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Mere Sai 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarkar makes hosts choose Vallabh as the chief guest

Mere Sai 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Srikanth says I know it’s a difficult question but I am sure one of you will answer it successfully. He looks at Ujjwal. Ujjwal asks Srikanth if he can try. Srikanth agrees and gives him a chalk. All eyes turn to Ujjwal as he starts solving the question. Srikanth claps for Ujjwal. Everyone else joins in. Ujjwal smiles. Srikanth praises Ujjwal. It is the right answer. You have proved that you are the best student of the school. I have decided to get you enrolled in the maths competition which is due in few days. You will represent Shirdi. Everyone claps excitedly. We are sure Ujjwal will win and make us proud. Kids rush to hug Ujjwal. Sai and Appa Kote are watching them from outside. Srikanth goes to speak to them. To be honest, I dint believe Appa Saheb when he told me that so I gave the most difficult question to solve. I was waiting to see how Ujjwal will solve it. He did it and calculated everything mentally. They were perfect. He is exceptional in maths. Sai tells Appa Kote that this is the reason why He brought him here. You had to tell that thing to Srikanth. A teacher can do miracles if he knows the strengths and weaknesses of his students. Appa Kote says I am sure the miracle will happen. Ujjwal will make Shirdi proud.

Prahalad returns home. Sarkar asks Prahalad about studies. Prahalad says I scored very well in all the subjects except maths. Ujjwal is best in maths. Sarkar calls him dumb but Prahalad says he is exceptional in maths. He has been chosen for the maths competition because of his talent. It is about to happen soon. No one can beat him in maths. He answers the question before Srikanth ji even completes it. He will surely win. Sarkar nods. Prahalad heads to his room. Santa asks Sarkar what he is thinking. Sarkar says Vallabh’s pride will increase is his son wins. I wont let it happen. Banta asks him what he will do. Sarkar says I know what needs to be done. Now I will do something to make sure that Ujjwal will be proven dumb again. His father will lose his respect. Vallabh will be forced to leave Shirdi after getting embarrassed twice! Hari Om! Santa asks Sarkar what the plan is. Sarkar smirks.

Appa Kote remarks that Sai could recognize what even Ujjwal’s talent when his own father couldn’t! Sai says inferiority complex stops the fountain / waterfall from moving the stone aside and flowing freely. I have just moved the stone aside. Now this waterfall will flow freely.

Sarkar says now that Vallabh will be in pain.

Sai offers flowers to Saraswati Ma. Those blessed by you become successful. Please give confidence to Ujjwal too. Keshav gives the slate and chalk to Sai. Sai thanks him. Keshav asks him who it is for. Sai says you will know when it’s time. Sai writes something on the slate.

Ujjwal solves his questions correctly before anyone else. Srikanth keeps guiding him throughout. Everyone is taking good care of Ujjwal at Baizama’s place too. Sai smiles as he looks at Ujjwal who is immersed in his books. Baizama smiles in Sai’s direction upon noticing him. Days pass. Keshav is still curious about the slate. He watches Sai writing something on it every now and then. It is night but Ujjwal keep studying.

Vallabh is leaving for work when Nirmala gives him lunch. He tells her that he will come back from Kopargaon by evening. You will be able to manage on your own, right? She nods. He says I cannot believe how my one kid is so independent and responsible while the other is a fool. He leaves.

Baizama welcomes someone. Sarojini feeds Ujjwal while he is studying. Baizama brings Nirmala. See who is here. Sarojini and Ujjwal get emotional. Ujjwal hugs his sister. NIrmala smiles at her mother and hugs her. Nirmala looks at the papers on the floor. Sarojini tells her that they have been solved by Ujjwal. Nirmala looks at her brother in surprise. Sarojini tells her everything (in mute). Nirmala spends the day at Baizama’s house with her family. The house is filled with joy and laughter. Nirmala realises it is evening. I must go home now. Baba must be on his way home. They bid her adieu with a heavy heart.

Sarojini is with Sai. Ujjwal has changed so much. He has become just the way his Baba wanted him to be. Wish he could see him once and realise his mistake. Sai says people realise their mistake when acceptance breaks the arrogance.

Organizers request Sarkar to be the chief guest. Sarkar says I know maths but I am not a specialist. Organizers assure him that he will be given the answers beforehand. Sarkar says as the leader of 3 villages, I have some duty towards Shirdi. There is a responsible and just guy in Shirdi. I am sure he will make sure that the competition is held without any bias. He will be the best judge. Santa and Banta wonder what Sarkar is up to. Organizers ask Sarkar who he is referring to.

Everyone has come together for the competition. Nirmala is also there. I will go back before Baba will be home. I would have regretted it if I hadn’t been here for my brother today. Hosts explain the rounds to everyone. Nirmala reminds her brother how she had told him that he will be felicitated if he will recognize his talent. I am sure you will win today. Participants are called inside. The test starts. Once done, Ujjwal excitedly tells Srikanth that he answered all the questions correctly. Srikanth and Sarojini praise him on his efforts.

Two students have been selected for the final roung. Ujjwal is one of them. Everyone claps / hugs Ujjwal excitedly. Hosts invite the special guest to ask the last question – Vallabh Bhadke. Ujjwal panics.

Precap: Sarkar, Vallabh and both the kids are in a room for the final round. Sarkar asks Vallabh how Ujjwal could be here if he is dumb. He is spending too much time with that Fakir these days!

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