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Riansh FF – You are precious to me (Chapter 3) Who is the mastermind?

Hi guys! I told I won’t update but seeing your votes and after crossing 1k reads I had to come. I am back with a new chapter so double update today. Plus I am not busy and due to new year I am going to update twice.

Vansh: Angrey say them to wait for some time we will com.

Angrey: ok Bhai

Dadi: Who is Shaggy Vansh? Who has come? Pls Riddhima and Vansh clear our confusion.

Vansh: We will but for that

Riddhima: You all have to guess whose idea it is?

Aryan: Yours

Riansh: Nope

Ishani: Angrey

Riansh: Nope

Siya: then whose please tell

Riansh: everyone do you give up?

Everyone: YES!

Riddhima: ok then the answer is

Vansh: Riddhi

Everyone: what?

Siya: no she can’t do that.

Vansh: oh yes! She can. You don’t know her so that’s why you are speaking like that.

Ishani: oh really if you know her that much pls explain the plan and is she so dangerous?

Riddhima: Ishani… (She was cut off by vansh)

Vansh: Is it something to ask? She is so dangerous but I won’t tell why as If I do perhaps I might dig my own grave.

Riddhima (screaming): Vanshu!!!!

Vansh: Sorry back to the point. She came for breakfast late as she was discussing and handling an important deal. When she came after being relieved as she got the deal, Aryan began to irritate her and she got angry;

Angrey: Whenever she gets angry, she hatches some conspiracy. Although she was quiet she was thinking of a plan while Vansh was making Aryan quiet as he knows what will happen to him. After thinking, she sent a text on our group “Riangrey’’ In that she said me to put a lot salt in Aryan’s bowl of soup while he was being distracted by vansh and her. She said if we don’t do it then we have to forget that we had a friend called Riddhima. So Vansh and I had to do it.

Vansh: Yes when the matter comes to her I can do anything means anything. I won’t apologize cause he needed it to never mess with Riddhi

Chanchal : I agree Vansh beta(son)

Vansh : Really Aryan when we are trying to rectify your mistakes, you are trying to make your own mom mine. WOW.

Riddhima: I hope you understood it’s not good to mess with Riddhima cause the consequences will be bad..

Everyone: yes maharani sahiba (your highness)

Aryan : but Riddhima you could have made me understand easily, why did you have to do this?

Vansh: because

Riddhima:let me explain Vanshu

Pyr ke bdle pyr na mile to chlta hai

Pr izzat ke bdle izzat na mile to aksar rishte tut jaya krte hai


(translation:- it’s ok if one doesn’t get love in return of love but if we don’t get respect in return of respect then relationships often break)

Riddhima :So if I don’t get respect when I give them respect, then I know how to teach them to give me respect. So I use my ways for that and when I try my ways, you shouldn’t expect mercy from me..

Everyone: wow

Vansh : apne takkar ke best friend ko meine chona hai.(I have chosen a best friend of my level)

Riddhima : RIGHT!

And they hugged each other

Dadi : sada apna bond aise hi bana rakiye ki chhai koyi bhi lakh juda karne ki koshish kare wo hamesha nakam ho.(may your bond stay like this forever so that if anyone tries to break it a lot times it won’t break)

Riansh: thank you dadi

I answered only 1 question rest will be answered in the upcoming chapters.

So sorry for late updates and a small chapter. I will post soon the next chapter soon and this was a surprise from my side for all those who celebrate new year on 14th. Happy new year and bye!take care!

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