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Recap: ragsan marriage is fixed…

Next day early morning, Sanskaar wakes up and sees ragini lying on him and sleeping peacefully.

Sanskaar smiles and caresses her hair. Ragini shifts her face to the other side as the sun light was disturbing her sleep. Sanskaar patted her back and tried waking her up….

Sanskaar: ragu….. Ragu.. Get up….

Ragini buries her face in his neck and nods no tightening her grip on his stomach. Sanskaar feels current passing through his body as her hot breath touches his skin.

Sanskaar: ragu… Look get up…. Its already morning.. Someone will come… N don’t u remember today is our marriage… Common get up fast….

Hearing the word marriage ragini gets up immediately resulting in her head banging with his chin making him moan in pain.

Sanskaar: aauchh…..

Ragini ( holding his chin ): sorry sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt u…

N immediately her eyes welled up. Sanskaar opened his eyes and was shocked to see tears in her eyes for such a small thing. He immediately cupped her face amd wiped her tears..

Sanskaar: ragu its okay.. Don’t cry.. Look I’m okay.. Fine….

Ragini looks at him blankly.

Ragini ( thinks ): now u r fine sanskaar but……. After sometime……

She presses her lips to control her cry but the tears again form in her eyes. Sanskaar looks on confused.

Sanskaar ( taking her in his embrace ): ragu y r u crying?? I know something is bothering u.. Pls tell me… Ragu…

N before he could say something his lips were locked with hers. He looks at her shocked as he didn’t expected this AT ALL!!!

Ragini moved her hands in his hair and continued kissing him passionately and with all the love she has for him….. Tears were still flowing from her eyes. Sanskaar was flabbergasted. He didn’t knew wht to do…. Ragini took his one hand and kept on her waist and bit his lip and that’s when sanskaar started responding to their last kiss ( acc to ragini ) before marriage ( acc to sanskaar ) …………………….

Ragini ( thinks ): let me enjoy these last moments with you sanskaar….. I want you to love me for the last time.. Coz I know after few hours u r going to hate me soo much……. I love you sanskaar….. I love you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskaar ( thinks ): ragu… I promise after our marriage there won’t be any drop of tear in ur eyes and sadness in ur life… I’ll fill ur life with happiness and love…… I promise u….. I love you soooo much!!!! Soo much!!!!!!!!

O SAATHIYA ‘!!!!!!

They kissed each other passionately like there was no tomorrow and finally when they were finally out of breath they parted ways and breathed heavily resting their foreheads against each other…. … Ragini hugged him tightly and kissed his shoulder as he too took her in his embrace.

Ragini broke the kiss and stared at him moving her palms on his face tracing each and every part of him. While he was looking at her with lots of love and confusion.

Sanskaar: ragu.. .

Ragini: sanskaar.. Let me enjoy these moments with you…. I want to tell you something…

Sanskaar: yeah tell me ragu….

Ragini: I.. I love you soooo much sanskaar… I love you soooo much……

Sanskaar ( smiled. ): I love you too bacha….

Ragini ( thinks ): n after sometime u r gonna hate me….

Her thoughts are broken by the knock on the door. She gets panicked as sanskaar was in her room. She stood up and moved here n there as the person continued to knock the door.

Sanskaar stopped her by holding her shoulders and asked her to calm down.

Sanskaar: ragu calm down…. I’ll go inside the washroom till u see who’s there.. Okay?? N don’t panic….

Ragini nods. Sanskaar pats her cheeks and goes. She took a deep breath and opened the door only to find ap there with a few bags with her. She welcomed her inside.

Ragini and her parents were living in MM only coz they didn’t had their own house in Kolkata so sanskaar asked them to stay here itself.

Ap came inside and kept the bags on the bed and made her sit beside her. Ragini smiled and sat beside her.

Ap ( taking out a beautiful lehnga from one bag ): beta this is ur wedding dress… I hope you’ll like it….

Ragini looks at the dress and again her eyes welled up. She hugged ap and thanked her. This was the first time ragini was hugging ap and talking to her politely. Ap was surprised. It isn’t that ragini was a bad girl its juts that situation and circumstances made her like that.

Ap smiled and pats her cheeks as she broke the hug. She then showed her the jewellery and told her the reason behind wearing everything. Ragini carefully listened to her and stared at her lovingly remembering her own mother…

Ragini lied down with her head on Ap’s lap getting emotional. Sanskaar who was seeing this from washroom smiled at them. ap caressed her hair and talked to her

After sometime ap went from there after asking her to get ready and if she needed any help she’ll come. Ragini nodded. Sanskaar came out and took her in his embrace…

Ragini: sanskaar…. Leave me….

Sanskaar: aise kaise??? Now u r tied with me always…..

He showed her their engagement rings. Ragini looks at him continously again lost in thoughts. Sanskaar sighs and tightens his grip on her waist bringing her back in senses.

Sanskaar: yeh baar baar kahan kho jati ho??

Ragini ( escaping from his grip ): ma has gone to ur room only… U also go… She’ll get worried if she didn’t find u….

Sanskaar ( pouts ) ; okay now I’m going… But after few hours no one can save u from me…

Ragini ( shocked ): w..what???

Sanskaar: arre I mean then u won’t be able to make excuses to send me away from u…

Ragini ( sighs ): o like that…. Now u go… Go…..

N she pushes him out of the room and closes the door. She sits down other floor thinking abt the morning incidents.. Her phone rings. She gets up and attends the call.

Ragini: hello….

P: is everything ok??

Ragini: yeah u tell… U r coming na??

P: of course… I’ll be there before the pooja starts…

Ragini: okay.. N hv u informed them??

P: yes.. They’ll also come…

Ragini: okay…

P: u get ready n send me ur pic…

Ragini: okay…

They hang up after sometime. Ragini looks at the lehnga n caresses it. It was her parents dream to see her in bridal dress, getting married. She feels choked but composes herself amd goes to change.

After a few hours, ap amd Ragini’s mother knocked the door of Ragini’s room amd came inside. Both were awestruck to see a very beautiful angel standing facing the window wearing a gorgeous pink , heavy lehnga with her hair tied in a bun and diamond jewellery increasing the beauty of the angel.

Ragini turned to show her pretty face donned with a nose ring and maangtika and make up, of course. She was looking extremely gorgeous! She smiles at them.

They both enter amd ap puts the kaala tika behind her ear. Ragini looks at her ” mother ” and she too puts Kala tika behind her ear. Ragini smiles.

Ap ; I’m sure sanskaar will go out of control seeing you…. U r looking so pretty…

Ragini blushed and turned around. Ap amd her mother chuckled making her more blush.


At the wedding hall! The guests had started arriving and sanskaar was sitting on the special seats kept for the couple. He was looking breathtaking in the cream sherwani with golden zari work and a golden turban covering his head. there was a cute smile on his face but his eyes were just looking for his Love! He just don’t want to wait anymore..

A man in black suit comes at the entrance of the hall. He looks around and finally his gaze stops on Dp.

His pov!

Today u look very happy durgaprasad… N u know I don’t like your happiness so…. Don’t worry mere yaar this happiness will also be short lived only… Let ur son enjoy the beginning of his marriage coz after that……. ( he smirks ) like I hv destroyed ur personal and professional life I’ll do the same with your son….. Ur son will bear the punishment of your karma……. Karma always comes back to you durga…. But u hv taken it very lightly…… But don’t worry everything will be fine soon……. N ur everything will be mine…. Just mine……..

He smirks evilly looking at sanskaar and dp…. Dp looks at him and he changes his smirk to a smile and enters the hall………………..


Outside mm, Ragini with ap amd her mother were standing. the servants were putting some clothes and gifts in the car. Postman come there and calls for ragini. She goes to him and he gives her an envelope. She opens it and stumbles but composes herself as ap and her mom comes there.

Ap: wht happened ragu??

Ragini ( smiling nervously ): n..nothing.. Ma… Come lets go..

Ap: but beta…

Ragini: its nothing ma.. Come…

Ap nods. They all sit in the car. Ragini amd her mom at back seat and ap in front. Ragini was crunching the paper in her hand. She closes her eyes and sees…

*** she opens the envelope and sees the medical report where it’s written that the results are positive and she’s pregnant ***

She opens her eyes as the tears flow down her cheeks.. She presses her lips so that not to cry. She looks out to hide her unstoppable tears.

She recalls the night in Dubai where she and sanskaar became one soul. She recollects all her moments with sanskaar.. His love, his talks, his everything…. And how few days before when she was feeling uneasy and doc suggested her to do some tests. And here.. Here in her hands are reports of the test…

Ragini’s pov!

Today… Today is my marriage with the person I love and who is father of my child ( she places her hand on her abdomen )…. But today neither this marriage will happen nor he’ll come to know that he’s becoming a father…. Y god y?? Y this much torture for me?? bcoz of all this… This innocent baby will hv to sacrifice its life.. ( she pauses and looks around ) no…. No… I can’t do a crime.. I’m not a criminal…. No I’m not.. U haven’t taught me this… .. ( she cries ) After all this i’ll go very far from all.. From sa..sanskaar with my baby…. Then only me n my baby…. I’ll not let anything happen to u….. ( she caresses her tummy )

Her thoughts are broken when her mom keeps her hand on her shoulder. She looks at her..

Mom: beta v hv reached….

Ragini looks out and sees they were outside the wedding hall. She nods and gets down after wiping the corner of her eyes. The report is still in her fist. She looks on……..

The episode ends on the determined face of ragini and smiling and eager face of sanskaar…..


First of all I want to THANK all of you who are supporting me and encouraging me to write more….. I want to THANK all the readers and my dear friends for their constant support.

Ik I’m not able to reply to your comments but believe me I read them and just smile to see your involvement in the stories 😋😅

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