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Naagin Season 3 13th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 13th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir, Bela, Vish and Vikrant seeing the little girl in the room. Vish asks who are you? Sumitra comes and asks Vish if she couldn’t recognize her own blood. She asks them to say hello to Tamsee. She says she is Hukum’s daughter. Vish says Tamsee…Tamsee asks who are you? Vish sits down and looks at her emotionally. She hugs her calling her daughter. Tamsee looks on with evil eyes and looks angrily. Bela, Mahir and Vikrant looks at her. Vish tries to make her wear locket which Aghori baba gave her, but Tamsee pushes her. Sumitra says I forgot to tell that Tamsee didn’t like any stranger to touch her. They all are shocked. Vish says how she can grow so fast. Bela says she is not an ordinary girl. Vish says she is my daughter and says you said that she will be fine. Bela

says I thought. Mahir says she will become adult soon. Vikrant says once she become adult, her evil powers will increase then it will be impossible to change her. Vish says she can change and asks Bela to ask Aghori baba. Bela says Tamsee will not agree to go to him, and says we have seen her evil power. Mahir says we will not accept defeat, and will win.

Mahir comes to meet Kuhu. Kuhu hugs him and takes him inside. Mahir asks how is Ruhi? Boltu says she is like her mum and hugs him. Mahir thanks Boltu for helping them and tells that Hukum’s baby have become 5 years old. He says they need our help and asks her to come. Kuhu says no and goes inside. She applies Tilak to Mahir and wishes him happy holi. Mahir says happy holi and promises that everything will be fine this holi. Boltu asks what about me? she applies holi color to him. Tamsee is playing with robot toy. Vikrant comes and plays with her. Tamsee asks him to leave her toy. Vish comes there and plays with them. She asks Tamsee to help her, and tells that she couldn’t reach the toy. Tamsee plays with the toy and does hifive with Vish. She then looks evilly and says she doesn’t like anyone touch, but as she is playing with her, it is ok. Vish looks at her smiling. Tamsee also smiles. Bela throws holi color on Sumitra and wishes her happy holi calling her sasumaa. She then applies color to her. Sumitra gets irritated. Boltu flirts with Rohini. Sumitra comes and asks him to go. She takes her to mirror. Rohini shouts looking at herself in the mirror. Bela comes there and asks Tamsee if she heard someone shouting. Tamsee says she don’t want to know. Bela asks if she wants to play holi. Tamsee asks about it. Vish, Vikrant and Bela tell her about holi and tells that they splash colors on each other and play with color water also. Bela says everyone is playing outside. Tamsee says even she wants to play. Sumitra tells why Bela is playing holi. Alek tells that they were playing with Tamsee and Mahir gathered a lot of crowd to play holi. Rohini asks how to get rid of this color. Sumitra tells Alek that the people in the party are not humans, but snakes. She asks him to go and tell hukum. Rohini asks what to do? Sumitra asks her to do make up.

Tamsee says even I want to play holi. Sumitra stops her. Tamsee says she doesn’t like if anyone stops her. Sumitra says even I want to wish you happy holi and asks her to wait, goes to wish Vikrant and Vish. She says what do you that I will not know what you people are doing. Vikrant says we are scared. Tamsee says she don’t like to wait. Sumitra says I don’t like Tamsee. Vish says that’s why we are freeing her from you. Bela comes and asks her to play holi. Sumitra says she is best at playing chess. Bela says you had already lost the game and asks what you will play with me. Sumitra asks her not to act smart with her. Tamsee says she will not wait anymore. Sumitra says it is a bad game. Tamsee says she will play. Bela asks Tamsee to come. Vikrant asks Sumitra to come and play holi with her and says we have black color as well. Kuhu comes and stops Sumitra. She asks her to play holi with her first. Sumitra says she knows that she is stopping her from going out. Bela calls mahir and he tells her that they will take Tamsee from here. Kuhu asks Sumitra to apply color. Sumitra becomes snake and is about to bite her, but Kuhu throws the flower on her. Sumitra becomes human. Rohini comes and tells kuhu that she would have made back up plan. Boltu comes and asks Kuhu to run. He throws net with flower on it. Sumitra and Rohini get trapped. Kuhu tells that she had good friends and don’t need a bad mum like her. Sumitra asks her to take revenge from Bela for killing their friends. Kuhu says Bela is not wrong and never killed any innocent. She says I had enough of you. Alek comes to Hukum and tells about their plan. Hukum says if something happens to my daughter then…bela tells Tamsee that Vikrant drives nicely. She asks Tamsee to come for a ride.

Tamsee asks Vish not to touch her and tells that she will play first. Vikrant tells that they have to wait and tells that Hukum will reach Aghori baba first. He tells that they have to handle Hukum and tells that when he comes here, then the snakes will throw Gangajal on him and this color is Abhimantric sindoor which he got from bhole nath temple. Bela and Vish appreciate his plan. Mahir says Hukum will have no way now and appreciates him. Bela says what we will do until he comes here. Vish says he might have thought. Vikrant says we will play holi first as it is the first after marriage for both of us. Bela says lets make it more interesting. Vish says yes. Bela whispers something in Vish’s ears and runs. Mahir runs behind Bela. Bela asks him not to touch her and says this is the condition. Mahir says how to apply color then? Bela says may be you can’t apply color to me. She says there is no condition for me and applies color to his face. Mahir holds her hand and says I will not touch you, but can apply color to your face. Bela says you can’t color me with your hand. Mahir rubs his cheeks with hers, and the color gets applied to her cheeks. Bela says now you can touch me. Mahir holds her and then applies color to her neck. Kyunki mujhse zyada plays…..They have a romantic moment. Bela smiles as Mahir applies color to her neck. Mahir asks her not to keep easy condition for him next time. He says I love you. Bela says I love you too…

Vish asks Vikrant to remarry her again, as when they married…he was in Yuvi’s avatar and she was in Bela’s avatar. Vikrant says I didn’t know that I was marrying you. He thinks how to marry her and thinks of Abhimantric sindoor. Some snake men stop Vish. Vikrant takes her to side and fills her maang with sindoor, and tells her that he will fulfill all the promises. Vish gets emotional. Vikrant says I hope that we have love blossom between us and tells that I have never loved anyone more than you and will never love anyone more than you. Hukum and Alek come there. Boltu says you can’t do anything. Hukum gets angry on Kuhu. Kuhu moves back. Hukum frees Sumitra and Rohini from the trap net and asks Alek to catch Kuhu and Alek. Alek closes the door before they can escape. Boltu pushes Alek. Hukum comes near them. Boltu takes the abhimantric sindoor and throws on them. They manage to escape. Sumitra asks Alek to bring the towel. Hukum says it is red sindoor and asks them to bring his daughter.

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