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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 62

The episode starts with Siya being a kind relaxed.
She was being at the hale of the house so she could be sure that she is the one that will take the parcel not anyone else.
Siya to herself: I have to be strong and don’t make that illusion of mine could forbids me from protecting myself from being exposed. Just 10 minutes left for 8 pm so I have to be very alert.
She was looking at the door waiting that the parcel could reach in anytime.

Siya to herself: Thank God that there isn’t anyone at the hale of the house so I could merely take the parcel without making anyone notices that. I just have to control myself and don’t make anything fear me.
While Siya was waiting for the clock to be 8 pm, she has received another message from the unknown person.
The unknown person(texting): Just a couple of minutes left and your whole truth will come out. Don’t think that by being the only one in the hale of the house that this will prevents me from exposing you idiot as you will not be able to know what will found in the parcel.
Siya has got shocked knowing that this unknown person is aware of everything is happening around her.
She keeps looking around her in a worried way.
Then she has got some courage to type and reply to the unknown person.
Siya( texting): How you have known that I’m alone at the hale of the house?!
The unknown person( texting): Really?! Are you still asking me Siya?! You are a very stupid girl by the way. If I have succeeded in knowing your truth so of course I will be able to know what you are doing right now and what is happening around you.
Siya(texting): I don’t care about what damn you are knowing it and what you don’t know as still I will be the one who will take that parcel and you will not be able to expose me or make me be scared.
The unknown person( texting): You really deserve what will happen to you idiot. You weren’t deserving a very caring and loving grandma like your dadi. You weren’t deserving her at all cheap girl. I’m sure that she will be very happy when she could see what I will do with you stupid Siya.
After she has received that message, she starts hearing dadi’s voice once again.
It was very near to her.
She has got very terrified once again.
She wasn’t able to control herself and her fear.
Siya( raising her voice): Dadi, is that you? Dadiiii.
She kept calling dadi’s name with a fear in her voice.
Her fear and stress has made her isn’t able to know what is true and what is not.
As she starts to see dadi in front her.
She was seeing her screaming at her face.

Siya was terrified seeing dadi in front of her.
Siya’s brain wasn’t able to connect anything with each other.
Siya gets down on the floor and she was putting her hands around herself.
She was trying to calm herself down so she could manage to not be exposed.
At the same time, Kabir was watching Siya from the laptop.
He was being very happy and satisfied while seeing Siya in that condition.

Kabir to herself: Perfect! You have reached to the craziness that I was wanting you to reach to it stupid Siya. Just wait as your end is very soon to occur.
Kabir had looked at Sejal.

She was siting beside him watching Siya and she was also very happy.
Kabir: Now, we could start the next part of the plan.
Sejal: So let’s go to finish that part and end that idiot’s chapter forever.
Kabir and Sejal have left from their places.
At the hale of the house, Siya was very frightened.

Then she has tried to control herself when the she has heard the sound of the clock announcing that it is 8 sharp.

Siya was trying to give herself some courage.
Siya to herself: Siya, you have to control yourself. It is 8 pm. You have to reach to the parcel before anyone could reach to it. Be brave and don’t make that fear and illusion could have an effect on you.
At that moment, the door bells.
Siya has rushed to open the door before anyone.
She has opened the door and she has found a parcel being putted in front of the door.

She starts to search about the person that has sent the parcel, but she didn’t found anyone.
So she has taken the parcel and she has closed the door.
She was opening the parcel while she was very frightened and she wasn’t able to control her nerves.
When she has opened the parcel, she has found a small box and a sound recorder.

When she has opened the small box, she has got shocked seeing a doll being gotten in front of her in a fearful way.
Then she starts listening to the voice recorder while she was being very very scared.
It was an unfamiliar and very strict voice.
It seems to be an electronic voice not a real one.
She was being very terrified while hearing what that person was saying.
The unknown person: Of course after being getting that parcel stupid Siya you got very terrified and scared and that what I really want it. Admit your crime idiot. Admit your crime and I will leave you as I will keep terrifying you until you could admit your crime. Admit everything you have done. Admit your crime Siya. Admit that you are the one who has killed dadi. Admit that you are hating VR family so much. Admit that you were behind Vansh and Riddhima’s souls. Admit that you have joined hands with Aryan and Anuprya. Admit that you want to have the control on the work of VR family. Admit that you were wanting to kill Vansh and dadi is the one that has got killed instead of him. Admit your crime idiot. Admit your crime Siya.
The words of that unknown person kept being repeated on Siya’s brain.
She was unbalanced, shocked, and very frightened.
She wasn’t able to have the control on her own self.
She was wanting to stop that so much fear that surrounding her.
She starts screaming very loudly.
Siya( raising her voice and being frightened): Yes. I admit that I have done all those bad deeds. I’m the one who has killed dadi and actually I was wanting to kill Vansh, but she was the one who has got died instead of him. I admit that I hate that VR family so much. I hate them all except my father. The most one that I hate the most is Vansh. I hate him and I will always hate him and I was wanting to kill him so much and I’m still behind his soul. I admit that I have joined hands with Aryan and Anuprya to destroy Vansh and Riddhima. I admit that I have done all those stuff. Just shut up now.
She has thrown the voice recorder alone with throwing the game box.
She was screaming very much and being in so much hesitation.
While Siya was being in that so much fear and hesitation, she has heard a clapping of someone.
She has got shocked to see the person who was clapping.
That person has appeared to be Vansh.

He was looking at her in a very confident way.

She was shocked seeing him being standing on the the upper side of the stares.

Vansh: Wow Siya! You have finally admitted each and every cheap behaviour you have done it idiot.
Siya( being shocked): Vansh?! You?!
Vansh: Yes Siya. Why you are that shocked?! Oh! You are shocked because you have admitted your crime in front of me and now I have known your whole truth! Don’t worry not only me who has known that as everyone has known your truth idiot.
Riddhima has came beside Vansh.

Riddhima: All your truth and your bad deeds are exposed and you will not be saved from us idiot.
Vansh and Riddhima has gotten downstairs together while Riddhima was putting her hand on Vansh’s shoulder.

Siya was shocked and surprised while seeing Vansh and Riddhima in front of her.
Vansh was looking at Siya in a very angry and hatred way.

Vansh( being angry): You have done a very cheap behaviour stupid Siya and you will take the punishment on it. You have cheated me very much idiot and you will pay for it.
Siya wasn’t believing that her truth got exposed.
She wasn’t understanding how Vansh got to know her truth.
She was trying to control herself and have the control on her senses.
So she could get out of that situation.
She was trying to pretend as if she is a very innocent girl.
Siya( coming near Vansh): Vansh, I didn’t have done anything from those stuff. I was being blackmailed from an unknown person and that person was putting a pressure on me so much that’s why I have said those words. That person was making me very feared and terrified. I wouldn’t do something like that Vansh. How I would kill our own dadi?! It was just a plan Vansh and I know who is that person who has done that plan.
She has looked at Riddhima in a disgusting way.
Then she has raised her finger on her.
Siya: This cunning girl and her brother are the ones who are behind that plan. She isn’t like what she appears Vansh. She doesn’t love you at all. Also her brother isn’t less than her as he was blackmailing me and pressuring on me since a lot. So they are the ones who you must to punish them not me.
Vansh has got very angry on Siya.

So he has slapped her a very hard slap.

Then he has looked at Riddhima in a very caring and supportive way.

Riddhima has got relaxed when Vansh has looked at her in that way.

Moreover, Vansh has looked back at Siya while he was still very angry.
Vansh( being very angry): Enough Siya. Enough is enough stupid girl. Don’t you dare to say a word on Riddhima otherwise you will face more than what has already got prepared for you. Riddhima’s small nail is most valuable than you idiot so don’t you dare to say anything about her as you will find Vansh Rai Singhania facing you very much.

Riddhima was staring at Vansh while he was saying those words.

She was feeling very happy and satisfied while seeing him defending her and protecting her that much.

Vansh( completing his words): You have done and said a lot of stuff, but not anymore. You will not be able to get out of that situation even if you have tried very much.
Kabir( coming to stand beside Vansh and Riddhima): Shame on you Siya. You are still doing those evil and cheap stuff till now!! Do you are still sticking all those evil behaviors to anyone so you could get out of that situation?!
Sejal( joining them at the hale of the house): But actually you will not be able to do that.
Vansh: As you have got trapped Siya. You have got fooled by all of us idiot. We all are the reason of your horrible condition. We are the ones who has made you got to be that so much terrified and scared.
Riddhima: Actually, we are the ones who has made you admit all your crimes by your own so you couldn’t get any way to get out from what you have done.
Vansh: So you will never be able to fool us idiot as actually we are the ones who have fooled you idiot.
Siya was shocked and she wasn’t understanding what she is hearing from all of them.
Along with that her state was very critical and what they have done with her has really affected her mental health.
Siya: What nonsense you are all saying?! None of you could be able to fool Siya Rai Singhania. I will always be the one who is controlling that plan.
Vansh was looking at Siya in a very very angry way.

Vansh: Your over confidence is the thing that has made all of us fool you so much. What you don’t know that the unknown person that you were saying that was blackmailing you is me.
Siya( being shocked): What?!
Vansh: Yes idiot I’m the one who was making you that terrified and was making sure to make you very mad and tensed so you wouldn’t be able to control yourself.
Flashback shows Vansh texting Siya and putting pressure on her mind.

Vansh to himself: Just wait and watch stupid Siya and all your truth will come out. You don’t know how much I’m enjoying so much while I’m making you that mad. Just wait for some other time and I will make you admit all your bad deeds. * Flashback ends*
Angre has came to join them while punishing Siya.

Angre: By the way Siya, dadi’s voice wasn’t your illusion as it was from a voice recorder that it was with me and it was just a voice changer that looks like dadi’s voice.
Kabir: It was our plan stupid Siya. It was our plan to make you insane. To make you very stressed and tensed so you could confess about all your crimes and you could admit about all your bad deeds.

Sejal: Along with that we could enjoy while giving you a very tiny punishment for what you have done cheap girl.
Siya was shocked and surprised while hearing those stuff from them.
She was trying to control herself so could stay strong.
Siya: Even if all of you have known my truth, none of you will be able to expose me in front of dad. None of you will have any proof that could make me be punished for it. Everything I have done it doesn’t have any proof against it and the only ones who could be against me and expose me were Anuprya and Aryan and none of them will help you all now as Anuprya is at the mental health hospital and Aryan has been killed by my hand. So all what you are all doing will not be helpful at all. Especially that my dearest dad will never trust your words without proofs and I will always make him trust my own words as at the end I’m his daughter and he will trust me not you Vansh.
Vansh was smiling at Siya in a dangerous way.

Vansh: I will not answer you Siya as I will make another person answers you.
Vansh has signed to someone to enter.
Siya has got shocked when she has seen that person.
This person was Rudra.

Rudra: Who tells you Siya that I doesn’t know the whole truth from the beginning?! Who tells that I wasn’t with them in that plan?! Vansh was right when he has told you that we all have fooled as literally all of us have fooled you to trap you.
Siya( being shocked): What?!
Precap: “I will kill your Riddhima in front of you Vansh.”

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for the upcoming episode as Siya’s chapter is near to be finished. I just need all of yours suggestions about the punishment of Siya. I want to punish her a very hard and different punishment. So I need all of yours suggestions so I could come up with a very different punishment. I will be waiting for all of yours suggestions on the comments. Thank you so much guys for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make be able to reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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