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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav exposes Sulochana and Amruta

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Someone burning report in Kanika’s cabin, Raghav and Deshmukh’s walk in and say we know you are hiding there so walk out…

Pallavi says to Raghav you won’t forget my name next 7 lives…

Sometime back…

Vijay angry at Raghav says he is just a mess ruining happiness, Sharda says but today he was here to tell the truth about abortion, Vijay says but Pallavi stopped him, Sharda says because Rahul’s family was there, and who is she saving. Sharda gets a call and she takes Vijay along with him.
Asha gets a call and she asks Rahul to quickly come with her.
Krishna gets a call and she decides to take Pallavi with her.

A person all clothed in black enters Kanika’s cabin and starts buring abortion report hides listening to door sound. Everyone arrives there, Raghav says I know you are hiding there come out, Pallavi says enough Raghav, Sharda says quite Pallavi we want to know the truth, Raghav says quickly come out, the person comes out, Raghav says remove mask, Pallavi says Raghav no please, Sharda says shut up Pallavi, Amruta removes mask, Raghav walks to her and says oh you burned report, its a fake one, the real one is with me, Sulochana and Milind walk in, Raghav says good you came, Vijay asks what all is this, Raghav says I made Farhad call everyone to come here, you wouldn’t believe my truth and so I plotted all this and I knew Amruta would definitely come here, Amruta says to Sulochana its not my fault, Sulochana says its all fake, we can make 1000 such fake reports, Raghav says yes and you know the address too, because you were behind all this, you would do anything with Pallavi why drag me, Farhad walks in with Kanika.

Raghav asks Kanika to tell the truth, Kanika says Pallavi was here for stomach infection, I lied and truth is Amruta had abortion, and I lied because Sulochana asked me too, she paid my education loan and in return asked me to do so, I am sorry Pallavi, Sulochana says she is lying, Raghav says okay lets check CCTV footage then and Pallavi I hate our names together and so I made this clear. Pallavi walks to Raghav and says you didn’t clear things but messed it more and I wont spare you anymore, Raghav and Farhad leave.

Sharda says to Sulochana, we know you hate Pallavi but all this how could you, Asha says yes how could you blame someone innocent, Sulochana says its all misunderstanding andy Mansi is a very good girl, Asha says we don’t want this marriage, Pallavi says Aunty, Mansi and Rahul love eachother a lot don’t separate them, Milind says please dont punish my daughter for something she has nothing to do with, Mansi walks in and says I should be punished for having a mother like her, Sulochana says I did it for you and Amruta, I will beg Aasha but you will marry Rahul. Mansi says you are the biggest problem, I feel ashamed to call you mother, Mansi walks to Rahul and says I am sorry my mother knows to just give pain, and till Asha aunty accept us I wont marry you, Pallavi says we will talk to Asha aunty, Mansi says its late people have messed it, and sorry baba, Milind says all will be managed, we will do as you want, calm down. Asha leaves with Rahul.

Sulochana goes to her room, Amruta follows her and says I. sorry, I did this to save Mansi’s marriage, I didn’t know Raghav had planned all this and Asha would cancel wedding, Sulochana slaps her, Amruta says why are you slapping me I had told you truth long time, I had a slip when I was intoxicated, and abortion and Pallavi was your plan, Sulochana closes door and hits her and says who asked you to tell the truth, and I am a joke because of you, Milind, Sharda, Pallavi rush to Amruta’s help, Pallavi stops Sulochana, Sulochana says here she is again, she wants to take my daughter’s away from me, all drama, because of you my daughter is ashamed of me, Pallavi says I understand your pain but your daughter’s need you now, Sulochana says do a thing kill me, Milind slaps Sulochana.

Pre cap: Raghav gets call from Harish regarding Amma.
Farhad says to Raghav that Pallavi won’t do this.
Vijay throws Pallavi out of house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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