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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and all gods go to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jalandhar getting angry, he runs towards kartikeya and ganesh to attack them. Ganesh and kartikeya get aside and Jalandhar falls into a huge pit, as he falls loudly with a thud, a lemon tree beside shakes and all lemons fall on jalandhar’s head. Vrinda gets worried and says stay safe my love. Jalandhar gets annoyed and says you both kids, you have irritated me too much. Ganesh says Jalandhar ji these are lemons which are also used for the Pooja, a lemon indicates the end of evil, its juice calms down anger and at the same time destroys evil too and keeps them away from the good. Suddenly a cobra from the tree falls on the neck of Jalandhar and Jalandhar gets scared. Vrinda says loudly, my love please be careful, what if it bites you? Ganesh says jalandhar ji, it is a

nag, the greatest sign of mahadev, the nag is what lives on the body of mahadev and indicates that even evil can be turned to good and what we fear can be controlled. Jalandhar thinks if I move, this snake will bite me, Jalandhar suddenly takes the nag and throws it on the tree, he comes out of the pit and is very angry. Jalandhar says you kids troubled me a lot, you told me a lot good about mahadev which I did not wanted to hear, you annoyed me, and I am the god so I shall not punish you now, I will rather tell you that I am the god, I will make everyone do what I want and also make you both do what I want.
Jalandhar becomes very huge in size and he angrily says, you don’t yet know my power, if I want I can crush you both under my feet but I wont do that. Jalandhar says loudly and angrily, indra dev, suryadev, agni dev, vayu dev, varun dev, Chandra dev and kuber, appear in front of me now. Ganesh thinks as I have planned, if all this happens right then Jalandhar will be killed by father.
All gods appear and indra dev says what happened Jalandhar ji? Why did you call us? Jalandhar says as you know and you all have accepted me as god, everything will happen as I say, everything in this universe shall now work as I say. Jalandhar says suryadev, from now on you will rise from the west and set in the east, suryadev says what? Rise from the west? That is not possible! Jalandhar says that will only happen from now on. Jalandhar then says, agni dev, from now you will never ignite anywhere if fire is burned, not even in kunds for doing Pooja, varun dev you will stop providing water to all the water bodies in the universe from now, vayu dev you will not give life breathing oxygen and air to the world from now, vayu dev says but then everyone will die, Jalandhar says let them! Now this is my rule. Jalandhar says Chandra dev, from now you will not rise at night and give your light, you will instead come in the day and kuber from now you will give me all the universe’s precious jewels and gold that you keep, it is mine from now and now no god of gold will exist, you are removed from your post, everything will be mine and indra dev! you will stop giving rains anywhere, there will be no monsoon from now. Everyone is shocked. Indra dev says but Jalandhar ji, we gods have been appointed by mahadev and give all this work so that the universe lives, if we stop our daily work and do as you say everything will be destroyed. Vrinda says if my love wants then he will kill you all right now and establish new gods, do as he says. Jalandhar says indra dev, you will do as I say, I don’t care, mahadev is not the god anymore, from now I am the god. Indra dev says but the world will be destroyed if the balance isn’t maintained. Jalandhar says you will do as I say, Jalandhar attacks the gods and says this didn’t hurt you but my next attack will kill you! Ganesh says by being angry towards everyone and scaring everyone, one does not become a god. All gods go. Ganesh and kartikeya are about to go when Jalandhar says where are you going? Ganesh says to our home for some work. Both go. Jalandhar says let them go anyway they are troublesome. Vrinda thinks these boys created so much problem here, if they go to mahadev what great problem will we have to face?
There in Kailash, all gods come with ganesh and kartikeya and do pranam to mahadev and parvati. Indra dev says mahadev I am thinking what to do with my Vajra? Mahadev says what do you mean? I don’t understand! Indra dev says I mean prabhu, now I wont need it right? When the world doesn’t have to be given any rains and monsoon is stopped then why do I need the Vajra? I am thinking I will keep it here with you. Suryadev says yes prabhu even I don’t need my sun chariot and my surya lok, even I was thinking I shall keep my chariot here. Mahadev says what are you all saying? Vayu dev says prabhu now I wont be giving my life giving oxygen and air to the world then even I shall leave dev lok and go into exile, varun dev says even I don’t have any work of providing water then even I shall go into exile. Mahadev gets angry and gets up, he says stay quiet everyone, what is all this happening? Why are you speaking indirectly? Ganesh says calm down father, I will tell you. Ganesh says Jalandhar has now become a great threat to the universe and I told you before he has to be dealt with, we planned all this and did an act of accepting Jalandhar as god after he attacked the gods, he has now told everyone to stop what they do, he has tampered with the natural law which will destroy the world and if not done so, he threatened to kill all the gods. Mahadev gets angry and says Jalandhar has done a sin, he played with what he doesn’t know about, he ordered and attacked the gods, he declared himself god and committed sins, he shall be punished. Parvati says yes swami, Jalandhar has to be punished as early as possible before he does anything else that may bring a threat to the world. Mahadev screams angrily Jalandhar!

Precap: Jalandhar is in his palace and he hears mahadev’s scream. Jalandhar says I will kill mahadev. Both Jalandhar and mahadev fight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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