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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat’s Adamant Decision

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai returns home and knocks door. Virat doesn’t let family open door. Shivani asks Virat what will neighbors think if Sai continues banging door. Sai thinks a big dhamaka will happen today and continues pleading to open door. Ashwini requests Virat to let Sai in and take his decisions in the morning as its not appropriate to let her stay out whole night. Usha pleads Virat. Virat warns that Sai will not stay here and will return to Gadchiroli. Usha says she will also go with Sai. Bhavani yells at her and asks her to leave. Sai calls everyone’s name to open door. Usha opens door. Sai asks where was she as she was knocking door since long, if everyone are slept. Virat shouts no and warns her to dare not step in. He walks to her and says there is no place for her in this house. She requests to listen to her once. He warns to return silently as there is no place for betrayers in this house. Bhavani yells if Pulkit didn’t let her stay in his house. Sonali yells that he misused her goodness, married Devi, and kicked her out. Sai warns Sonali that she will answer all her questions once she is in or else neighbors will hear her answers and it will be troublesome to them.

Virat yells he will not listen to anything and will not let her in this house at any cost. Bhavani’s puppets smirk hearing that. Sai says when everyone will find out that he didn’t let his wife at midnight, what will he reply them. Virat says let them know why he is not letting his wife in her own house. Ninad yells after creating so much drama in wedding venue, she is expecting them to forgive her. Omkar (waiting for his chance) yells next. Ashwini asks Sai why did she take Devi away and got her married to Pulkit. Sai says she doesn’t repent her act and they will repent after knowing truth. Virat (who gets into Sholay’s Thakur’s character repeatedly, mimicking Thakur’s facial expressions and dialogue style) adamantly yells to get out of this place as she betrayed him like Pulkit and left him in pain forever. Sai says Pulkit is not a fraud. He says Pulkit is 100% fraud, he made fake documents with Sai’s tip and played his game well. Sai says Pulkit is not a liar. He yells he knows what plan she made in his absence. She says she didn’t make an plan, instead she will tell what others did. She then stops reminiscing Pulkit telling that Virat will lose trust on his family after knowing their heinous act. Bhavani insists Virat to announce his verdict. Virat says he already gave his verdict, Sai will not stay in Chavan Nivas from here on and she should take back even Usha to Gadchiroli.

Ashwini pleads Virat not to do that, but he warns her not to interfere and shouts at Sai to get out. Usha tells him that they will always repent the decisions taken in anger. Sai asks her not to interfere between her and Virat. Pakhi walks to Virat and says she doesn’t think Sai will leave this house as it was her drama and she is adopted to Chavan Nivas’ lavish life, she even knows that she needs money to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor which he is giving her, etc. Sai warns her that she already told Usha not to interfere between her and her husband; when Pakhi has already interfere, let her answer her or will she read her mind and if she is, what is she thinking. Pakhi says she doesn’t know. Sai says when she doesn’t know anything, then why did she interfere; she is blind in hatred and is seeing only bad in opponent, which doesn’t matter to the opponent. Pakhi says girls like her are selfish and think only of their benefit. Sai says a selfish person thinks others as selfish; Pakhi never did anything till now except thinking of herself. Virat shouts how dare she is to insult Pakhi. Bhavani yells not to waste time and shut the door on Sai’s face.

Ninad says he is very happy today as Virat is behaving like a true Chavan today and punishing his wife for her mistake, but he is not stone hearted to let a lonely girl stay out whole night, so he thought of giving one more chance to this girl; if she wants to stay in this house, she has to accept his condition of touching each family member and accepting that she made a mistake of getting Devi and Pulkit married, complain against Pulkit and bring Devi back home. Virat asks what kind of condition is this. Sai says she already told that whatever she did was right and she will not apologize. Sonali yells her sasur gave her a chance, but arrogant Sai doesn’t want to bend. Bhavani in her rudest form shouts at Sai to get out. Mohit requests Virat to listen to Sai once. Sonali yells Sai should apologize them. Sai says she will not.

Precap: Sai gathers neighbors and says Chavan deserve insult for mentally torturing their own daughter Devi. Virat warns that she is crossing her limits. Sai requests neighbors to support her so that Chavan family doesn’t do injustice to others.

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