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RadhaKrishn 13th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayan’s Cunning Act

RadhaKrishn 13th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna kills Makdikasur. Little who were possessed by Makdikasur apologize Krishna and say they were forcefully made Makdikasur by Kans. Krishna says their asur/evil within them helped Kans misuse their soul. They thank Krishna for saving them and run away from there. Radha reaches with Barsana team and is amused to see Makdikasur dead. Krishna comes from behind and acts as just arriving. Radha asks where was he. He says he was afraid of Makdikasur. Radha says someone killed Makdikasur already before they reached here. Krishna jokes Radha’s bad bansuri music killed Makdikasur. Everyone laugh. Radha fumes in anger and tries to play bansuri, but in vain. Makdikasur’s body disintegrates and disappears in sky. Krishna jokes even Makdikasur’s body disintegrated with Radha’s

bansuri music, it is so powerful weapon to kill anyone. Everyone laugh out loudly. Radha gets more angry and asks everyone to get back to work. Radha asks why this bansuri is not playing, it must be defective. Krishna says music comes from love. Radha says she loves him, then why she cannot play music. Krishna jokes not to play again, else some innocent person will be killed. Radha runs behind him trying to hit him.

Mahadev watches from Kailash and says love is hidden even in Krishna taunting Radha. Gowri ji says all men love troubling women. Mahadev asks when did he. She asks to remember. He says okay but.. She says he agreed he troubles her then. He says no..She says he and her brother are same and they love troubling women. Mahadev stands spellbound.

Radha performs pooja in the evening. Krishna describes Maha Gowri mata’s story. Next day, mela starts again and in the evening Radha performs pooja again and Krishna describes Skanda mata’s story. Radha says they have collected enough money to repay loan tomorrow. Ayan thinks he will not let Radha repay her loan. Nand says all money will be handed over to sponsor under Ayan’s supervision. Next day, Balram and his friends count money. Ayan tells Jatila that he stole 1000 coins already. Balram informs Radha that 1000 coins are still needed. Radha says they earned more than needed and asks him to count again. He counts again and repeats same. Sponsors enter and ask Radha to return their loan. Radha says loan amount is read with interest, but 1000 coins are missing, which she will give later. They start their verbal drama that Radha failed to keep her promise and should vacate Barsana. Kirtida pleads not to do that and give them any solution. Sponsor says then Vrishbhan has to keep his pagdi/cap in their feet and apologize. Everyone stand shocked. Radha says her father will not do that.

Precap: Sponsors order to kick out all Barsana and Vrindavan vasis. Vrishbhan agrees to remove his pagdi and keep it in their feet when Krishna enters and stops him.

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