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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 21

Hello everyone I am back and i want to say that I am keeping the upcoming 2 episodes quite normal because something is coming soon so this is silence before storm😂

I am so happy

My OS got 33 comments this is highest guys please do support my ff too

So episode starts

Scene 1

Next day

Vansh’s room

Vansh – So technically you are my fiance now and i can even romance with you anytime anywhere

Riddhima (rolling her eyes) – As if you were not doing this before

Vansh ( caging her in his arms) – You are mine and I can do whatever I want

Riddhima – i can’t wait Vansh , I want to be yours in all the senses

Vansh (winking) – You can still be mine in all the senses😉

Riddhima ( hitting him) – Why you boys become so shamesles after being engaged

First Angre bhai and then you

They even kissed twice to each other on lips

Vansh (coming close to her) – So you are jealous of them

Ummm!!! I think we can compete them well

Riddhima ( pushing him ) – For this you have to wait Mr. VR

Vansh (cupping her face) – I can wait for u lifetime Sweetheart

He make her sit on bed and sit on his knees near her legs

Riddhima (perplexed) – What are you doing

Vansh – I have never loved someone this much sweetheart

You are my everything , Please don’t leave me never ever

Riddhima (Bending to his level ) – Never ever Vansh

I promise I will not leave you..

He takes out a box from his pocket

Riddhima – what is this Vansh

He opened a box and take out a chain from it

Riddhima – wow!!! Is this for me Vansh

Vansh (rolling his eyes) – No actually I brought this for Ramu kaka and asking you whether it is good or not

He will like it na😒

Riddhima (pulling his cheeks) – Awww!!! Mera babu


And he slide her hair from her back and gently make her wear the chain chilling down her spine

Riddhima (tears in her eyes) – I will always wear this Vanshu baby

Vansh (rolling his eyes) – Dare you to call me that again

And riddhima peck his cheeks

Riddhima – Have you ever kissed a girl Vansh

Vansh (blushing) – yes!

Riddhima(angry) – Who is that blo*dy girl , I will kill her and then you

Vansh (laughing) – Then kill yourself sweetheart

And they both started laughing and hug each other

Vansh – I love u Riddhima

Riddhima (angry) – You don’t love me now that’s why you didn’t call me sweetheart

Go to your ramu kaka and ask him for kiss not from me😒😬

Vansh (teasing her) – We are not even married and you are having symptom of pregnancy

Ufff!!! This mood swings

And she started hitting him hardly and he escapes from there

Scene 2

Angre’s Room

Angre – You know jaan today I am feeling that I am the most luckiest man in the world

Ishani (hugging him) – You are the bestest gift Vansh bhai has ever given to me

Angre(winking) – Now you have to give me the bestest gift

Ishani (perplexed) – what ?

Angre (hugging her) – A cute little princess like you

Ishani (blushing ) – But i want a prince like you my Angu baby (ok ok i accept your eggs and tomato for this😂)

Angre ( rolling his eyes) – What the hell is this Angu baby

But jaan you have to do hardwork for giving me this gift😉

Ishani (rolling her eyes) – As if I have to do it alone

Angre (excited) – No No !! I will do

I am expert in that

And suddenly thuddd!!

He got a pillow on his face

Ishani is standing having vase in her hands

Angre (scared) – What are you doing jaan

Ishani (angry) – How many times you have done this hard work Angre

And he ran from there

Scene 3

Vansh and Angre collided panting heavily

Vansh – Thank God i got saved from your devil sister

Angre (sighs) – Your’s is not less boss

Vangre (Unison) – Save us from this devils god

Suddenly siya comes

Siya – enjoy brothers😂

Angre –  I advice you siya not to do this suicide called marriage in your life

Vansh – I won’t let her marry ever

Siya – Awww bhai you love me this much

Vansh (chuckles) – No ,  I won’t let u destroy someone’s life

And Vangre burst into laughter


Scene 4

Everyone is in hall

Dadi – Pandit Ji find a good date for Ishani and Angre’s wedding

Pandit Ji – I have seen and and the perfect date is on next week

Dadi – Fine then the marriage will happen next week

Vansh (pouting) – This is not fair

Dadi even Riddhima wants to do marriage early

Riddhima (glaring him) – Don’t shoot bullet from my shoulder Vansh

You are the one who is desperate not me

Ishani – We understand bhai you are jealous (wink)😉

Vansh (fake anger) – You better stay quite

I helped you so much and now you are making fun of me

No one loves me here😣

Siya (chuckles) – Let your marriage done once Bhai then see the noises from your room will show who loves you more

And everyone burst into laughter

While riansh started blushing

Scene 5

Ishani (whispering to Angre ) – Now bhai will do buttering to Dadi

Angre (sighs) – Thank God I am lucky

Ishani (glaring him) – Indeed you are

Vansh (pulling dadi’s cheeks) – You are my sweet Dadi

You are the best dadi in the world

Dadi – Still the marriage
won’t happen beta (Dadi rocked , Vansh shocked😂)

And ishani burst into laughter

Vansh glares her😒

Vansh – You are getting married now just shut up

Riddhima (laughing) – Stop now Vansh

Vansh (adamant) – No i want to do marriage and that’s final

He started shouting like a kid

Angre – Boss control your hormones

Vansh (glares him ) – You better shut up

You kissed your fiance twice and getting married in a week but think about this poor man 😬

Dadi (glaring vansh )- Am i invisible here

Siya (whispering to ishani) – I am so happy to see bhai like this

After so many years , He is behaving like a kid

Ishani ( to riddhu) – Thankyou so much Riddhima for giving us our bhai back

Done for today guys

I hope you didn’t get bore as i tried my best to add humor

I gave you all riansh moments now you all have to give me comments

Target is 30 otherwise forget that there was a writer aisha 😝

Haha lol just kidding even i can’t stay away from you guys

But target should be completed

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