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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan plans a holi party

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan recalling his words to Ishqi. He feels guilty. Maasi says its tough to get raised without a mum. He says I didn’t know about her parents. Ishqi gets a work call. She says I m coming to sign the papers. She leaves. She comes home and sees Ahaan. She asks him to keep the money, its her parents’ values. She says you can throw any lecture on my face, I had apologized to you, my parents have taught this to me, not like you to insult anyone and taunt on one’s upbringing. She says if there is any problem in the marriage, then you can punish me, I will be ready, this is my upbringing, go from here. She thinks now he will tell his long dialogues. Ahaan leaves. Maasi gets tea for him. Ishqi says he had some work, so he left.

Maasi says I wanted to say thanks to him. Ishqi says I thanked him. Maasi says your parents would have been proud of you. Ishqi cries and hugs her. Ahaan looks on. Ishqi says I miss mum and dad a lot. Ahaan gets sad. He leaves and hits his car. He says I had taunted the same thing which Sonu and I have heard since childhood. Raj comes to meet Sonu. She says I want to tell about Mayank and me. He asks what happened. She says I didn’t tell you something. She tells everything. He says you didn’t tell me anything, why didn’t you come to me, any ways, Mayank started this, I will end this. She says please don’t do anything, I wanted to tell you and Ishqi but Mayank apologized to me. Raj asks did you forgive him. She says no, what shall I do of him now. He says Mayank’s sorry is fake. She says he sounded true. He asks did you believe him. She says no, but its about Ishqi, so much happened in her engagement. He says she needs to know about her cheap fiance. Sonu says Ahaan would know everything about Mayank and me. Ahaan comes home and thinks of Ishqi.

Raj says you are his sister. Sonu says yes, he thinks a family’s pride and respect is in a girl’s hands. Kartik teases Ahaan and asks him to be his brother forever. Ahaan says shut up, I need your help. Kartik says its so normal to take my help. Sonu says everyone has disappointed Ahaan, I can’t disappoint him. Raj says your family is modern, why to think to say a small thing. Sonu says its not a little thing. Raj says Mayank is a cheap man, how can he be Ahaan’s best friend. She says I can’t disappoint Ahaan. Raj says you don’t want to tell Mayank’s secret to keep family prestige. Sonu says I don’t care for family prestige or values, but I care for Ahaan, he will be heartbroken knowing about Mayank and me. Ahaan comes and says Sonu, so sorry, Raj maybe you were talking something imp. Raj says yes. Ahaan asks all okay. Raj says yes, Mayank… Ahaan says I also want to talk about Mayank, his engagement got spoiled, lets do something tomorrow. Sonu says Ishqi loves holi, Mayank wants to do something special for her. Raj says yes. Ahaan says we will keep a holi party. Raj says you and Sonu have a problem with holi. Sonu says of course. Kartik says we will adjust, its for Ishqi. Sonu says yes. Ahaan says fine, its Mayank’s plan.

He thinks Ishqi’s fav festival is holi. Suman and Chachi have a talk. Chachi says its holi tomorrow, when are you planning engagement. Suman says I was thinking to keep a small ceremony. Chacha says don’t think much, Mayank and Ahaan are same for us, I request you to invite all guests. Dadi taunts about Ishqi. She says Suman is a good Saas. Ahaan and Kartik come. Suman says thanks for the help. Mayank comes. Suman asks when shall we keep the engagement. Mayank says its holi tomorrow. Dadi says it can’t happen tomorrow, Ahaan and Sonu stay in their rooms on holi. Ahaan signs Sonu. Sonu says we will celebrate holi and also plan engagement. Ahaan says Mayank, you said your fiancee loves holi, so we shall celebrate. Dadi asks will you celebrate holi for Ishqi. Ahaan says for everyone, we will call Sarla also, we will keep holi party and engagement. Sonu and Raj go to call Sarla. Dadi says holi celebration won’t happen tomorrow, it will happen on one condition.

Ahaan comes to invite Ishqi. She adds salt in the tea. Ahaan coughs drinking the tea. Mayank stares at Sonu. Raj sees him and punches his face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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