her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Did you see her, she is shwetha’s mother. She lost her leg in an accident. And that old man is her father. Shwetha is their only daughter. They don’t have anyone except shwetha. Their world revolves around her. Their only hope in this world is shwetha. I, shwetha and sejal studied in same college. Shwetha was a top ranking student. But, during our final year she loved varun. That love turned her life upside down. It ruined her life. She left her job for varun. She believed that her only priority in her life is varun. She forgot everyone in her love. I and sejal warned her many times to stay away from varun. But, she didn’t pay heed to any of our words. What did you say? You said that she is major. She can marry anyone as per her wish. Major and minor is not only about age. It is about our maturity. Will a mature person do this? You said that she has all right to marry anyone, right? I even accept that.. But, is this a right way to marry your love? She didn’t even thought about her parents. Can’t you see her tears. Even now, her mother doesn’t know anything about her love. She can’t tolerate all this. Her parents had big dreams for her. She broke all those dreams and went. You asked me as why am I doing all this, right? Because, I’m trying to save two lives. They can’t tolerate if they come to know about the entire truth. They will die. If shwetha marries that varun then, her life will become a hell. If her parents come to know about varun, they can’t tolerate it. Even now, that mother is believing that her daughter will return. How will I tell them the truth? They both are still having their last hope. I can see it in their eyes. Cant you see their tears? Can’t you see their pain? People become blind in love. Love is not wrong but, whom we love matters.. After knowing all this, I can’t just sit and enjoy my life. I can’t live such life. They are considering me as their daughter. I do consider them as my parents. Just think about them..

Just then, she recieves a call from ayisha.. 

RIDDHIMA: Tell me, ayisha.. 

AYISHA: Riddhima, we got his location. I’m near to that place. I’ll share the location to you. You just come there… .

RIDDHIMA: Ok, I’ll be there..

Riddhima gets happy. She goes and informs sejal and the old man about it. 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll bring her home. Just wait for another thirty minutes. You’ll get your daughter.

Saying so, she comes out and looks vansh who already sat in the car. 

VANSH: Get in..

Riddhima gets in without speaking anything. 

On the other hand ayisha reaches the location along with angre. But, she finds shwetha lying on the road in unconscious state. Someone has stabbed her. Ayisha immediately admits her in tha hospital and informs riddhima about it.. 

Riddhima gets shocked and asks vansh to turn the car.. 

Vansh and riddhima reaches the hospital.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima attacks the doctor… 

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