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Pratigya 2 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya goes against Krishna

Pratigya 2 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pratigya tells Krishna that he should control Samar’s acts. Krishna says this your issue, you want to control everyone, you took the responsibility for the kids but all you care about is your work and that Balwant’s case, you don’t care about the family and kids. I am telling you that you have lost track, you are doubting everyone at the house, you should say sorry. Pratigya says if I am responsible then you all are responsible too. Krishna says I am done with your allegations, now you have to choose between your work or this house. If you choose this house then you have to leave your law. All are stunned. Pratigya says what are you saying? Everyone can take responsibility for the kids, I didn’t study to leave my work. She asks Sajjan to tell him off. Krishna says I gave you the permission to work so I am asking you to stop all your work, I am taking back my permission. Pratigya cries and goes from there. Krishna angrily leaves. Shakti smirks and says this was just a trailer.

Pratigya sits in her room and recalls Krishna’s words that she can’t work anymore. The kids come to Pratigya. Pratigya says I will teach you so you won’t leave your work anymore. Kriti says sorry, we will study harder. Pratigya says I am sorry for not focusing on your studies.

Krishna sits in the garden and recalls how he shouted at Pratigya. He says what can I do, I gave her the permission to work as it was her dream so it was my dream, I am breaking her dreams now, I am really sorry but I am helpless. I never wanted to be this kind of a husband. He hits his hand on the wall.

Kesar comes to Pratigya and says this happens in the house, don’t worry. Pratigya says I thought I will manage the house and work but I can’t. I hit Samar when I have raised him. She says you did the right thing. Pratigya says this is all my fault. Kesar says we have to listen to our husbands, you will have to choose between work and house.

Scene 2
Sajjan coms to Krishna and says stop beating yourself. Krishna says I never wanted to stop Pratigya from fulfilling her dreams, I am misbehaving with her. Sajjan says I was proud of my daughter-in-law but we have to do this, she walks on the justice path but she is an innocent girl, she wouldn’t understand what kind of a man Balwant is. We have to protect Garv so we have to fight with Pratigya now.

Pratigya is sadly sitting in her room and weeps. She waits for Krishna. He comes there. Pratigya rushes to him and says I want to talk to you. Krishna says I have said what I wanted to. He tries to leave but Pratigya holds his hand and hugs him. Krishna pushes her away. Agar tum saath ho plays. Pratigya rushes to Krishna but he closes the door on her. They both cry against the door.

Krishna comes to sleep in his room. Pratigya wipes her tears and lies on the bed with him. They both turn away and recall their love moments. Pratigya recalls Krishna’s words that she has to leave work.

A man calls Balwant and says Shakti didn’t kill your son, his fingerprints didn’t match Shakti’s.

In the morning, Pratigya tells the family that Shakti’s fingerprints were not found in the car. Shakti says you tried to trap me. Krishna says she has to choose a family. Pratigya says I have taken the decision. Krishna says I have told you to stop doing law. Pratigya says if you can take your decisions then why can’t I? I have decided that I will continue my work and find Balwant’s culprit. Krishna says I told you that I don’t need any argument. Pratigya says I won’t leave my job and that’s final. Krishna looks on.

PRECAP – A mailman brings forensic report for Pratigya but Balwant comes there and says give it to me, I need it the most.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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