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For you and with you (Episode 14)

Episode starts with Riddhima moving out of the house.Vansh smiles proudly on her decision and follows her out.Kabir was that much insulted that if he would have any gun at that moment then he would have killed Riddhima.
Riddhima was moving silently,lost somewhere,not knowing where to go.Vansh was following her quietly.
Kabir came running from behind andwas about to hurt Riddhima but Vansh stoppped him.
Then Kabir and Vansh started fighting furiously.Kabir hit on vansh’s face hard,Vansh beated him back furiously.
Riddhima turned and found them fighting.Kabir fainted but Vansh was still beating him because he was about to hurt Riddhima.
Riddhima stopped him ,but he didn’t stop.She hugged Vansh from back and Vansh stopped,he came back to senses and looked at Riddhima.She seemed to be so much confused .He called Angre and asked him to pick up Kabir.
Riddhima again started moving and Vansh was again following her.
Riddhima stopped and looked him back.She had a lot of pain in her heart,which she was holding with great difficulty.Her eyes were dried but it didn’t mean that she had no pain.She had got so much hurt that she couldn’t pour it out.
Riddhima: `For God sake Vansh,go away.Don’t come behind me,go back to your house.See you are so much hurt,you upper lip,its bleeding.Please go back.
Vansh: I ..I actually don’t know the way back to home.I dropped my car somewhere when I was finding you.
Riddhima gave him a look as she is unable to explain him anything.She was not in mood of saying anything.
She again started moving,Vansh again followed her.
Riddhima: ( In a voice that it is over) Vanshhh please..Pleasee go back.You ..why are you not understanding..you had done a lot for me today ,please leave now.
Vansh : Amm..It is a park nearby.should we go there? I will clean up my wound from water there..and angre..he will come to take me from there.
Vansh moved and Riddhima followed him silently.
Vansh washed his face.Blood was still oozing out as wound was deep still he managed to stop it for a moment.
He turned at Riddhima.She was stnding there ,all hurt,no expressions,no feelings,as if breath is coming out and in in a dead body,it seemed like a vast desert to Vansh..He had no words to say to her.He moved to her and hugged her tightly.
RIddhima realised ,and tried to make him away.
Riddhima: Vansh..what are you doing? Leave me..
He hugged her more tightly.
Vansh: Cry
RIddhima: What?
Vansh: Cry and pour your heart out.
Riddhima: Vansh its nothing like thhat..I am fine ,just leave me..
She tried to make him away,but all in vain,he was holding her too tightly.She then stopped efforts of making him away.
He again said cry.
She couldn’t say anything ,her throat was about to make crying sound,she still tried to hold herself,she kept her hand on his chest and closed her eyes.Within a moment Riddhima started crying unconsably.
She removed hand from his chest,and made her hands around him.And crying even more loudly and hugged him back even more tightly.
Unknowing to both oof them ,one or twoo drop of blood dropped from vansh’s upper lip wound in Riddhima hairline.
They both had no idea about it.They both were crying.
After some moments ,Riddhima controlled herself,and tried to move away from him,Vansh also understood,he didn’t want to make her away but still permitted.
They both got away..Riddhima was still sobbing and crying,her face was all wet by tears and red,so she also washed her face.
Riddhima: Vansh..now you may go home.
Vansh held her hand and started taking her.
Riddhima: Vansh…where are you tak..
They reached to Vansh’s car,Angre opened the gate,he was sitting at driver’s seat.
Vansh: Riddhima its my car,and he..he is angre.My shadow.He helped a lot to find you today.
Riddhima thanked him by nodding.Angre too smiled.
Riddhima: So you may leave now vansh..
Vansh: We may leave now..for your new apartment.
Riddhima: Apa what? No ways Vansh.You already had done a lot today.
Vansh: What I am to you?
Riddhima stayed stunned by his queestion.They both shared an eye lock,
Riddhima: You..you just understand that now ,I only have you in my life,no one else is left.
Vansh smiled.
Vansh: Soo do it create any difference if I find apartment for you or you find it yourself? Riddhima..you have to pay rent and you will pay that yourself,I just as a friend helped you to find that.
Riddhima agreed.
Vansh: And this car..yaar you can atleast take a single ride in your life by your friend.
Riddhima was quiet.
Vansh: fine.
Vansh opened the back seat door of car and pushed her lightly inside the car,And closed thee door.Before she could say anything he sat on front,beside angre and told him to drive fast.
Riddhima laughed a little.Vansh did first aid of his wound.
They breached her new apartment.
Riddhima got down of car .
Vansh: Angre…had you brought that?
Angre nodded and gave the bag to vansh.
Vansh smiled.
Vansh: Ishani..she mightt be angry that I am taking her fiance out at this time of day.
Angre laughed and shied.
Vansh also laughed and hugged him back and got down of car and reached Riddhima.
Riddhima was staring the apartment building from far,as she want to imprint its picture in her mind.She realised that Vansh is looking at her,she turned to him and before she could say anything ,he drapped a beautiful dupatta around her.
Riddhima realised what he did,and felt the warmth of dupatta.her eyes became wet.
Vansh: Its my ..mother’s dupatta.Actually…my late mother’s dupatta.I told angre to bring this from my mom’s shelf.
Riddhima became stunned.Tears dropped out of her eyes and she hugged Vansh.
They both smiled.Ishq me marjavan played.
Precap: Vansh: Do you trust me?
Riddhima : Yes ,,..
Vansh: Then jump from this terrace.Riddhima stands shocked.

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