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Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 21

Epi begins with vansh stunned to see Ron and Cam hugging him. Kabir says what morhan,do u have any words to say. Morgan says its Morgan not morhan. Vansh says so. Morgan says it was your luck. Next time  you won’t get away with it. Ron says don’t you dare threaten my Daredevil crew. Morgan says we also have our crew name. Kabir says what. Morgan says wolf crew. Vansh laughs. Cam and Ron look at each other and they laugh also. Morgan says what’s funny. Ron says let’s go guys our prize is waiting for us. Double of the betting money. He glares at wolf crew and went.

After sometime Cam informs prize money has been transferred to our account. Ron says now transfer to our crews account. Crew says we don’t want it u can use it. Ron says what no guys that’s your money. Crew says money is not important but a life is. Ron smiles. He hugs his crew. Vansh says to kabir what’s happening. Kabir says happy re union. Cam says guys now its time we have todo double. Ron nods. Vansh says we won the race where are you going. Ron says come with us. Cam says everyone know the plan. Crew nods. Ron says where will we get it. Cam says near the bus stop. Ron says lets go. Cam says vansh you sit with Ron and kabir come with me in the car. Vansh says where are we going. Ron says stealing .Vansh says what. Ron smiles. Vansh sees another Ten cars following them with two crew member each. Kabir says what’s going on. Cam says shut up. Cam says Ron.Ron stops the car. He points towards a truck with loads of sports cars. Ron smiles. Vansh says what are you gonna do. Ron smiles. Vansh says you guys are theives. Ron nods. Vansh says you weren’t lying when you said you’re gonna steal. Ron smiles. Vansh says stop smiling Ron. Cam says guys lets go. Ron says vansh drive the car. Vansh says don’t tell me you gonna steal cars from a traveling truck. Ron nods. Vansh says this is crazy. Ron says I know. He signals the crew. Ron jumps to the truck. He was about to fall but holds the rope and climbs up. Ron says vansh keep driving and meet us at the highway.Cam and others joins Ron. They take out their tools and they some how managed unlock the cars. Truck driver is not noticing because he had headphones. Ron say now. Ron and others drives the car and jump off from the truck. Vansh was seeing them from far. Ron says signals the crew to part aways and meet him in the highway. They part ways and meets eachother. Ron says guys are u ok. Everyone nods. Cam says but car got dents it was new cars .Ron says we will fix it. Just then vansh grabs Ron’s collar. Cam says vansh. Vansh says Ron I thought you were just a illegal racer but no u are a thief and how can you risk everyone’s life like that. Crew gets angry and ask vansh to leave Ron .Ron says relax guys. Cam says leave it vansh. Vansh doesn’t. Vansh says what will you get from this. Ron couldn’t meet his eyes. Cam says enough and you don’t know nothing about Ron. We can do anything for our loved ones .We will do anything to save our loved ones. Vansh says what you mean. Just then Ron gets a call. Ron says yes we have it and this time its double. Did u went to see the doctor. Thank god its safe.  He cuts the call.

Vansh says who was it. Ron takes out the gun and points to vansh. He says enough Ive had enough .Now your only job is here is to win racers that’s it. Don’t you dare to tell me what to do. Kabir says easy. Cam says btw kabir you are really a good driver. Kabir says thank you. Ron says let’s go guys we have to deliver the cars. Crew nods and looks at vansh angrily.

After some time Ron’s place. Ron tries to treat his bruises. He winces in pain. Vansh sees him. He comes to help him. Ron says I can take care of myself. Vansh says I know. He treats Ron’s bruised. Vansh says iam sorry I didn’t mean to snap. Ron says listen vansh this is what we do. Look please don’t get involved too much. He went. Kabir comes sits with vansh and says penny for your thoughts. Vansh says Ron is not the bad guy here. I think there’s something else and  I will find it out.

Precap: Vansh says my brake is not working. Ron comes to vansh rescue and he gets himself in danger. Cam call Marcus and says vansh is ok but Ron…he cries.

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