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Our Limitless Love (A Riansh FF….) Bonding!…. Ch-7

Here we start,

Angre:-He is bleeding!! (Shocked)

Ridhima:- I think he banged his head with this aluminium chair… When he fell! (Shocked, concerned)

Take him to the room

After an hour he get conscious…..

Vansh (holding his hand) :-ouch it’s paining! What happened?

Ridhima:- (standing beside) you fell unconscious and Banged your head with the chair beside …do know why you fell unconscious?

Vansh:- actually I guess before going to pick my sisters I had a meeting at 3 o’clock in the morning so I think after 2 o’clock I haven’t slept so may be because of that ,….by the way sorry trouble you just now and at night! (Smile)

Ridhima:- oh thanks (sarcasm) , welcome by the way it was it is not called trouble it’s my duty and by the way can’t you take care of yourself (and kept scolding him)

Vansh was just watching her….

Ridhima:-what? Did you listened what I said?

Vansh:-it is not said… It is good scolding or biology class lecture… (Taunting)

Ridhima:- by the way you are not stone hearted man as everyone thinks for you I saw it today. . . . . (Smiles)

Vansh (thinking) -: what ? Did I heard it right? I didn’t t knew that she would compliment me in this way…..

(Coming out of his thoughts)

Vansh:-thank you miss ridhima…. But why are you so concerned for me? (Looks at her face)

Ridhima:- you can call me Ridhima…. Mr. Raisinghania….. as per you question is concerned….because you are my…..(stopped as realized what she was going to say)… You are my patient…. (Smiles)

(Kabir was listening her conversation from door understood )

(He will not leave his eavesdropping 😂)

Now it had been 1 month and now everything was ok and both families have bonded well….

One day, at a cafe,

Aryan was walking with his cold coffee in restaurant busy on his phone and Ishani entered also busy on phone and bumped into him ‘splash’..

Ishani:- you idiot can’t you. . . (Lifting her head) Aryan you…

Aryan:- Sorry, ishu!

Ishani:-ishu??? (Confused)

Aryan :-I mean ishani(embarrassed)

Ishani:- what you did, see!……spoiled my dress. (Making face)

Aryan :-but you bumped into me…..

Ishani:-ooo… So u think it’s not ur mistake wait……. (She orders a cold coffee and threw it on his white shirt)

Aryan:- what are you doing? (Shocked)

Ishani:-sorry,…. It’s ok… And went her way……

Aryan to himself:-u…. Leave ,first let me change. (And went home to change)

That’s all for today’s guys…..

Looks like you are not finding it good interesting and good anymore😔😞😒😟… There were very less comments in last two chapters……

It takes 1 to 1.5 hours to write one episode….. But seeing less comments discourages me…….

By the way thank you for your lovely wishes now I am absolutely fine …..

Guys if you want to read any specific scene then you can surely send me a message ….. And I will see to it………. 😇😇😊….

Q. What do you think….. Kabir understood After listening to their conversation??? ..

Thank… You 🤩for reading. . …

Until I post again soon…. 😅

So. . . Byee😆😅😅

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