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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 16)

Hello Guys, Actually I got a interval of 2 days from my exams So I thought to post an episode as all of you may forget about me and my FF. So this one is posting to tell that even if I stopped posting till my exams, I will always with all of you.

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The episode starts with Vansh dropping Riddhima at her college. She opened the door and get down from the car.

Vansh : Sweetheart, you’re leaving without giving me a thank you gift ? I won’t leave you until I get my fee of dropping you.

He holds her wrist.

Riddhima : Vansh, leave it yaar…Oh dean is coming !

Hearing this Vansh freed her hand and look around. In the mean time Riddhima ran a little and stopped.

Riddhima (chuckling) : Sorry Vansh…I had to fool you otherwise you won’t leave me the whole day.

Vansh : This is cheating Sweetheart. How can you do this to me. I promise I’ll surely take revenge for this.

Riddhima : But you can’t Vansh. Anyway I’ll give you a small gift.

She gave him a flying kiss and ran from there.

Vansh (Smiling) : This Girl is impossible !!!

When Riddhima entered the campus, some boys make a circle around her.

B 1 : Hello Ms. Cutey, we are your seniors. We came to Rag you. Its compulsory.

Riddhima : What….my seniors?? Do you know with whom are you talking ?

B 2 : Why should we know who you are? Show us some dance moves as your punishment.

Riddhima : Oh hello….I won’t do it. I am your senior. I think you all are 1st year students, that’s why you don’t know me. If you want to know me then come to last year MBBS class.

B 3 : Your trick won’t go with us. You are saying that you are last year student to escape from us..right? Good attempt but won’t work with us.

B 1 : We don’t repeat anymore. Dance in front of us, otherwise consequences will be heavy.

Riddhima : I said I won’t. That’s it. A NO means NO.

B 4 : Then be ready to face the consequences ms. cutey.

He grabbed her hand with force.

Suddenly he felt a slap on his face. 👇👇👇

Its Riddhima who slapped him with her other hand (I think everyone thought it Vansh, right?😉 ).

Riddhima : First of all learn to behave well with girls. If don’t then get used to such slaps. Girls aren’t the one whom all of you think as down to earth. They are like matchbox that have many matchsticks to burn down people like you. So don’t mess with girls.

Everyone who have seen the whole situation clapped hearing her words. She tried to go from there suddenly the boy who is slapped by Riddhima held her hand and tried to slap her…..

Then everyone stood there saw him on the ground. Now its our Vansh.

Vansh : How dare you touch VRS’s girl friend?

He gave a dangerous look to them.

He punched the boy further. Then he fought with the 4 boys and now their condition is very poor to say.

Boys (unison) : Sorry ma’am. We won’t do anything like this ever in our life. Spare us. We thought you are a first year student like us. So tried to rag you.

Riddhima : Its good that you all accepted your mistake. But even when I told you I’m last year student, why didn’t you believed it.

Boys : We thought you were tricking us and you were short too. So…thought that you are junior.

Riddhima (angry) : Short !!! Seriously you thought I am junior because of my height. I won’t leave you now.

The boys left from there sensing that she won’t leave them if they stood there even for a minute. But Vansh laughed seeing Riddhima being angry about her “height”.

Riddhima : Vansh why are you laughing like a maniac ?

Vansh : They are right Sweetheart. You look like a little girl. (He once again failed to control his laugh).

Riddhima hit him.

His facial expression was cute.

Vansh : Ok I won’t laugh. I’m going.

Riddhima : Vaise, why did you came back ?

Vansh : Actually I forgot to tell you that I have planned a date this evening at ABC restaurant. Don’t forget and be there at time.

Riddhima : Ok Vansh. Bye.

Vansh : Bye. See you at evening.

Riddhima left to her class and Vansh to his Office.

Precap : Riansh’s date.

So guys please support me and my FF. Don’t think that I didn’t comment to your FF’s intentionally. I hardly get time to read all your FF’s. So hope all of you liked the episode. Bye👋👋👋

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