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The War Between My Heart And My Mind (KANCHI) FS – Shot 02

So I am back with my fs…….thanku all for ur response …………..ok so for now moving to the 2nd shot:

Here it starts:

Kabir was in his cabin reading some files………Dr.Malhotra came

Dr.Malhotra:good morning Kabir……..I am very happy that u came back nd didn’t left the hospital for that cheap girl……..

Kabir looked at his watch nd it was 12.16

Kabir:Good noon sir

Anand looked at his watch nd left in embrassment

Kabir smirks

Kabir:Now……….my only motive will be to prove my dad innocent…………ur end is near Dr.Annad Malhotra

A week passed with Kabir finding proof against Anand……Sanchi nd Veer’s blooming love but somewhere Sanchi was tensed for Kabir…..nd Kabir’s ignorance towards Sanchi

Kabir finally found evidence against Anand nd got him arrested

Jaya thanks him……so as Sanchi but he ignored her nd went

Veer asked Sanchi to come to club with him Sanchi refused but Veer emotionally blackmailed her nd she agreed

At night:

Sanchi came to the spot Veer had asked her to……..she went inside the club where Veer forcefully made her drink

He takes her to a room nd tried to misbehave with her but she ran from there….though she was drunk she had that capability to run

On her way she collide with Kabir’s car(Kabir was going to his home) but fortunately nothing happened with her

Kabir came out of his car nd saw Sanchi like this

Lots of questions were running in his mind but for now he has to do something

Kabir called Pragya to tell her about Sanchi but her phone was not reachable

He called Isha but her phone was on silent mode

Kabir:excellent😒…….hufffff! Now what will I do……if i will take her to hostel then lots of questions will rise against Sanchi

Kabir:but why do i care for her……….if she didn’t care about me……then why do i but…………that doesn’t mean that i will let anyone question about her character……..ummmm………i should take her to my home


He takes her to his home nd made her lay down on the bed but she held his collar

Kabir:he…..he…..he betrayed me…..all…….a…..all boys r same…..but…..but u r not like them ri8

Sanchi in drunken tone

Sanchi:i love u

Kabir was amazed at her sudden confession but then replied

Kabir:but i hate u

Before she could hear him she become unconscious

Kabir leaved from there

Later Kabir was in his room lost in the thoughts of her confession

Kabir:did she really mean it……..or just bcz she was not in her senses… why i am thinking about her……she is a betrayer nd she will be just like that…….wow both the times i loved the same girl…..who is cheap…..character less


Kabir nd Sanchi were in the same college but Kabir was with the different name Aryan Malhotra as Anand had said him

Sanchi loves Kabir (Aryan) but Kabir (Aryan) was totally unaware of it……but then someone give bet Kabir (Aryan) to make Sanchi fall for him nd then tell her the whole truth nd Kabir (Aryan)accepted the challenge

After Sanchi’s confession Kabir (Aryan) told her the whole truth nd Sanchi starts to hate Kabir (Aryan)

Then Kabir (Aryan) realized that he also loves her nd ask forgiveness from her but Sanchi was not at all ready to forgive him

After alot of difficulties finally Sanchi forgave him nd they were together

But soon they both parted for their higher studies

Flashback ends

Kabir:i will directly ask her tomorrow

He went to sleep

Next morning

Sanchi wakes up but was feeling dizzy so someone offers her lime

She takes it nd quickly drank it the flashes of last night start to come into her mind nd tears started to come out of her eyes

But she looked at the person who offers her lime…..nd the person was Kabjr in his jogging suit

Kabir sat on the bed beside her

Kabir:how u got drunk what happened yesterday

Sanchi tells him everything nd burst out crying

Kabir decided to tell Sanchi the whole truth about their relation in the past

He tells her everything nd she hugged him

Note:Veer’s character ended here……he may not be seen in the next episodes

That’s all for today nd i might post my next article tomorrow so meet u there guys


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