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Tu Aashiqui 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anita files against Ahaan for kidnapping Pankti

Tu Aashiqui 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahaan stops by a stall for a bottle of water, Pankti walks out of the car. People around stared at her in recognition. Ahaan comes to suggest her sprinkle some water over her face. They hear the bells of a temple nearby. Pankti throws some water over her face then goes towards the temple. She cries with her hands joint in from of the idol, curses of people recollect in her mind. Ahaan comes to console her.
Anita was angry over Ahaan for locking the door from outside. Poorva was sure atleast someone would open it. Anita asks her to pray someone arrive here, she hates this locked up feeling. JD arrives then with dancing anklets in hands. He asks about Pankti. Anita wasn’t able to reply to him. JD looks around the house calling Pankti, then questions Anita and Poorva. Poorva says her sister isn’t

afraid of anyone, why would she hide. Ahaan and Pankti have left already, to marry each other. He has lost already, and only true love won the game. JD slaps Poorva hard on face, clutching her neck. He says Poorva has forgotten her worth, then shouts at Anita to call Pankti. The phone was unreachable. JD breaks a nearby lying vase, complimenting Poorva for the tea after having a sip then picks the knife from the dining table deterring to cut her neck straight away, like he cut Anita’s wrist. He tells Poorva he used her mother to bring Pankti back at home. He wasn’t ready to listen to Anita and shouts about Pankti’s whereabout. Poorva tries to get away the grip but he hurts her.
Pankti tells Ahaan she was sure they won’t be let to unite. Ahaan tells her not to worry, he is with her. They only need to live this moment to its full. They hug each other.
At police station, Anita requests the inspector to arrest Ahaan. He kidnapped her daughter Ahaan. JD is much interested in her life, and is inquiring about Pankti from her. She was much worried and cries for her daughter.
Aparna gets a call from Ahaan, he assures he is fine. Aparna assures Ahaan they are with him in any of his decisions. Manav asks Ahaan if he is fine, it seems he felt lonely. Ahaan smiles as they can never be lonely when they are around. People around gossip against Pankti recognizing her.
Anita gets into the car and calls JD’s number that her work is done. JD spares Poorva’s neck, and suggests her to get it bandaged as Monty might reject her. A little scratch degrades the value of things. He leaves the house, and makes a call to arrange for dogs who can search something precious.
Vikram calls Richa that he is leaving home. Poorva comes home asking about Aparna. Vikram tries to flirt her while he leaves her abruptly. Aparna comes asking who is there. Poorva informs Aparna that JD got a complaint filed against Ahaan for kidnapping Pankti. Aparna assures she would try to contact Ahaan and alert him about the situation.
There, Ahaan brings tea for Pankti. She was upset. He makes her shut her eyes and asks what can she hear. She replies, traffic sounds. Ahaan asks her to focus, she replies it’s a sound of breeze. Ahaan places her hand on his chest, Pankti replies it’s the heart beat. She opens her eyes to look towards Ahaan. He asks if she could hear the music in his heartbeat, it ceased ringing when each of his song was rejected. She brought this music back into his life.
Police was searching of Ahaan and Pankti.
Ahaan says Pankti brought back courage in him. He will now help her get it back. He offers her tea which spills over her dress. They go to wash her clothes.
Police had reached the venue.

PRECAP: Ahaan and Pankti’s car was caught at police check post.

Update Credit to: Sona

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