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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Engagement

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak informs family that she has decided to get engaged to Akshay today. Akshay excitedly asks is it. Aprita says yes, Kanak informed her decision, so she decided to finish good deed today itself. Bhabho asks Kanak if she is sure. Bhabho says yes. Musicians come playing drums. Kanak says she called them all. Akshay jumps in happiness. Bhabho asks Kanak to give her mobile as she needs to call Uma. She calls Uma and asks if he can her drum sound, tonight is Kanak and Akshay’s engagement tonight, so he has to attend it for sure. Akshay dances with whole family. Meera asks Uma what happened. Uma says Bhabho invited us for Kanak’s engagement tonight. She asks if they are going. He says no. She says it is Bhabho’s insult if they don’t go or if he cannot

see Kanak moving on. Akshay asks Kanak of she forgot Uma now. She says no, but she will try and their relationship will not be affected. Akshay says he can wait for her till last day and hugs her. Bhabho enters. Akshay says she comes always at wrong time, he will tie bell in her neck as a signal, but marrying Kanak has an advantage, he will get Bhabho for free. Bhabho hugs them both.

Kanak’s engagement party starts. Uma and Meera enter. Bhabho greets them and says they are from Saras’ maika, good they came in. Purab invites everyone for dance and starts da ncing on UP wala thumka…song. Akshay extends hands towards Kanak, but she does not respond. He dances with Bhabho while Kanak looks at Uma. He then asks Kanak not to smile so much that people realize her sadness, be the way she is.

After dance, Bhabho asks Kanak and Akshay to exchange rings. Ring falls from Kanak’s hand. Uma picks it and gives it to her. Kanak dorns ring in Akshay’s finger and everyone clap for them. Akshay tells Bhabho that he takes Kanak’s responsibility from today. Uma jealously tries to leave, but Meera stops and says they should congratulate business partner and samdis. Uma congratulates Kanak. She says thank you. Akshay says he also got engaged, so Uma can congratulate him also. Uma and Meera congratulate them.

Bhabho says Uma and Meera that their presence filled joy in this party and they usually seek gifts from samdhis. Meera says she can ask whatever she wants. Bhabho says she wants a promise that Uma will be out of this country till Kanak’s marriage finishes. Meera asks Bhabho if she does not trust her granddaughter. Bhabho says she trusts her granddaughter, but not Uma. Uma says if she feels good if he leaves, he will.

Meera waits for her aide and says she was waiting for him since long. Man comes in light and reveals he is Akshay who asks what is all this. She says Kanak’s path of destroyal has started. He shouts how dare she is to talk about his would be wife. She says just engaged, let us celebrate. He says if she thinks he will enjoy chamagne with her and celebrate, then she is right. They both laugh. Meera says his idea of calling Kanak a keep was good. He says he has 100% success record.

Precap: Akshay tells Meera if she wants Kanak to be in jail on wedding day, then Kanak will. Aditya tells Kanak that he wants to talk about Meera and Akshay.

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